Prayer Summary for Friday, August 28, 2015

Jerre led in worship…

Turn your eyes upon Jesus… Look full into His wonderful face… And the things of earth grows so strangely dim in the light of Your glory and grace…

Jerre shared…

I’d like to share a testimony. At about 3 this morning, I woke up and was wide awake. I just laid there and started praying in other tongues and just seeking the Lord and what He would want me to do at that time. I saw something kind of strange. I saw this little puppy dog in the spirit and there was a tear coming out of his eye. I know this might sound silly, but what He wanted me to do is to pray for some animals that were abused and forsaken and starving. I know we pray about people. And people are very important. But God loves life, you know, like the old song “His eye is on the sparrow and I know He cares for me.” So I just prayed what He wanted me to pray. The tenderness of His heart was what He was showing me. I just fell in love with Him again. Deeper in love with who He is and His precious heart for humanity and for earth’s creatures which He created.

Then He said something different. He knows you more than you know yourself. He said to me, “What would be your perfect life?” I was like… who was it John who said, “You know, Lord.” (Rev. 7:14) I thought a minute. I don’t like to say rash things in front of God because He’s causing me to ponder the issues of life. I said, “Lord, I’m so thankful for this life You’ve given me. My children are blessed. My grandchildren are just super. We have a home that is a refuge and a fortress. We have good relationships in our family. We have a lot of love there. There’s no screaming and yelling.” So I just sat and thanked Him for all that. At the end, I felt like empty, like blah. There is something more. So I said to Him, “Lord, my perfect life would be these things that You’ve given me now, but I desire Your power. I desire the gifts of the Spirit to set the captives free. I don’t want to live this life looking at humanity and the gross darkness without Your power to change things. I don’t want to see people hurting and in pain. I want to know Your power, Lord, to set the captives free. In that, I would bring You glory in all those things because I know that is Your heart too. Father, that alone would be my perfect life.”

Jerre prayed…

So I know it is the desire, Father, in all these people who You’ve called to pray. And I thank You that You have given us all things that pertain to life and godliness, so I’m asking You to burn into me Your truth about that area. Take out all the chaff that would cause it not to come to pass. In Jesus’ name, that we could bring glory to Your name. But, Father, that the pain of humanity could be stopped in Jesus’ name. And that Your love, Father, would permeate this earth and Your truth would be exalted in every single nation of the earth. We’re asking those things, Father. You said not to ask small. We’re asking for Your supernatural power to flow in the Church like never before. We’re asking for the supernatural power to flow outside of the Church like never before, that they would know You, and see You. And You would manifest Your great power.

We turn our eyes upon You, Jesus… We look full into Your wonderful face… And the things of earth grows so strangely dim in the light of Your glory and grace…

Dave shared…

Paul in the epistles talks about prayer and a lot of times, he talks about it relative to him making prayer for the saints. That’s a good thing and the number one thing that our prayer lives should emphasize. The saints could be your family or the body of Christ or any number of things. But a lot of times, we see Paul talking and praying for others. That’s important. And the things he prays for others is important. Because in the epistles, he talks about praying for revelation. That they would see. It’s important that we see. Cuz the revelation of God in the earth is more important than anything else in the earth. The reason why is because when Jesus died on the cross, He perfected everything that was broken. He fixed everything that was lost. He provided everything that was lost in the fall of man. He brought us back to the place where we could now hear and see and fellowship and commune with God. We could now have one to one communion with the Father through the blood of Jesus. It’s that provision He has made that allows us to receive that grace to pray for those who have not received that grace or have not come into the knowledge of the truth.

