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Brother DJ…

Good morning, everybody. It’s Thursday morning.
Your name is like honey on my lips. Hallelujah. His name is like honey on my lips. His Spirit is what? Water to my soul. Lips. Soul. His Word is a lamp unto our feet. He’s talking about the lips. The sole and the feet. This sole right here, the thinking. Your name is honey on my lips. So the words that come out of our mouth. They are sweet like honey.
Then he says, Your Spirit is water to my soul, where the thinking is going on. What we think, the soul. And His Word is a lamp unto our feet. Hallelujah.
His name is honey on my lips… and your lips! Your Spirit is like water to my soul. It washes us. And your Word is a lamp unto my feet… and your feet! Jesus, we love you.
Before we call Him, “Gimme this, or gimme that.” Which He wants us to ask Him. That’s what He says. “Ask and it shall be given. Knock and the door will be open. Seek and you’ll find.” And we are seeking it this morning. Knocking on the door and worshiping Him.
The Bible said there’s no name in heaven and earth given unto us through who man can be saved. Jesus opened the eyes of the blind. He healed the broken hearted and set the captive free. Today He’s going to free us from worries and cares. We worship and seek Him. And there is a freedom in Him.
Singing in the spirit. We sing with the words of understanding. And we pray with the understanding. Pray with the Spirit… in the Spirit… by the Spirit.
Good morning. This morning is Thursday morning, but we going to worship His Word and speak some words of  encouragement. Stay with us for this next 30, 40 minutes. You’re going to be lifted up. All the cares and worries are going to fall off. Because what? Say it again! Encouragement.
We glorify Him in this chapel and you glorify in your home, in your office. Because what’s going to happen when we glorify Him? All the enemies flee.
We glorify your name in all the earth. We’re talking about Jesus, whose name we glorify.
We glorify your name everywhere we go. Because your name is honey on our lips.
“But I have this concern. I have this worry.”
Just glorify His name.
It feels good to glorify Him. Not the problems. We’re going to glorify Him, not the problems.
Oh, He sent His Word and healed all your diseases.
Some of you who are listening this morning, watching us, we’re just worshiping. God will bring you solutions for your problems… from sickness to health, from lack to abundance.
He gave us speaking in tongues, worshiping Him in a language we don’t know. He who search the hearts knows the mind of the Spirit. He said He sent His Word and healed your disease.
We worship Him in the tongues, speaking songs and hymns unto Him who sits on the throne and laughs at His enemies. He laughs!
Oh yes, the joy of the Lord is our strength. He laughs, so we can laugh too.
But we want to think about our problems. But I will bless His holy name forevermore.
The name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous run into it. And we are safe.
You know, this is morning prayer. So we are praying in the Spirit. We put on the whole armor of God and pray, pray, pray, and pray some more. We pray all kind of prayer for all the saints, all the people Living Word church. We’re praying all kinds of prayer… healing in the body… financial… relationships…
This morning, I’m going to read what I read this morning that led to me to pray for our children. I read this morning in the Daily Bible. It’s called “The One Year Bible, 365 Days.” This is for the junior high school people like me who need to read every day something.
Today, May 16th, I read Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms. I like this Psalm I read this morning, 112. Praise the Lord. Happy are those who fear the Lord. Happy are those who delight in their children.
This is why God has us praying for children. Their children will be mighty in the land. They will be successful everywhere. The generation of godly people will be blessed. They themselves will be wealthy. Not war.

Sister Cindy…

Somebody who comes to morning prayer, she regularly calls and texts me with “wins, constant wins.” And no matter what, she’ll give me points to pray over. But she’s always telling me the wins. And then shortly after we pray. She’s says, “Glory to God. The doctors are beside themselves.”

We started out today talking about the lips, our lips, that we are constantly speaking God’s Word. That we are gaining strength through God’s Word, His Living Word and His Spirit that breathe through our house, that lift us, encourage us, edify and exhort and glorify Him over every circumstance. Because His Word is “yes and amen.” His Word is true. And we testify before all of heaven, before all of those that breathe out lies and false testimony and we testify to God’s Word and say “it is true.”

So I was sitting there before we started today and I leaned over to DJ and I said, “Every day is a day to glorify God, over all the circumstances.” It should encourage us because we get to see Him show up in those circumstances because we look away from them. We just look to you, Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, the author and finisher of the words that you give us every day, the words that strengthen, confirm, settle, establish us in the way that we should go. We have an anointing and know all things.

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