Morning Prayer Summary for  Wednesday, June 14, 2023

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Pastor Ken…

 Good morning! Welcome to those of you joining us online. Happy Wednesday! Good to have you with us.

Father, we thank you as we just step into a time of worship today. We are so grateful, Lord, that we can come without reservation, without delay.

Father, we open our hearts and our lives to you.

Making a declaration…

Just say this after me and inject your faith into it. Say it from your heart. Just say:

Things are turning in my favor for God is working behind the scenes and causing my life to turn into a fresh place.

I declare today breakthroughs… promotions… open doors… opportunities are coming my way!

For I say today I have turned a corner… things are looking up for me… for God is on my side… He’s in me… He’s for me… He’s with me… He’s always causing me to get the victory.

For I declare today I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

No weapon formed against me will prosper.

The enemy is being pushed back now. Did you hear that, Devil? I’m coming after you!

In the name of Jesus, you can’t stand in my way for I’m going to do all the will of God and will receive all that God intends for me to have in Jesus’ name.

Things are turning for me.

Declarations for the church today…

In fact, we just declare this over the church today. We declare things are turning for Living Word, for your church, your ministry, your business, your particular situation or relationship.

We declare things are turning and shifting. We decree it today! The Bible says if you should decree a thing, it would be established. And so we decree changes today, we decree a shift today, a turning today, a rerouting if necessary in Jesus’ name. We declare a supernatural turn in the church today in the direction of your intention, in the direction of your plan.

Angelic assistance…

We call today for angelic assistance, Lord, in this place, in our lives, in our particular circumstances, in the church today, out ahead of our weekend services here at Living Word or at your church or ministry.

We call into this dimension, angelic ranks and assistance to support, to help, to undergird, to shift things in a right and God-ordained direction and momentum for this hour in this time in Jesus’ name.

For we declare today that we as the people of God, as the church, will not be denied.

We’re not going silently into the night…

Lord, we just echo what I know is in the hallways of heaven and that is that we’re not going under, we’re not going quietly or silently into the night! No! Lord, we’re going on and up and into the air eventually. But we’re going on and up and into the fullness and the purpose and the intention that you have for this generation. And for what you want us to do in the coming days.

So I just declare the hand of God rests on this company this morning. Lord, we pray that your hand would weigh on us, that your favor would drench us, that we would be saturated and completely filled with your glory, Lord. Equipped and prepared and enabled to go forth in the coming days on increasing levels of ability in and of and by the Spirit in the name of Jesus.

“We Agree Wednesday…

I just want to mention something to you. I’m going to endorse or call today, “We Agree Wednesday.” So you can hashtag that somewhere. “We Agree Wednesday.” So in a bit here, we’re going to pray and agree together. I mean, God intends for us to ask, to agree in prayer. Why? Because He’s already made up His mind to do it. I mean, if it’s in line with His Word, it’s His heart. Absolutely. He is always, I have found, encouraging me to ask. Sometimes I have to get out of my head. Cause I’ll be thinking something and then I’ll realize, “Wait, maybe God’s prompting me to pray for that. Maybe that’s a cue card.” Like, “Hey Ken, declare this, pray this. I want to do that, Ken.”

Just get out of your head and realize in your heart with your spiritual discernment, “Oh, the Lord wants me to declare that, decree that.”

Prayer is to be a steering wheel…

Our lives are meant to be a steering wheel of sorts. Prayer is meant to be a steering wheel of sorts in the earth. In that we are called to steer events, steer situations, reroute circumstances, create a pathway for the justice of God, the mercy of God, the purpose of God to be injected into scenarios and situations and hearts and lives and whole nations. That’s why we’re here!

We’re not a lowly pathetic worm…

You’re not just that little old someone anymore. You are, according to my Bible anyway, recreated in Christ Jesus into a brand-new species that never existed before. No longer that lowly, pathetic worm as the Old Testament says oftentimes, that just can’t help him or herself. No! Jesus helped us long ago when He hung on that cross between heaven and earth and all the litany of things and sins and failures and missteps, and the fact that we were born unrighteous and unholy because of the bloodline of Adam. All of that was nailed methodically and meticulously to the cross so that we would all know down through the generations that Jesus dotted every eye, crossed every T, as I like to say, made a full provision for you and I to be completely redeemed. Not just from something but to something. And that to something is to His kingdom. We’ve been redeemed to His name to the right of the use of His name.

