Prayer Summary for February 19


Lord, we rest all of our plans and thoughts in You
For all we have is found in You alone!
We are looking to be changed more and more
Our eyes are firmly fixed on You
Declaring we shall not come down because of the chatter of the world
We take our seat of authority as sons of God
Father, we pray for the state of the States
We pray for believers to stand up and say, “Thus far and no more!”
Father, we are calling all believers to rise up to their calling
Lord, we pray for every leader, that they would continue to move up higher
Each one fully participating in the life of their States
We must see the things that You are showing the Church now
Open our eyes to see clearly
Men and women in the army of God walking out each day in boldness and power
Shamelessly proclaiming the Gospel!
We plead the blood of Jesus over our government and spiritual leaders
Declaring their hearts to be moved to Your truth
We bind lies that are being spoken to the governors
Lord, we believe for their ears to be shut to them and open to the truth
Seeing men and women coming up and stepping into their places
Angels and ministering spirits go and work on our behalf
Applying the blood over those walkways and roads
We bind religiosity in Jesus’ name!
Protect the hearts of every spiritual leader
That they would be educated in the working of Your Spirit
For the sheep to be fed
Declaring peace to every State!
We lift up the upcoming elections
Some must step down and others must step up
Centering in on the right ways
Doors be opened and ways be made clear
Revelation being uncovered
Praying for ministries to take their places
Covering the families of all leaders who have taken their rightful places
No weapon formed against them shall prosper!
Right words to be spoken in the right time
Declaring that the States will move in the right ways
Praying over the adjustments
We uncover the hidden things of the enemy
The truth will come forth before the votes are cast
We apply the blood over any natural disaster and weather alert
Lord, we pray for pastors to be filled with boldness
Great accuracy in knowing what to say and when!
Fear, be gone in Jesus’ name!
Plans of the enemy concerning the vote be uncovered right now!
There is an anointing to walk all the way through
Take the armor and put it around your family to walk out your destiny
Lifting up CEOs of businesses
Declaring they will rise up and serve the Lord!
Aid and assistance of and by Your Spirit!

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