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Pastor Ken…

Good morning, everyone. Welcome to morning prayer.

I have this verse rolling around in my spirit last night. I thought I would start by sharing it. It’s Hosea 10:12. It says, “Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, till He comes and rains righteousness on you.” One commentary reads, “Until He comes and reigns spiritual revival on you.”

Invite the Holy Spirit to break up the fallow ground of your heart…

As we were worshiping, I was reminded in my heart that oftentimes we have to allow the Holy Spirit… invite the Holy Spirit to tear up the fallow ground of our hearts, to interrupt our one-mode thinking, our limited-limitations thinking. He wants to interrupt us this morning, perhaps, you and I and us as a church, and remind us that so much more is possible that He did not do what He did, Jesus that is, on the cross in His death, burial, resurrection for us to live limited.

The enemy seeks to limit your prayer life with distractions…

Now you must know… you probably know… that the enemy’s primary strategy is to limit and contain where it concerns Christians. If he can’t stop you from receiving salvation, then he’s going to do his best to stop you from understanding just what you have received and who you are, your identity, in other words, in Jesus, and the position you hold in the heavenly dimension in Christ. If he can’t keep you from gaining some knowledge in regard to that, then he’s going to try to stop you from fighting the good faith of faith and realizing the plan of God. And so on and so forth… He is an entity that seeks to limit… to limit our prayer lives through distraction and other things that enter in because of our lives.

We’re not called to a limited life…

But God would say—I believe He’s saying to me anyway—that you are not called to a limited life. You are not hemmed in any way. Jesus Himself said as He conversed with His disciples, “All things are possible to the one who believes.” If you will simply embrace that understanding, things can shift and change before we’re done here today in morning prayer. Amen? Hallelujah.

So, He has invited us into a life without limitations… an unlimited life. And an abundant life. Where it concerns whatever situation we’re facing in the church at large, in your ministry, your business, your particular life, finances, relationships, health, or otherwise, you are not limited! You are not stuck in one place.

We must not acquiesce to limitation…

When I read through the scriptures and turn the pages, I have come to understand that our God is a God of progression and advancement. In fact, He catches our attention in one place, I believe, in Isaiah and says, “Hey! Will you not become aware of the fact that I am doing something new?” In fact, He’s doing something perpetually new and He wants the church to wake up right now at Living Word, in your hometown where you attend, and globally to the fact that we cannot acquiesce to limitation. We cannot be duped by the enemy’s bait to be limited and just say, “Well, I can cope with this. I can get by with this until Jesus comes or until my life is called up yonder.”
He is inviting us into an unlimited life. And our ability to study and feed upon the Word, our ability to lift up holy hands and worship, our opportunity to pray on a daily basis allows us to progress—progress individually, progress as a church, progress in the plan of God.

God says, “We are in a turnaround season…”

So I would just provoke your thinking this morning. Wherever you have limited God in your finances, in your calling, in your present status of life—you are not hemmed in, you are not limited there, you are not stuck there. God did not call you to dwell in a rut of some kind. And you know what a rut is. Somebody once said, “It’s just a grave with the ends knocked out of it.” We are called to a rising, thriving existence in Him. And whatever you’re facing, whatever we as a church, as the body of Christ in our state, in our cities are facing, God I believe is announcing from His realm over our realm, “We are in a turnaround season.”

We are all called to pray…

This prophetic word came to me a few years ago. And I still go back to it time and time again. And I pray it and I declare it, and I refresh my consciousness with it. That’s a big part of being someone called to pray. All of us are called to pray. We have the assignment to pray. We’re to give ourselves to prayer. And a big part of that is learning how to effectively contend in faith, as Paul writes, to fight the good fight of faith that we may lay hold on eternal life, lay hold on the God-quality and quantity of life His reality for you and for me and for all those we’re called to influence.

That’s what an intercessor does. He or she contends for eternal life, for the reality of God’s plan and purpose, for us individually and collectively. We refuse to back off. But as I often reference, instead like Abraham grows strong in faith by giving praise and worship and prayer to God. We grow strong! You’re called to an hour and a season and a time in the plan of God where we’re not called to back off or to relax or hold or just to coast or run on spiritual fumes of some kind. But instead to run our race strong. Amen? And to grow strong. And despite what the enemy has attempted to do, despite the fact we live in the end of days. I say praise God. That means the light’s going to shine brighter, the opportunities will be greater, our prayers will be even more so powerful.

