Prayer Summary for Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jerre shared and led in worship…

Last night I came in here to minister to the Lord and this old song came out and it became a new song. The Lord was talking to me about it today. We go up different sides of the mountain with God. Sometimes we go up the mercy side of the mountain. Sometimes we go up the joy side of the mountain. Sometimes we go up to the splendor side of the mountain. And we are to be led. And God knows exactly what we need at the time. So when I sat there and started to minister to the Lord, it was a time to be with Him in His majesty, and we can never forget that part. Sometimes we just sing love songs. And they’re good and wonderful and they’re ordained for the time. Sometimes we sing about the joy of the Lord and they’re ordained for the time. But we must never forget who the King of every king is and who the Lord of lords is, and God in His majesty and the creator of the universe. So the anointing came last night in here and it was a blessing to me and I believe it was a blessing to the Father. And I just started singing this.

♪ Majesty, worship His majesty… Unto Jesus be all glory, power, and praise… Majesty, worship His majesty… Kingdom authority, flow from Your throne unto Your own, King of all kings… So exalt, lift up on high Your name, Lord Jesus… Magnify, and glorify Christ Jesus the King, the king, the king… Or Your majesty, I worship Your majesty… Jesus who died, oh now You’re glorified, King of all kings… ♪

♪ Oh we think about that, Lord… That You are King, You are King of every king… and You are Lord of every Lord… Hallelujah… We magnify Your greatness, Lord… We magnify Your glory, Lord… You are the King of all glory… And You reign in me… Oh, Your majesty, we worship Your majesty… Unto Jesus, be all glory, power, and praise… We praise You today, Lord… We bow before Your greatness… Nothing compares with You, Lord… ♪

Erika opened in prayer…

Father, we take encouragement to know that as we acknowledge You in the place in which You are, then everything else becomes beneath. Majesty… majestic… enthroned… beautiful… We worship You. We honor You. Thank You, that You the majestic holy King of all kings would love us, would give us Your only Son so that we too might be elevated and lifted to a place, lifted out of the muck and out of the mire, lifted up above this earthly life, the beggarly elements, lifted to a place clean, washed pure and holy in fellowship and communion. Beautiful picture. Beautiful truth. Thank You for the Holy Ghost. Thank You for the gifts of the Spirit that You gave to the Church of the living God. Thank You that the Holy Spirit reveals and transmits the things of the Father to us, even the revelation of who You are by Your Spirit, Father. So we today believe for that in a greater degree, a measure of the Holy Spirit to open up the fullness of the majestic King of kings and Lord of lords. Reveal that to a greater level, a greater degree up to the Church that we wouldn’t have this casual attitude about God almighty. That we wouldn’t just relate on a human level. We know You love us and You’re our Father, but You are King, You are majestic, and You are holy. So Father, we’re thanking You that by the Spirit You would again place within the Church the reverential fear of the Lord, the recognition of the mighty holy God that You are. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God. We trust You for it because You’re coming again in power and glory.

Erika shared…

Jerre, I like it that the Holy Ghost brought that up. It brought me immediately back when I was first saved. By the mercy and grace of God, He connected me with some people and one of them was very gifted in the realm of music and we would worship the Lord for four and five hours at a time. Not because we were in church, not because we had some tremendous need… We did. We had needs. But we did it because He is worthy.

I thought how appropriate it was that we would do that this morning in light of what the Lord would have us share. I’m reading from Andrew Wommack’s book, Lessons From Elijah.

“The fire of God doesn’t just fall anywhere. Elijah had to repair the altar before the fire fell.” Did you get that? An altar of worship, an altar that is clean, not broken down, not, you know, the one that’s scrambling… “I got to get my altar together because I got a lot of needs here. Are you with me? For the Church, where does it start? It starts individually. That altar at home. That altar lying on your bed. That altar on your knees in your porch. That altar in your car riding along. That altar to be repaired in the Church of the living God. “Everybody wants the fire of God in their lives but do they have an altar? Do they have a place where they meet with God? Do they have a personal relationship? Do they spend time alone with the Lord?” We’re talking about revival in the earth for the harvest. We’re talking about believing God for the Church. This is that His precious saints would have their altars clean. People love a fire and will go to great lengths to follow it. If we catch on fire, the world will come and watch us burn. If we repair our altar and spend time in the presence of the consuming fire Himself, our lives will be set ablaze with His glory and power. And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces and they said, ‘The Lord He is the God. The Lord He is the God.’ This is the first revival recorded in scripture. It’s the first time there was a nationwide move of God. The entire nation fell on their face saying, ‘The Lord He is god. The Lord, He alone is God.’ Elijah turned the entire nation back to God through one awesome miracle.”

Think about it. One man, one nation turned back to God because he repaired the altar. He knew his God. We cannot be effective ministers of God if we minister in Word only. There’s a lot of that. A lot of word, isn’t there? Think about this nation. Think about the volume of the Word of God in this nation. That’s staggering. There must be some power and demonstration to go with it.

