Prayer Summary for Friday, November 13, 2015

Jerre led in anointed worship…

♪ In Your presence, that’s where I belong… Seeking Your face, touching your grace, in the cleft of the rock… in Your presence, O God… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

I have the feeling that we just pulled into a filling station, personally, to be filled to overflowing. People would ask Brother Hagin, “Can you know the will of God for yourself?” He’d say “Absolutely! You can know the will of God.” Then he would declare that the will of God for each and every believer is to be filled with the Spirit. That is the will of God. When we’re filled up with His spirit, His will comes out and we walk it out. The Word says we are to “be being” filled with the Spirit. We’re not to be drunk with wine but to “be being” ever filled with the Spirit of God.  We are to sing songs and hymns and spiritual songs, making melodies in our hearts to the Lord.

Jerre continued to lead in worship, singing with the understanding and in the spirit…

♪ You pour out Your Spirit, Lord… When we make melody, singing of Your grace and mercy, singing of Your power and of Your goodness… We lift up Your name… Magnifying Your name… Making melodies… You are the beautiful One… You dwell in us, O Lord… Your kingdom is within us… You reveal it, O Lord, the mystery of Your kingdom…

Barb Prayed…

Eyes wide open to see the glory of the Lord
Transport… step in… be transported until everything on this earth has grown strangely dim
Trample down
Empower, to empower
It’s winding up, the time is short, it’s winding up
The power…time, it’s time… now, now, now
Power, power, power
It’s not too late
You cause time to be on our side, Father
If You have to hold the sun still in the heavens, You would do it
Whatever is necessary, Father
You are willing and You are able to perform it
Signs and miracles, wonders in the earth
So that You can have Your harvest, so that you can see Your body in the fullness of Your glory
Walking in the earth in power and dominion in Jesus’ name, declaring the works of the Lord
Displaying Your glory, Your anointing, Your peace in Jesus’ name
Yes, we are carriers of the light and we will disperse that light throughout the earth
In every dark place, that light will shine forth
We will not allow any place to be unturned and unchanged
But we declare that the light of God goes forth today in Jesus’ name into every tribe, every nation, every tongue
That they see the power, the anointing
Come into order, we call all things into order in the name of Jesus Christ
According to the plan
For there’s a storm coming… it’s churning and it’s building and there’s momentum there and it will not be stopped
Yes, a storm… Thank You, Father, for Your storm
Moving through the earth, through Your body
We ride in that storm… it carries us… the wind, it carries us in the spirit to places we have never touched
In the night… we dream a dream but in the spirit, You’ve taken us there
We touched the lands and soil, Father, in the spirit
In the night… You’re using every resource
Yes, and sometimes we’re not even aware
You are able of so much more
We lean on You, Father, we trust You, we rest in You knowing that You do the work, Father
We just make ourselves available
You’ve orchestrated an amazing plan and You’re bringing everything into order
Every member, every joint, every congregation, every denomination coming together—one purpose, one mind in Jesus’ name

Dave prayed…

More, so much more, beyond all we could imagine or think. So much more for the body, in the body. That Jesus would be glorified, that He would be lifted up and would draw all men unto Him. There is so much more in the body to be revealed in this earth. Together as one in unity. So much more to take it to the next level. And then the level above and beyond that one. And then the one beyond that one… The momentum necessary to usher in the Coming of Christ… The great Coming… The return… She needs to get bigger… She needs to grow… Yes, grow… She needs to mature… No more the division and the strife… No more of the separation of the Church… No more of our group and their group… No more of these things that cause a schism in the body… But she works together as one… Together as a force in the nation and the world… In agreement to accomplish the purpose that is before… The plan of God for humanity… The great plan… Masterful plan… The one from the beginning of the ages that was set forth for humanity, for the body… To make known the great mystery in the earth… There’s a plan that is being made manifest in the earth and there is an agreement by those who want the will, the purpose, and the plan of the Father… That Jesus would be lifted up and glorified… That He would be known as the One, the truth… All the other gods and doctrines of devils and plans of man would be diminished to a point of no effect…

Pastor Ray shared…

I saw something when Barb was praying about the power of God. I saw a pastor and his wife. They live in the states but they don’t live in this state. They kept coming to my heart. It seemed like they had one hand tied behind their backs, like they were operating on half power. Then Dave, when you started speaking about the unity of the body, I saw the body that way. Many parts of the body are not functioning to their capacity because there are words being spoken against one another. It’s the body coming against the body. In many ways, it’s calling the things that are wrong, right and the things that are right, wrong. Even in the body of Christ!

