Prayer Summary for February 24


Lord, be glorified today!
We are thankful and humbled by Your presence
Lord, we pray for a greater manifestation of Your presence upon this earth!
You have put a desire in us to press ahead and not stay in status quo
Continually requiring You as necessity
Increasing in faith and moving forward
Holy Spirit, we welcome You!
We pray for more of You and less of us
Lord, we yield our plans, desires, and futures to You
We put our trust in You for You are the truth and the way
Thank You for the protection we have in the blood
We apply it over ourselves, our families, churches, and pastors
Pushing the enemy away

Scripture focus…

(1) “Now [living] at Caesarea there was a man whose name was Cornelius, a centurion (captain) of what was known as the Italian Regiment, (2) A devout man who venerated God and treated Him with reverential obedience, as did all his household; and he gave much alms to the people and prayed continually to God. (3) About the ninth hour (about 3 p.m.) of the day he saw clearly in a vision an angel of God entering and saying to him, Cornelius! (4) And he, gazing intently at him, became frightened and said, What is it, Lord? And the angel said to him, Your prayers and your [generous] gifts to the poor have come up [as a sacrifice] to God and have been remembered by Him. (5) And now send men to Joppa and have them call for and invite here a certain Simon whose surname is Peter; (6) He is lodging with Simon a tanner, whose house is by the seaside. (7) When the angel who spoke to him had left, Cornelius called two of his servants and a God-fearing soldier from among his own personal attendants. (8) And having rehearsed everything to them, he sent them to Joppa. (9) The next day as they were still on their way and were approaching the town, Peter went up to the roof of the house to pray, about the sixth hour (noon).”
(Acts 10:1–9 Amp.)

Continued Praying…

Father, we thank You that You saw fit for us to be in this time and place
Thank You for the things that You have done throughout our lives
We pray out Your purpose today
Taking a step of faith now and stepping more into You
Choosing not to be distracted with the cares of today
You have not called us to stay the same, but to continually press, push, and contend to the end!
Thank You for a greater empowerment individually and corporately
Pleading the blood over every step we are to take today
Calling for things to be brought into alignment now
Every word and detail of this Monday is covered in the blood
Putting ourselves under Your anointing
We will walk out every detail You have panned for us
Declaring the Church will prosper!
Father, we lift up the pastors before You
Calling for a greater insight and revelation of what You have called them to
Increase of momentum for the body of Christ to rise up and shake off the debris
We will not bend under pressure but will bend and yield to Your Spirit
Lifting up the promises that have been given to us
We ask for direction of how we are to walk that out
Praying for divine and supernatural revelation of answers
A house divided against itself cannot stand, but a house united is a strong tower!
Declaring for increase to come in the Church of God
Increase of finances, vision, people, direction, and momentum!
These are the days when every part is getting into its ordained place and position
Broken things being restored
Centering in on that right plan and way
Lord, we pray for a greater awakening for Your people to be stirred and refreshed in You!

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