Barb and I were talking about the power of God in the Church about manifested grace in the earth. The gifts of the Holy Spirit—the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, the gifts of healing, the manifested grace of God for the needs of the people. Because of the love. And revelation has to do with that. Because the Father provided the perfect completed work through the sacrifice of Christ and His blood. And that work is done. It’s complete. So today when we pray, it’s not like God is going to do something different. He’s going to reveal the truth. Everybody has watched the movie, The Wizard of Oz, and you move the curtain and there is somebody behind the curtain and everything going on there is something going on other than what people see. It’s like of like what is going on in the earth. It’s like there is something going on other than what people see. The good thing right now in the body of Christ is that people are getting tired of seeing the smoke and mirrors. They long and desire for something more than the fake, than the smoke and the mirrors. They want to see that which they’ve read in the Bible. They want to see it. They want to see the lame walk and the blind eyes opened. They want to see the saints living a life that is worthy of the scriptures. We all desire that. That’s what the desire for revival is all about, is to see, “Lord, I know this is real. But I want to see it in this place. I want to start seeing You as You are. Not what people say You are.” You hear people say, “I remember back in 1942…” “I remember back in the 1800s there was a guy by the name of … and he did this and that…” That’s all great and I don’t belittle that. I’m just saying I want to experience it myself.

That is the heart of the Father that we see the fullness of Him. Because He is magnificent. He is awesome. He is more than enough. He is exceedingly abundantly above all we could imagine or think. He is that. He is the God that we saw in the Old Testament that parted the Red Sea and allowed His people to go free. He is that God that has provided in the wilderness the needs of the people. He is the one that opened the blind eyes. He is the one that set the captive free. But not just then… now. And I said that to say this, that this revelation that I spoke of just a moment ago is what Paul continually prayed for the saints. Not once. If you read through the epistles, he constantly prayed that. It was always about a revelation. It was never about “God do this.” Cuz really, is that the question in prayer? “Father, can You heal me?” That’s not the right question.

The Father provided all sufficiency in all things. That’s what the Bible says. He came to give life more abundantly. And we should be living an abundant life every single day. I don’t care what is in front of you. It doesn’t matter. And it just doesn’t get too difficult for God. If our problems and our lives are too difficult for God, then we have a small God. We need to get rid of that God and get a great God. We need a God who can do all things, right? That no matter what we face, we need a God that can fix it all. You hear testimonies of people saying, “God healed me.” And you see people who are going to the hospital and they have a problem and they come out a week later and they’re better. They’re healed. There’s nothing wrong with that. Healing is a good thing any way it comes. But the sinner has the same testimony. He can go into that same hospital, have the same doctor, do the same thing for them and walk out. There is no difference. They come out healed.

You wake up in the morning and you’ve got symptoms in your body and He raises you out of the bed. You’re done. How about that God? That’s the one I want. I want the one where I don’t have to go through the pain and difficulty and junk… I want that God.

Dave prayed…

Father, we lift up the body. We ask for revelation. Let us walk in a place where we see You, Father. In a place where we see You like we don’t see You today. Give us the courage to stand against the obstacle of doubt and unbelief. Give us the courage to stand against the difficulty of religion. Give us the ability, Father, I ask in the name of Jesus, to cast down those vain imaginations that exalt themselves against You. That vain imagination of tradition… “Well, I’ve never seen it done that way before.” That vain imagination that keeps us from the place where we’re walking in the fullness of Your power and grace. Here in this body at Living Word, Lord, I pray and ask it for everyone. I ask that we see it the way You see it. Because if we can see it the way You see it, we will have it the way You have it. And there is no sickness in You. No grief, no pain, no division and strife in You. There is none of these things that keep us from the fullness that You’ve provided through the blood of Jesus. We ask in the name of Jesus that You open our eyes of understanding, that You enlighten them and hold us in a place that we see and allow us to come to that point of decision where we’re no longer satisfied with this, we need the real thing. It isn’t enough to just hear about testimonies. We need to have it in our own lives. We need to see the real thing. We need to walk whole and walk in a place with You that we may glorify You in this earth. Let us be that light for those around us. That they can see and hear that there is a living God, a healer, a provider… There is one who brings peace and joy in the Holy Ghost that I don’t have to be down. I can be up. Because You live, we can face all our challenges and obstacles. Because You live, we can walk whole. Because You live, Father. And we’re so grateful for the Holy Spirit. He is here right now and He’s moving amongst us and in us, causing us to see and to hear what it is that He desires for us to hear and see. That we no longer have to live in a place of lack. We can walk in a place where we’re filled with joy and victory in Jesus’ name.