Barb sings a song out of her spirit…

Let’s stand up and sing this song for that pastor and his wife and the body of Christ.

♪ Shake off those things that are holding you down… Shake off those things, let Him turn it around… Let’s shake it off! Shake, shake, shake, shake it off, shake it off… Let the Holy Ghost take that thing away… Let the power of God, let Him move, let Him flow, let Him take all that garbage away… Everything, every word that the Devil said, He can take it right now! Let it go! In Jesus’ name, we speak to every pastor and we say no more separation, no more disasters… Get behind them… Everything has to go away in the name of Jesus… We declare peace and freedom… There is nothing that can hold them back… We say in Jesus’ name, we stand and break that attack!… The glory will be upon the preachers… The glory and the anointing on the pastors… Everyone, nothing will be held back… But the glory will be seen in Jesus… ha, ha, ha, ha… And the enemy will not prevail, but the blood of Jesus… Everywhere we go, we take the Holy Ghost… We walk in the anointing… He fills us up, hallelujah!… There is no one like Him… If you yield to the spirit, you’ll know there is a power and there is a grace… If you move in the Spirit and walk in this place, everything you need to know He will tell you… He’s not slow… We need to keep on walking with Him, getting to that place He’s waiting on you… There’s a peace and a strength here where the glory of the Lord and no fear… Let Him blossom up in you… Everyone, everyone enter into this holy place… High, high, high, up, up, up He’s taking us high… No more limits, no more bounds, everything open… turned around… ♪

Jerre sings…

♪ The power of God is coming upon us… We will be changed into another man… The power of God is coming upon us… We will be changed to another man… Open your hearts, open your minds, and your bodies too… Make sure that you don’t be afraid when the Holy Ghost comes and changes you… ha, ha, ha… There’s a holy boldness coming to change the Church… Going to change you… A divine strength is coming, and you will do things you thought you’d never do… Culmination of the times… Greater works you will do, the culmination of the times is coming to you… Out of your bellies flow rivers of living waters… Streams of the prophetic flow, declaring things that must come to pass… Declaring it’s a new day with a new way… A new day of power…

Dave shared and prayed…

We thank You, Father, for the grace to accomplish Your purpose in the earth and to be Your ambassadors. We’re grateful for all the things You do amongst us, in us by the Holy Spirit—teaching this one to sing with songs, hymns and spiritual songs… allowing You to flow through us and in us for Your purpose.

When we were praying about the body being separated, I saw that the earth is filled with pieces of the body and they all comprise of one body that have several pieces each joint supplying each piece. And though one does not necessarily feel comfortable sitting next to the other and this one doesn’t think they belong to this one and that one and the other, the Holy Spirit brings them all together. He shows them the importance of one another and brings unity and brings her together that she would be that bright and gleaming bride of Christ. When He returns, she will be ready for Him. Yes, clothed in His glory, clothed in His righteousness, clothed to do what she’s been called to do.

We thank You, Father, for the body that You’ve collectively brought together. Not one better than the other, but all as one in unity. Each piece needing the other.

One last thing before we go: if you’re going to make a cake, you have ingredients like eggs and milk and oil and flour. The flour is important but without the eggs, the flour can’t do what it’s supposed to do. And without the different ingredients together collectively as one, they can’t accomplish the purpose of what they’re created for. And this is why in this last hour, the body together as one is coming together and crossing over the lines of division and crossing over the places where they’ve been separate so that they can see that even though “I’m eggs” and “I’m flour,” we all come together and we need to accomplish one purpose and that is His purpose. Thank You, Father, to help us walk together.

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