Prayer Summary for February 4


The following prophecy was given through Kenneth Copeland on August 9, 2012:

“Oh no! Don’t ever get the idea that it’s too late for Me. Has My arm been shortened?” saith The LORD. “Is there anything too hard for Me to accomplish? Some have said, some in places where they should know better have said, ‘Well, the United States has just gone too far. God’s judgment hand has come down on it and its days are over.’ No, no, no, no. No, no,” saith the LORD. “No, no, no! I have a covenant with this land. This country belongs to Me. How could I be done and through with what’s Mine? No, no! I have more people like you. I have more people in this nation. I have more people living by faith, walking by faith, who have turned from their wicked ways, who have to come to Me and have humbled themselves before Me. I have more than a few! I have more people today in this nation who have done these things than ever in the history of the nation! I’m not through with this country. I’m just getting started. Why would I want to bring to naught and bring to a place of destruction the only place that’s listening to Me? The only place that’s preaching My gospel, the only place where all of the Bibles and all of the material for the world are coming from? What kind of a business leader do you think I am,” saith The LORD? “No. You rejoice; for the healing of the land has begun and you will be glad. You will be glad. You will be glad.”

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Scripture Focus…

(21) “But Moses said, The people among whom I am are 600,000 footmen [besides all the women and children], and You have said, I will give them meat, that they may eat a whole month! (22) Shall flocks and herds be killed to suffice them? Or shall all the fish of the sea be collected to satisfy them? (23) The Lord said to Moses, Has the Lord’s hand (His ability and power) become short (thwarted and inadequate)? You shall see now whether My word shall come to pass for you or not.”
(Numbers 11:21-23 Amp.)


We declare and get in agreement with the Word of The Lord, today!
There are no limitations to what You can do, Father
Hearts will be rearranged, opened, and made soft again
Those that have fallen away-we call them back to You!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over families that they would walk out the call and plan You have for them, Lord
We call for wholeness in every way and in every area of our lives
Bodies will respond to the word of God-they will be changed and rearranged
Lord, You are the great Doctor-Dr. Jesus
We declare wealth, health, and prosperity of every kind in each of our lives, today!
Distractions get out in Jesus’ name!
Calling for restitution by the Holy Spirit
Those that are bound by thoughts, be free!
Speaking to those that are in a coma, come out in Jesus’ name-be healed, be normal, and be restored today!
Thank You for Your presence, Lord
We keep our eyes totally and completely fixed on You
You are everything we need; we put our trust and hope in You, Father
Taking the Word from heaven as our authority and direction
Not allowing others’ words to take root in our hearts, but lining our words up with the Word of God
Holding the word higher and having greater expectation on the Word of God, not on the words of this world
Yes, Lord, we will watch over what we hear, see, and what we take into our hearts and believe
You are faithful to carry out everything You said You would do
We worship, honor, and glorify You!
Praying over positions of authority in the body of Christ-declaring that they will finish their destiny
Their words would be clear and strong, that they will have great utterance through Your precious Holy Spirit
Pleading the blood of Jesus over them, and asking You to give them supernatural strength, today!
Making their plans clear-that they would see, hear, and know what they need to do from You
Praying for greater utterance from the Holy Spirit
Pleading the blood, and standing against any form of complacency or status quo-no, we will not hold back!
We pray for endurance, expectation, and direction for them today!
Appling the blood of Jesus over every family member-no weapon formed against them will prosper
Those things that have tried to hold us back, we say No!
Your arm is not too short and You will do what You have said and called them to do!
Keeping our eyes lifted up to You, where all of our help comes from
If there is anything missing, Father, that you would show and reveal it to us
Adjustments are being made, today!
Covering these things, using the blood of Jesus, we lay hold of it and we will not let it go
Increasing in the things of God-going all the way through to the end!
Reaching out by faith and calling those things that are not as though they were
Pleading the blood and calling for protection over the body of Christ
There will be unlimited access in the things of The Spirit
Endurance, greater expectancy and momentum to go further
No, that will not stay the same; it will be a continual change, press and push
Borders are being pushed out farther than they ever have before
There will be an increase in dimension and a furtherance of the Spirit
Preparations are being made right now-locks are being opened, doors are being removed
Believing for greater endurance and strength from heaven
Nothing will stay the same; there will be a continual turn and change-a shift in expectation
The Words of the Lord are full of power and will stop the plans of the enemy
We believe that the things to come are clearer, bigger, and greater than what we have already seen
You are working out those things to our benefit, Father
Thank You for Your faithfulness, to finish that what You have said You will do

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