Prayer Summary for April 16

A Word of the Lord came forth:

“One reason why I came was so that you would never have to stay the same. One reason why I came was so that you could walk into the things that I have prepared for you. One reason why I came was so that you could walk out on into the new, never, never, never having to stay the same. Never, never, never having to stay in the same way, but continually in Me and through Me and by My power and My Spirit enter into those things I have called you to. Questions. Questions about how it will be and how it will unfold and how the new will look? Questions. Just look up unto Me and receive! Not just for you but for those that are around you, too, never having to stay the same! One reason why I came was for change—things to be continually rearranged. Doors opened, doors closed. Windows opened, windows closed. ‘Enter in,’ saith the Lord, ‘by faith take your place to walk out that race.’ To keep stepping in My pace, My plan, My purpose, and My will and you shall fulfill the destiny that I have put deep down inside of you.”


We lift the name of Jesus
All things are new in that name!
Situations and circumstances will change and turn because of the name!
Power and authority are in the name of Jesus!
Turning in the right way now!
Nothing is impossible
Calling for a mending of each step and plan
There is a mandate to march ahead
Reaching ahead
Mobilizing all of the forces
Every watcher watching, not missing even one part or detail
Moving out further into the new, making that way
The way must be prepared
Calling for a spirit of seeing—seeing outward to give and seeing inward to receive
Prosperity inward and outward
Angels and ministering spirits go and work on our behalf
We need an increase in expectation
No weapon formed against that will prosper
Lifting up transitions—there is a blending together
Limitation, get out!
Holy Spirit, prepare that way
There is an enabling and an equipping
Lord, order the steps and clear out the way!
A deliberant ascendancy
Receiving boundless love from above
The blood of Jesus will not be denied!

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