Thank You, Father, You are the God who answers by fire
You are the God who is more than enough
Glory to Your name, we lift You up
We lift our eyes to You because You are the glorious and mighty God in whom there is no shadow of turning
Thank You that what you did in the past, You continue to do today and You will do in the future
You are the same
You’re not limited, Father, but You are unlimited
Today, we loosen up the tent stakes
So that we can move with the cloud, that we can hear and follow and heed the Holy Spirit
That we’re no longer hindered by our own ideas, Father
But we are completely convinced that You are able, You are more than enough
We take hold today, Father, and stand as the body of Christ and we will not let loose
You have washed us by the blood and we will walk in that inheritance in the name of Jesus Christ
We will walk in the glory of the riches that You have placed on the inside of us
We will allow those riches to flow out to everyone around us
Everywhere we go, every place we put our feet down that You have given it to us
Yes, just like Peter—Your Spirit even extends to our shadow
That when we walk by people, that they are taken aback because just that passing by causes them to experience Your power
Now, Father, now this very day, it’s not off in the future—it’s for right now
Father, You help Your body to see that it’s right now, to quit putting things off to tomorrow
Right now You’re moving on Your people to move in the fullness and power of Your Spirit
Thank You, Father, for removing the blinders from their eyes
Removing the darkness and allowing the light to come to them
Bringing a revelation of who they are in You
And the power they possess—revelation!
Eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying
Professing and speaking those things—the utterance of the Spirit

Dave shared…

I just saw this in the spirit as I was praying. I remember when I was a little boy of six or seven years of age. We used to go to a swimming area that had diving boards. There was the low board and then a really tall one. I remember as a kid always jumping off the little board. But if you were anybody, you jumped off the tall one. All my friends, would say, “Have you jumped off the big one?” Of course, you couldn’t say no. And if you hadn’t, they would wait there and expect you to do it. I remember the first time I ever jumped off the big diving board. My brother did it all the time. He was a year older than me. Every time we’d go, he’d ask me, “Is today the day?” One day I got the courage to get up to the top and I went to the edge and looked down. And boy was it far down. But once you get up there, everybody is looking so you can’t go back down. I got up there and I thought I had bitten off too much. But you know, the Lord is exactly like that. He wants us to go on the big one. I’m standing and thinking I had to do it. So I couldn’t think about it. I just had to do it. I thought what is the best way to do this. Do I go all way to the end of the board and run and do it? Or do I just jump off the edge? I’m thinking, Okay, I’m going to do it. I didn’t just jump off. I went all the way. I dived off in the pool! It was so exhilarating. It was like getting on a roller coaster. I found that it was so exciting for me. I got out of the pool and my brother asked me, “Why did you dive?” I didn’t even think about it. I thought that’s what you do off a diving board. Dive! All the other kids just jumped off. But I dove. But the good thing was that when I experienced that, it was absolutely exhilarating! It was like a drug. I wanted to do it over and over and over again. So for the remainder of that day, I stayed on it.

That’s the way it is when we’re walking with the Lord in faith. It’s scary to us because we’re not familiar with it. It causes us to draw back and think about what we’re doing. But I’m here to tell you, that once you do it, and you get some success, you want to do it again. The big reason why you want to do it again is because when you do that, it’s something entirely different than what you thought. You forget about the fear.

The first time I ever laid hands on the sick and saw a healing manifest in somebody else, I was thrilled. I said, “This is easy!” And it is easy. But all before that time, I thought who am I? I’m nobody special. Guess what? I’m not anybody special. But I know He is special. And since that first time of laying on of hands, I don’t even think about when we have situations that need healing, we just do it. It’s normal now. We prayed today and asked the Lord for revelation and that’s a good thing. And God is going to reveal. And when He reveals, climb that diving board, get up there… Sometimes it’s kind of like this. It’s good to go beyond the point of no return. Faith is not faith until it’s the only thing you’re standing on. It’s not even qualified as faith until it’s the only thing that’s holding you up. And stepping into a place with God like that will bring us into a place where we see miracles happen in our lives daily. Daily! Testimonies. It should be all the time.

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