Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Sister Peg…

I had a unique experience this weekend, and I knew when I had that experience that I had to be here to share about it. And Pastor Ken didn’t ask me to come till last night, but I knew I had to come because I knew I had to share about this experience that I had. I went to a secular concert. I don’t remember ever being to one in my entire life, and I went because someone else wanted to go. And I just thought, “Sure, I’ll go.” Well, not that I didn’t know this, but my eyes were so open to what’s going on in the world and in these concerts, these mega stars. It was a megastar. And the opening act was unbelievable. There were all these little kids there, and I just started to cry out to God and just pray for everyone that was there that they would know Jesus, that they would not know this fake thing that’s going on at this concert and the distraction of the devil. But that they would know Jesus.

And then the mega star got up and they all started chanting his name and I just felt appalled. I was embarrassed that I was there, and I was just appalled at what was going on. And I just prayed for that person that they would come to know Jesus and that they would use their platform for Jesus because everyone was chanting their name and like basically bowing down to this person. And it just made me sick because what we’re supposed to be doing is bowing down to Jesus. And so I just wanted to share that, that we need to be praying for these mega stars, that they would get saved, that they would use their platform for Jesus. Because they’re reaching millions and millions of people, but it’s not for the right reasons. It’s for money. And I’m not even going to say everything else because I just can’t. But I just want us to be aware that how much more do we need to be preaching Jesus and ministering Jesus and worshiping Jesus with all that we are because we are His light in this world. And we need to be brighter. We need to shine brighter. I prayed in tongues like that entire concert, and the person I was with was irritated, was mad at me, like I wasn’t getting into it. I couldn’t. My calling at that concert was to pray for everyone there and pray for that megastar, that their life would be changed for His glory. Because we should be filling up stadiums like that and Jesus should be glorified.


So, Father God, we just lift up all the mega stars, all the singers, all the actors and actresses that have this huge platform that are reaching millions of people. We lift them up to you, God. We ask you to send Holy Ghost laborers across their path starting today. We need to see a change, Lord.

So we just command the blinders to come off their eyes that the devils put there. And we thank you for the light of the glorious Gospel shining into their lives right now in Jesus’ name … that they would see you in everything. That the Holy Ghost will be right there to convince them that they need Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And we just ask you to put people in their lives that will mentor them, that will help them to live for you, Lord. Not to live for themselves, not to live for greed, not to live for money and glory and fame, but to live for Jesus.

So we just lift them up to you and we thank you for reaching them. We claim them as our inheritance. We want them to be reached.

Pastor Ken prayed…

Lord, take us back to those founding roots, to those establishing places of this nation.

And cause new life and new growth and new things to initiate and spring forth from those roots of religious freedom.

That new things would spring forth from a focus on Jesus.

We lift up America’s destiny… We lift up the destiny of this nation and we take hold in the spirit today and we steer our land, our nation, in the right direction.

We pray, Father, for transformation, for changes now, for a revealing of the glory of God in and among the nations, in and among our nation, the United States.

We send out the call of the Spirit to our land today… to every state and every region and every city and every territory… yes out into Puerto Rico…

It’s time. It’s time. It’s time to return to our first love. It’s time to return to God. We call America back today. Come back to first love.

We pray for the precious fruit is the earth… the precious fruits of America. Thank you, God, for saving everyone.

We lift up the mission of Jesus. Yes. Cause the mission for this nation is not done. It’s not done. And it needs to return to its roots to complete that mission. So we just call it back… we call this nation back to its roots.

Pastor Ken…

Let me inject something right here. Can we just shift gears for a moment? Let me read something. I was telling my daughter this morning, I’ve been hearing a lot about how especially kids that are on their phones a lot, or adults for that matter. Just certain things like kind of the quick hit of dopamine you get in your body from like a device that actually while in the moment it may boost you and give you a good feeling, in the end it actually can drain you and have some really negative effects psychologically and health wise. From overstimulation and devices and all that.

And you’re like, “Ken, where are you going with this?”

Well, I was reminded of that this morning driving in to work and I was talking to my daughter about how I had stayed up a little later. I was transcribing something that I’m going to read to you in a moment. And I spent some time in prayer, even though could have easily gone to sleep. But I’ve learned through the years that unlike the quick hit of social media and devices and the overstimulation of a distracted age, I’ve learned… and scientists and researchers now tell us that they can show that prayer, especially praying in other tongues, taps into a side of your brain that releases happy chemicals and hormones that builds you up, as the Bible says in Jude. It literally does, right? And it’s a drug you can’t overdose on. The things that are released in your body biochemically when you pray in the spirit. And there’s more and more research that that’s been done. Ivy League college research that has been done, probes that have been attached to people’s cranial cavities and bodies as they prayed in the spirit, showing that there’s a very real connection between prayer and a positive forward-looking outlook. There’s a very positive and clear connection between endorphins released and positive biochemicals released in your body, in your psychology, in your life that seems to build you up emotionally and steadier emotional state. And like we talked about yesterday, flush out depression and melancholy and fears and anxieties and all kinds of tools of the enemy.

Go get it! Let’s go get it!