Our purpose is to steer world events…

We’ve been redeemed to an array of spiritual weaponry and resource that equips us and adorns us, whether you realize it or not, with the ability to rise above every onslaught of the enemy. We’ve been redeemed to a purpose and a mission. And that is to steer world events. That is to steer situations so that people come to Christ.

The church rises and a way is made for the majestic and beautiful King of Kings and Lord of Glory to enter into a generation to… enter into a church service … to enter in to wherever there’s darkness.

Jesus was clear when He said He came to overcome evil with good.

Can I just say you are good? Not in and of yourself. I’m not good in and of myself. But He’s good and I’m in Him, and He’s in me.

We are to distribute His goodness…

So He wants you to go forth today and every day and exhibit and bring and distribute His goodness. You are an expression of His goodness. More and more and more… Maybe you’ve got a lot going on in your life and you don’t feel so much like you’re good or anything good is going on in your life. Well hang in there. God is faithful.

In the scriptures, the angels were referred to as the faithfulness of God, because they are on assignment perpetually without sleep or slumber to carry out God’s goodness. He is their faithfulness. He comes to deliver upon God’s promises. They come to assist you, protect you, equip you, help you. To be that goodness in the earth. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

Prayer of agreement…

So in a little bit we’re going to pray a prayer of agreement together. The Bible says if two or more, in Matthew 18:19, will agree concerning or as touching anything, it shall be done for them by their Father in heaven. Do you want God to do something for you today? He wants to do something for you today. If so, get ready! We’re going to pray and we’re going to release resources. We’re going to release captives. We’re going to release healing power. We’re going to release wisdom. We’re going to release favor. We’re going to release heavenly messengers where necessary. We’re going to release whatever is needed for your situation to be shifted today… changed today. Answers to be delivered today. Bodies to respond today. Hearts to be regenerated today. Emotions to be righted where they’re wrong and upside down today.

We leak in this world…

Now let me just share something with you here this morning. I was reminded of this because just the other day, I was in my backyard. On my patio, I have this galvanized tub that I use as a fountain. I know it’s really cheap, but it works. And I went to clean it out and put it off onto the side of my patio. And I was going to fill it up and put a pump in there and create a little fountain. I put some aquatics in there. And so I filled it up, so it was overflowing, in fact. This round, galvanized tub. And then I went to go do something. I came back just like a minute or two later. I’m like, “Wait, what just happened?” It’s like half full now. I just filled it up and it was overflowing. But I look a little closer and I see the metal seam, somehow it had burst or had stretched and the water was just streaming out of there. It was leaking.

And that was just a reminder and a weird picture to me that like that galvanized tub leak, because of the world we live in, we leak too! The fact that we have a flesh- and-bone body that wants to rebel at times and a mind that constantly needs to be renewed and a common enemy that comes to distract and attack us in different ways and tempt us, we leak in this world. And there’s a real need for us to practice spiritual habits in such a way that we are perpetually being filled. Because one of the things, as I was saying, we were redeemed to is that we were redeemed to the fullness of God the Holy Spirit. Not the partiality or the 10% of the Holy Spirit. No!

The beautiful thing about redemption is that not only He forgave us and made a pathway for us to know heaven and eternity with the Lord, but also that we would be recreated on the inside to be worthy, prepared, sparkling clean, perpetually tabernacles in and of our spirits to receive the fullness of God the Holy Spirit.

And as I often point out, that fullness is the game changer and difference maker in yours and my life. And there’s just something about when you just focus on laboring into the rest of God and being filled with His fullness, just something about that, that it causes the will of God to take care of itself. It releases God to do what only He can do in your life.

And I’m suspicious that there are a lot of things that we strive and we struggle and we labor intellectually to figure out, to try to make happen in our lives… even the promise of God. We strive and we struggle in our natural ability to try to connect and receive that promise when all along God just wants us to be filled with His fullness. Something about the fullness, the anointing, the oil of the Holy Spirit that goes to work to do what only it can do. You can’t do.

