Morning Prayer Summary for Monday, April 15, 2019


Thank You, Father, we praise You
We bless Your mighty name – Jesus
You are the God who heals us
I will bless the Lord all the time
You forgive us of all of our sins
Yes, You heal us from all sickness, disease, and infirmity
By Your stripes, we are healed, Lord
Thank You for Your Word and for healing us
You are the Lord of our healing
In the name of Jesus, we lift up those who need healing
We pray for the knees, and we know that You are the God that heals us
Yes, we pray against all kinds of cancer in the name of Jesus
Diabetes, arthritis, diseases in the bones, we cast you down in Jesus’ name
Praying over feet, the brain, the lungs, over the back, be healed!
We come against all sickness and disease, be healed, healthy, and whole
You came so we can have life and life abundantly!
Goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our lives
No, not poverty and lack, not depression or oppression, but Your goodness, Father!
Lord, I pray for the eyes, that they would see
Calling for healing light to be flowing
Yes, Lord, we believe that we receive that healing!
We lift up President Trump and we plead the blood of Jesus over him
Casting down all evil plans of the enemy
Surround President Trump with angels from heaven
We pray for the children, give them peace from heaven today
Cover them with the blood of Jesus Christ
No weapon shall come against them in the name of Jesus
Pour out Your Spirit over our children, Lord
Covering each and every one of them with the precious blood of Jesus
They are blessed when they come in and blessed when they come out!
You are so great, and so worthy of all of our praise
Guide every step they take, lead and guide them by Your Spirit
They are running their race with joy!
Yes, they know You, and they know the love of the Father
Calling for momentum of and by Your Spirit, O God
Lifting up this generation, that we would run together in one accord
You are working and restoring families, Father
Thank You for the obedience that comes from the knowledge of Your love
Yes, You are so great, and there is none like You, Lord
You are an awesome God
Thank You for this time together in Your presence
The mighty name of Jesus is above every other name!

The remainder of Morning Prayer was spent in praising and worshiping the Lord!

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