I heard the Spirit say “You’ve turned a corner…”

But this word came to me. It’s simply this. I heard the Spirit say, “You’ve turned a corner.” That would be a good prayer for somebody to latch hold of this morning, right? Just your words. We’ve got to speak His Word. We’ve got to embrace His Word. Let the Word abide in us. Like David said, “I’ve hidden thy Word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Instead that I might do all that you called me to do.”

Just like that, all of a sudden, a turn of events, a change, a turnaround, even a paradigm shift. Let’s say it like this. I have turned a corner. You have turned a corner. Maybe you’ve got a little sense of it or seen a little shift. But the Spirit is saying “You have turned the corner. Things are getting better and they’ll get better and keep moving to the better side of things as you hide yourself in Me.”

Declare for yourself, “I have turned a corner…”

So I just want to put that word out there this morning. One way we fight the fight of faith as well is just by declaring “I have turned a corner.” And some of you might say, “Well, it sure seems messy and inconvenient and uncomfortable right now in some ways.” That’s okay! We don’t live by feelings or through our five physical senses. We live by faith! By believing and not by seeing as the New Living Translation says. Amen? So we can prophesy. Prayer is prophecy. It’s prophesying the promise of God, the plan of God, the inspiration of the Spirit of prayer in you is aligning and saying the same thing that the Spirit of prayer is saying in you and in His Word. So that you give God something… you give the angelic realm something to bring to pass, to create the reality of it in this sensory world.

God wants to abound through you…

Some of us might be in a gradual turn. I found myself in a gradual turn in one season. It took several years actually to turn many facets of my life. But I just began to pray this word. “I have turned a corner.” Well in advance, maybe several years in advance before I really saw the evidence of just that. I’m not saying it has to take that long. Every situation is different. Every life is different. But what I am saying is your words give God something to work with in the spirit and in your known language. I have often said that we are in a season where God is wanting to show off His prolificness, His creativity, His abundance, His profuse favors. He wants to abound.

Confess and decree what has already been settled…

But, once again, understand that we as pray-ers and as believers that have entered into partnership, that means we have a part in the plan of God, in the execution of divine or God-ordained events or intention. What He wants to see become a reality for you, you have a part in that. Not because you’re good and not bad, or you’ve been faithful to attend church or whatever. Not because of your works, but because of His blood. Because of His finished work. And He just simply invites us to say what has been settled. Your salvation has been settled. To say what has been settled forever in heaven. That “I’m marked with favor… that I’m the redeemed of the Lord… that I’m strong in the Lord and in the power of His might… that I can do all things in Him.” To say what’s already been settled. That you’re going to come out on the other end of this season stronger, grittier, full of faith, surrounded by the goodness of God in this land of the living.
Do you believe that this morning?
I believe that for the church this morning, for Living Word, for your ministry, for your household, for our nation. We are in a turnaround season. Make no mistake about it. And your part is to rest and fall back on that redemptive work and say what has been settled through that work. Begin to say, “I’m in a turnaround season. This too shall change.” That’s the essence of this fight of faith is to attack the facts of your present circumstances with your words of faith, with your faith decrees. Even praying out in the spirit, Paul says when you speak out in other tongues, you are speaking out the wonderful works of God.

Be aware the enemy has a plan to get you off course…

The enemy, of course, has a plan and so he’s trying to influence us and get us to puff out the demonic plans of the enemy. So be aware of the body of your language and conversation on a daily basis. I’m not saying you can’t be authentic and unpack things with a close friend or somebody you trust from time to time as you need to. But in general, on a daily basis, you set the tone, you set the cadence, you set God the Holy Spirit and the angelic realm in motion by what you’re saying. Let the redeemed say so. Paul writes that faith ought to be found in our hearts and in our mouths. This is the word of faith, which we speak.

This is bottom-line Christianity…

Don’t let the enemy lull you into a false understanding that, “Oh, no, that’s just a word of faith kind of thing.” Cliche or something they’ve touted. No, this is bottom-line Christianity. Pour forth water under the dry ground of your soul with words of encouragement, with words of faith. Pour forth into the atmosphere of your life, healing, abundance. Death and life, once again, are in the power of the tongue. And those who choose to speak words of life or words of death will reap the results of those words that we release.

Excerpt from Tim Sheets book about “divine turnaround…”

Let me read one more thing here to you this morning.  A devotional from a book by Tim Sheets on “Prayer Decrees That Activate Angel Armies.” And he writes in this one chapter about the “divine turnaround.” And, honestly, it just makes me joyful on the inside. The fact that the enemy has maybe thrown everything, including the kitchen sink into your situation, your life or family or finances in some way. But guess what? It’s all going to turn around. It is turning around.