“T.L. Osborn probably saw more miracles, healings and salvations in more countries all over the world than anyone else in history. However, he and Daisy began their missionary career trying to minister Christ in word only. After almost a year in India, they returned to the United States confused and disappointed having been unable to persuade the Muslims and Hindus they came into contact with what the Bible reveals the true Word of God. T.L asked himself the question, why would these people believe my Bible more than their holy books.” You think people ask that question today? “What shows Christianity to be true? Through a series of profound lifelong events, the Lord told him, ‘You must demonstrate the Word you preach.’ That’s when T.L. began praying for the sick and seeing things happen. Millions were saved and healed by the power of God’s Word boldly proclaimed and demonstrated. How did it all start? He went to the altar. He went to God. He went to Him. He didn’t come up with another great plan.”

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“I got an idea. We’ll get a new campaign manager.” Do you think the Church does that? “We got this great idea and we have computers that can come up with awesome graphics!” We need awesome graphics but if your awesome graphics could produce what God wants to produce in the earth so that all of those who worship Baal will bow their knees it would have happened a long time ago. The Word in power and demonstration because he was connected to the holy majestic King of kings and Lord of lords. Are we believing for this in the Church? It starts with me. Hello? Build your altar.

If you were here during last week and saw brother Copeland minister, did you appreciate his freedom in dancing before the Lord? An altar!

Jerre shared…

But that doesn’t come just from getting up on a stage. It comes before the face of the Father, one on one, face to face. It’s a lifestyle. It comes when you’re alone with Him. And when life is pure like that, then it can be brought out with power. I believe that.

Erika shared…

We need that as the Church of the living God. Think about the wonder of the day that you were born into the family of God. The wonder of it. The desire that was in your heart not to ever leave Him. If you see a few people raised from the dead, you’ll pack your church out. If you start manifesting miracles through your life, they’ll start letting people in through the roof. We still have that power. We’re just aren’t using it, even though the Word we have is superior to what Elijah had. We don’t have the same kind of faith and confidence that he did. Are you with me?

Erika prayed…

Father, we’re looking for that restoration in the Church of that place with You. That we would come away fresh from your face. That there would be power and demonstration in the Church, that would be seen and the people would say they have been with Jesus. Not just words but a demonstration of You, Your very self, of Your goodness of Your compassion of Your mercy. The mercy that heals the sick, that hates evil, that wants to eradicates evil in this world. The mercy that sent the precious Savior. Father, we’re looking for that in the Church. That those things that would be righted, the right order of living before Your face, Father. That we wouldn’t leave You but we would cleave to You. We would leave the other things and cleave to You and Your holy Word. That we would worship His majesty, what a beautiful picture to see the Church standing before the majestic king of kings, standing in awe of the Holy One. We believe that, Father, for the church. Repairing the altars in our lives. Everyone has one, to clean it up and restore it.

Jerre led in worship…

♪ We turn our eyes upon You, Jesus… We look full into Your wonderful face… And all these things on earth will grow so strangely dim in the light of Your glory and grace… Manifest Yourself through me… Help me see the power, Lord, that You’ve given me… For my one desire is to please You, Lord, and You have called me to set the captives free… Manifest Your power, Lord, through me… ♪

Erika shared…

Let’s pray about the atmospheric conditions for operations and manifestations and demonstrations of that power. Atmospheric conditions that are conducive…


Father, we lift that before You
Altars repaired and maintained
We pray over all the parts and particles and the participants and positions
Atmospheres that would produce demonstration of Your power
For the world to see the undeniable proof and evidence that the Lord is God
That there would be no more wondering “Is God there?”
Father, in demonstration of Your Spirit and power
More and more and more increase in this day and hour
Combinations of operations
The dimensions and realms of God
A great production of God, great displays

Jerre sings prayer…

♪ Walking in Your glory, Lord… Hearing you each moment of the day… Living in Your glory, Lord… Walking in Your glory, Lord… Every moment of every day… Let Your glory shine… Open our eyes to see the realms of heaven and let Your glory abide… Walking in Your glory each moment of every day… To be with You… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

We’re in the chapel where weddings and memorial services are performed. Yesterday, there was a memorial service here. There’s a walk way in front of our building, almost three quarters of the length of the building. It’s a long walkway. Last week, brother Copeland spoke some things over this ministry. He said, “There will be people coming here that will come because they see the place and will declare there must be a lot of rich people there and they’ll come to receive.” He actually declared that they would leave with financial situations changed. While I was walking toward the chapel, there was a couple behind me. It’s interesting to watch people that have never been here before. They come in and they’re like, “Whoa!” It’s funny just to watch their reaction; they’re almost uneasy having never been here. They’re going to a church for a memorial service and they pull up and it doesn’t look like a church. So the lady is whispering to her husband. She actually said, “There must be a lot of rich people that go to this church.” I wanted to go, “Yes ma’am.” I did say it inside of me. I thought about that. There are not a lot of “so called” rich people in this church. I mean, we are rich. We’re rich in so many ways, including financial ways. But we’re rich in Him. I was thinking, “Ma’am if you only knew how we got here. If you only had a clue…” It’s not the Mr. and Mrs. Millionaire, or multi-billionaire that showed up and paid for all this. It’s that God almighty… and through the prayers of the people and the faith of the people and the direction of our pastors and the vision of the pastors from heaven… we’re standing on holy ground. We’re supernaturally blessed, not because there are so many, just absolute over-the-top rich people here. But every part and every member just bringing their supply. I was so blessed by that comment because it had already been declared. She had no clue that she was one of them and she was declaring it over us. So when someone that’s never been here before declares that we’re rich, I say, “Yes, Ma’am, we’re rich. Not because of just natural ability…

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