Do the spiritual basics…

A well-known minister said this the other day and I jotted it down. He said, “You can avoid spiritual crisis by simply doing the spiritual basics.” He went on to say, “You will be amazed at how many troubles will cease to be troubles in your life by just reading the Word and spending time in prayer.” And especially if I could punctuate praying in the Spirit, praying in other tongues. It will keep a perpetual hose in your spirit so that you are always overflowing, even though you might leak. There will always be an overflow. Things will come. I mean life ebbs and flows. And certainly sometimes you need more of God. Can just put it that way.

Pastor Lynne used to say we need to have an experience and a measure of God in our lives equal to and greater than whatever season we’re in… or whatever the enemy’s doing to try to attack us or tempt us. So there’s some days you kind of can coast on fumes maybe. So you think… And then there are other days you need more of God. Because life isn’t just like one flat line; it ebbs and flows.

Some days you got to moment by moment just say, “Lord, are you there? I just worship you. I just draw on your presence today, moment by moment.”

Living moment by moment in Him…

Really that’s how He intended for us to live is moment by moment in contact with Him. And that’s the great habit that He wants us to learn. Practicing the presence of God, as Brother Lawrence demonstrated in his life long ago.

So we must get back, this minister said, to the basics, to walking in simple obedience to the Holy Spirit and to daily make contact with God.

Pastor Nancy Dufresne quote…

Now let me read you something out of Nancy Dufresne’s book, “The Supernatural Prayer Life.”

She’s going to talk about the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. But in 1st Corinthians 14:2 two, it says, “For one who speaks in an unknown tongue, speaks not to men, but to God, for no one understands or catches his meaning. Because in the Holy Spirit, he utters secret truths and hidden things not obvious to the understanding.” Pastor Nancy goes on to write, “Another translation says he talks divine secrets.” When a believer speaks in tongues, he touches into an area of the divine that she would have never accessed otherwise.”

What are you saying, Pastor Ken? There are things that not everybody accesses?

Yeah! There are a lot of things in the Spirit and in the realm of God that are available to a supernatural thing. Secrets and mysteries and creativity and ideas and abundance and breakthroughs and answers and mission and purpose and things that He wants you to walk in and enjoy for yourself even. But could only be accessed by God the Holy Spirit with His help.

She goes on to write, “Believers have a royal invitation to partake of the divine secrets and mysteries that belong to God. Where are these divine secrets and mysteries kept? They are contained in the mind of God and the Spirit of God who knows the mind of God helps us to access and partake of these great secrets and mysteries contained in the mind of God.” Ooh, I love that! When you a begin to pray out in the spirit, you are accessing the mind of God, the creativity of God, His vision.

Can I just prophesy here this morning and give you a word of knowledge?

Some of us… it’s not that we’re out in left field or in sin or anything. We’re just under-visioned. We need to live more from His vision for our lives. Not, as I say, from a place of memory from the past, but a place of daily inspiration and resupplied vision, a bigger vision. He wants to open up the scope of your vision to see how you are to walk today, where you’re to go today, what kind of a relationship He wants to have with you today and in the coming days. I just am sensing that this morning. He wants to open up His vision to us to see with a bigness and a full color, if you will, perspective.

Nancy goes on to write, “For as we speak in other tongues, the utterances that the Spirit gives us, usher us into these divine secrets.” Isn’t that so good, so clear? “It ushers us into divine secrets.” I would add divine resources and strategies for victory.

“Sometimes it’s not a matter of, ‘oh God, oh God, I need you to change this. I need you to do this for me.’ Oftentimes I have found the longer I journey with God, it’s a matter of waiting on Him and praying in other tongues with my journal, with my notepad on my iPhone, and be quick to jot down what the Spirit speaks, because He comes to reveal, transmit, and disclose strategies.

One size doesn’t fit all…

There are all kinds of prayers in the scriptures, and they all are used for different things. One size doesn’t fit all. But praying in other tongues definitely helps us to know, “Oh, right here. I recognize the enemy is up to no good in my life…” And He reveals that you need to exercise some authority here. You need to take that name of Jesus and apply the blood. You need to do something maybe practically in your generosity or in your faith walk. And that becomes the answer.

We work in collaboration with Him…

It’s not just God waves His magical wand, if you will, and solves everything for us. No, we work in collaboration with Him, in partnership with Him. And He wants to level up our skillfulness in the spirit so that we are more skillful, therefore more productive, more effective, and more prolific in our reception of His goodness and abundance and promises.

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