Revival is precipitating now in America, in our nation. We’re seeing evidences of it pop up here and there. But as we continue to seek the Lord, as we continue to operate in our partnership with Him as the church and as the body of Christ, He will further reign spiritual revival on America, on your household, on your family members, on your children and children’s children. Make no mistake about it. This is the heart of God.
“Oh, how could Ken say that?”
I just know it is the heart of God. I can sense it in my gut this morning. Jesus is not a wimp. Jesus is not somebody who just hides from a challenge. No, Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah. And Jesus is in you and me, so this ought to be our spirit. A spirit of faith. Jesus, you must know in every day is preaching in the heavenly realm, what His intentions are, what He’s going to do because of what He’s done, because of what’s settled. That’s the beautiful thing. I’m not talking about some highfalutin rhetoric here this morning. I’m talking about what emanates from the “settledness” of our redemption in Jesus… that God-eternal event, that it released exceeding great power. So much power. Bible commentaries as they comment on the scriptures about redemption, don’t have language or enough words to put around the magnitude of the power that was released in the resurrection, which flows toward you and me and is able to even quicken your mortal body. In other words, bring to life, infuse you with health, cause cancer cells to die. Cause depression to diminish and be repelled off of your soul, your household, and your life.

Trauma! What trauma? That’s what some of you’re going to say in the coming days. You’re going to wake up and realize, “Trauma! What trauma? What was I talking about?” Because of the brightness and the fullness and the power of God, it will be even as if it never was what the enemy did. Because you’re in a turnaround season. Come on now! Somebody can get a little bit excited online or in this chapel this morning. Praise the Lord. Come on! This is what a spirit of faith does. It fights with words. Words of faith… words of proclamation… words of God…

Handpicked for this time…

We’re His sons and daughters…
Handpicked to be here in this hour, in this moment of time.
Handpicked to be endowed with the glory of God, the essence of God, the life of God.
Handpicked to speak and utter and proclaim the salvation of the Lord to our generation.
Handpicked to call dead things to life.
Handpicked to speak over broken, hopeless, destitute situations and lives and see them turn around.

Your words are instrumental in turning things around. And it starts with you. And it starts in your household. And it starts in your church and your community. Make no mistake about it, we are not called to back off or get by or cope with the presentness of what we’re experiencing.

Dutch Sheets quotes Romans 8:26…

“Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities. For we know not what we should pray for as we ought. But the spirit itself makes intercession for us.”

Dutch writes, “The word helpeth is a particular Greek word. It’s a phrase. The word helpeth comes from a Greek phrase that means “to take hold together with.” The Holy Spirit and the angels take hold together with. Angels circle the saints to get a hold of things with them. I know they have gotten a hold of things in my own life. Angels are assigned to grab onto the ugly situations that we grapple with and turn them around for good. It’s part of their job description. They are hovering over believers today, right now. Attending their lives, waiting for them to declare their freedom and exercise their authority. They are waiting for them to decree what God says in His Word. Angels watch and listen so they can turn things around according to our decrees. A remnant is beginning to understand that we have an angel army assisting us. Mighty angels with strength, skill, wisdom, and power are available to partner with us in releasing the kingdom of almighty God on the earth in greater measure than ever before. The world has never seen anything like this. Hell has never experienced.

We’ll almost maybe feel sorry for the kingdom of darkness…

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. There’ll come a day here not too long where we’re almost… We won’t, but we’ll almost maybe feel sorry for the kingdom of darkness at how they’re going to be repelled and they’re going to fail.

In many ways, the church has never done anything like this before. New things are on the horizon. Things that will startle the world. Christ’s kingdom is going to flow in authority and power with signs, wonders, and miracles, exponentially seen. Even though we face difficult times and situations that turn ugly, the Holy Spirit will take hold together with us and our angel network can get ahold of it together with us and turn ugly to lovely. Understanding this sets faith and anchors our soul. While the angels may not be able to bring things full circle to be the same as they were, some things are never going to be the same as they were because of relationship changes, covenant breaking or even death. And while it may be different than what you wanted or expected, angels assisting Holy Spirit can turn things around for you. You are never sentenced to a problem if you are an heir in Christ, an heir of the kingdom. It is a season, not a sentence.

And maybe I’ll just add this…

Somebody once said that your problem has an expiration date. So can I just announce “Expired!” Hallelujah. That problem, that situation, that medical condition—Expired! It’s over. I sever it. I say it’s done. You’re done, Devil. I put you on notice today. How dare you! Take your hands off of me.

Brother Hagin used to talk about that. Tell the enemy, “Take your hands off of me. I’m a child of the most high God.”

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