Prayer Summary for February 1


Father, we want to walk in the light of Your Word and Spirit
Continually seeking You because You are the source of true light
Light continually dispels darkness!
You have given us everything we need
Help us to remain strong and fixed
Thank You for supernatural endowment of power in this hour
Father, thank You for continual increase in the Body
We desire to do and to will of Your good pleasure
All of the thoughts and cares that are weight, we set them aside
Jesus bore every weight on the cross
We are calling for the unwrapping of Your gifts in this day
People must respond to Your Spirit – moving out in boldness!
You are moving in those avenues
There is a separation of the Church to Yourself
Greater contributions must come forth
Calling for more motion, movement, and momentum!
Let there be a waking up and a snapping out of slumber
Thank You for words of wisdom and interpretation of tongues!
We acknowledge the presence of the Holy Ghost in us
Lord, we stay on the road of transition and adjustment
Satan, we hold the blood against you and you will not inhibit the move of God
There must be a release of Your Spirit for the sake of the harvest, Father!
The Church and the world need the food of Your Word
No longer having religion, but operating in the freshness of the Spirit
For everyone to know the one and true God!
Come into the midst of the congregations, Father!
Draw the denominations unto Yourself!
Baptize them with Your Spirit
Seeing a great joining and cooperation in the Body!
Calling for the divine connections, relationships, and happenings to come forth!
A great assistance from heaven
Fill and strengthen those who are thirsty and yearning
Releasing a supply of the Spirit today!
People have been set in their places and positions
The light of Jesus is reaching the darkest corners of the earth!
Preparing roadways into those places
Every border of our nation covered in the blood!
Open the eyes and change the minds of the leaders!
Anointed words to be spoken out!
Seeing a dark wall in the nations
We apply the blood of the Lamb over it and we call for openings!
Praying over the natural steps that bring people over into the supernatural steps
Father, we thank You for divine provision for the laborers!
Declaring supernatural protection over Your people

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