And so, I was reminded of this quote this morning. Bill Johnson once said that “It’s foolish to be given such a transformational tool and not use it.” He’s referring to prayer… for ourselves, for our nation, for any situation you want to point to. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been hearing this morning… I sense the Spirit of God say, “Ken, go get it. Go get it.” Have you ever heard that phrase? Sometimes athletes will say, “Go get it. Let’s go get it. Go get the touchdown.” Go get whatever you’re after. And, I just sense the Spirit of God with such enthusiasm and passion and almost excitement and hopeful sitting on the edge of your seat, craning your neck, expecting, looking sort of attitude going on in the Spirit right now. And Him saying to the church, “Go get it.” Because you’ve already got it, right? He’s already granted the heathen as our inheritance. So now we go get it in prayer. We go get it and receive it and take it, right?

Praying in tongues is the way you participate in the supernatural…

And, in fact, praying in tongues is the number one way you participate in the supernatural. You’re taking from the spiritual realm so everything that’s been set to the credit of yours and my account both individually and collectively as the body of Christ, you’re taking from that realm and you’re bringing it into reality in this realm. So when we’re praying for the nation, souls, or any situation that needs to be redeemed, we’re going and we’re getting it. We’re transmitting it and transitioning it from the place where it’s already been given to us in the spirit and in the Word of God, and we’re bringing it from there to here.

Quote by John G. Lake…

And I have often quoted John Lake’s saying: His secret in ministry and life is that each day he goes way out. He said, “Let the man of God, let the woman of God, go way out into the spirit dimension and come back with a message from God.” Come back with a solution. Come back with an answer to prayer because you persevered in the place of prayer. You got in the messy of what was going on in a situation, and you prayed through until you sensed a note of victory. You got it! Amen. It was already granted. But there’s just something in the nature and ways of God, He set this thing up that even though He’s already gone ahead of us and He stands in our future shouting victory and welcoming us forward, there’s just something about the way He’s set up the laws of the kingdom that He’s chosen to partner with us. The Bible says He already knows what you need before you ask, but He still says to ask that you may receive. Whether it’s praying in the spirit, interceding for a loved one, praying a prayer of faith for a financial increase or a promotion, a prayer of consecration, whatever the case is, God has chosen to collaborate, to work through human agency, through you and me as we pray. As we open our mouths in our known language and in our heavenly unknown language. We are going out into the spirit and we are bringing from that dimension all that’s already been stored up in our bank account, spiritually speaking, in heaven’s storehouses that God intends. It’s already there. The floors are full, the ceilings are packed, chock full of healings and provisions and answers and solutions. New pieces of art that He wants to bring through us, inspired by the Spirit rather than inspired by the Devil. But we’ve got to go out into that realm of the spirit and bring those things back.

I wrote this down last night. The Lord wants us to become so full so when we go out into the spirit, we become so full of His presence, that the blessing of God within us spills over into other people’s lives to bless them. That’s one of the fruits of prayer.

You can’t overdose on the presence of God…

It is the one drug that is legal that you are encouraged to overdose on. And it will release happy hormones and things in your body even that will transform you at a cellular DNA. We’re learning that more and more of the whole idea of transgenetics nowadays, that at a cellular level, things are not set in your DNA. Your DNA can be influenced and expressed and changed to some degree by the atmospheres that you cultivate and give yourself to. Whether it’s a negative home atmosphere of doubt and unbelief and fear, or a perpetual atmosphere of the presence of God, the life giving, healing, abundant, eye opening, revelatory atmosphere of the Spirit of God of heaven itself can affect your DNA. That’s why I say it can rewire your neural pathways in such a way that you can change in your thinking and become more aligned and more in sync with the ways and thoughts of God. So much so that He starts granting prayers and inspiring you to pray things such as, “Lord, give me more revelation, more understanding. Show me your secrets in this area or that area.”

He’s not limited…

We’re the ones that limit Him. And He’s saying today, “Go get it.” What’s in your heart to go get? In all likelihood, if you’re walking with Him, He’s put that desire in you to go get that dream, to ask for that thing. To go get the nations through your prayers and your activation in the natural, to ask for wisdom and creativity and new ideas and initiatives and on and on and on. Whatever it is for you.

Your spirit is a conduit…

So I’d read this a while back: “Praying in other tongues is the number one way you participate in the supernatural. You’re taking from the spiritual realm and transferring it through your spirit.” So your spirit is a conduit. The enemy seeks to block up and stop up and plug up our spirits with all kinds of distractions and (excuse my English) crap or pollution of this life. But God wants us to come to Him each and every day and be flushed clean, that we would be opened up and a true conduit for heaven to come through us to earth, into our dimension and experience of life and the lives and experiences of others.

You are an agent sent here on mission…

You’re not randomly chaotically bumping into things and having certain experiences and meeting certain people. No! God is the most intentional being in the universe, and He is intent and is purposeful about guiding our lives. And prayer allows us to sync up with that guidance, to be inspired and be transformed.

But this quote goes on to say, “Transferring it through your spirit into the natural world. It’s a transaction that comes through you and begins to create the reality of it in the physical realm. All because you simply yield your vocal cords to the Spirit of God.” You’re actually speaking from the other realm, from the spirit dimension. And so the Spirit of God wants to say some things through you into this world.

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