Prayer Summary for February 18


Lord, we yield to You this morning
Remove any kind of complacency within our hearts
It is an honor to come before You, Father!
We thank You for the way that has been made through the blood to come before You
Lord, we lay our lives and plans before You
Holy Spirit, we welcome Your presence
We draw nearer to You, Lord, for we need Your presence!
Today is a new day, and we will not hold onto the past
We make preparations for the things that are to come, applying the blood over that
Revive each heart to what You have called them to
It is not a time to pull back on praying about the shift
For the shift has already begun
In prayer, the persistence will be carried out
We take our position in the body of Christ!
Lord, when You manifest Your presence like this, it is a boost for the Church
Praying the blood over the leaders in the Church today
Covering their eyes, ears, hearts, hands, and feet
That they would know when to go and when to flow
Continually moving in the center of Your will!
Thank You, Lord, that You are always near and You never fail!
We declare that what we set our hands on will prosper
Your favor goes before us and creates opportunities for us to prosper

The remainder of Morning Prayer was spent in worshiping the Lord.

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