Prayer Summary for February 20


Lord, we thank You for this place
Holy Spirit, we need You more today!
We thank You for the working of Your Spirit
We come into the throne room of God by the blood of Jesus
No plan of the enemy can come against us
We shall move out and be led by the Spirit
Getting out into the deep waters and flowing with Him!
Moving up higher into the new way
Pleading the blood over all of the operations
We take that scene out of that script and rewrite it with the Holy Spirit
Speaking forth stability to that plan
Plan, you shall go in the right way
Holding the blood against the plots and plans of the enemy
Every conspiracy comes to a stop by the blood!
It is time to center in on the things of God and His Word
We call voices that are trying to cause confusion to be silent!
Be shut down, shut out, and get out of the holy place of God!
We have never been called to barely get by, so by the Spirit we will go through in victory!
Everything we ever needed was given to us on the cross through the sheading of His blood and the breaking of His body
Lord, we are thankful that You made us individuals and You put a special plan within each one of us
You cause every plan to work together in harmony for the Church to move out further
Calling for great accuracy for the leaders to walk out
Father, we apply the blood over the children
Lifting up their pastors, leaders, and families
We pray for them to yield to the Spirit
Father, we don’t want to forget any member or part of the body of Christ!
Each one is clothed with Your wisdom and Spirit
Things being lined up to Your Word now
Speaking to the root cause of division in the body of Christ and we declare it to be gone!
Weeds, you cannot grow here—be removed now in Jesus’ name!
The way being made smooth—low places being lifted up and high places being brought down
No breaches!
Pride, come down in Jesus’ name and we declare unity in that place!
Receiving orders, words, directions from the headquarters
Yielding together to the orders that are being given out by the Father
There is an assimilation today
Codes being uncovered
Removing all of the rust and declaring we are breaking out of our heads and moving more into the Spirit
Come out of that dry place and let the oil of the Holy Spirit wash over You
Every part of that carriage being oiled by the Spirit
Reveal Your divine strategies
Helpers and assistance coming up along that way now
Seeing righteousness standing in that place
Taking the things that are not of Your Spirit and burning them
We lift up the pastors and call for every supply to come to them
Help coming their way and holding up their arms
More pray-ers coming into a place of prayer
We apply the blood over these parts and lift them up
Gifts being unwrapped and uncovered for this time
We receive life through Your blood, Jesus!
Father, thank You for every provision
Let us be trained to constantly be led of You and let You be God!

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