Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, July 10, 2024

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Pastor Ken…

Good morning. It’s good to be back in the house of the Lord.

God desires to “break out…”

I have a sense this morning, a knowing that God desires to “break out.” He desires to break out in our lives and in our churches and in our nation. He desires to break out in the miraculous, in signs, in wonders, in miracles, in open doors, in answers, in solutions, in provision, in fresh inspiration, in salvation, in baptisms of the Holy Spirit, in direction and strategy for you and for me, and for the church at large.

God works in concert with the church…

But don’t forget that God has set things up and chosen to work in concert or in partnership with the church. There is no shortage of resource, no shortage of answers, no shortage of divine power to do what needs to be done today… this week in your life, in my life, in the house of God, in our nation for that matter. There’s no shortage!

Prayer is a key to this time…

But understand that prayer is a key in this time. Prayer is a key that releases the unlimitedness of God. Prayer is our opportunity to partner with God the Holy Spirit in the performance of God’s divine purpose and plan and will for our lives and for the whole earth. Glory to God.

Praying “into” things…

I’ve learned through the years the importance of praying “into” things, whether I face adversity or there’s an unknown, or I just experience a touch of melancholy or uncertainty. Whatever the case is, whatever the season of life is, there’s an important principle of praying “into” things. And without a doubt, whatever season we find ourselves in as a church, God is inviting us to pray into it, to lean into it.

I take it as a dare from the enemy…

In fact, I take it as a dare from the enemy, whenever he harasses me, whenever I face adversity, I let him know that “Devil, you’re going to regret that you attempted to attack me or my family in some way. Because before this is all said and done, you’re going to be the big loser if you aren’t already a loser, because I’m going to pray through and I’m going to come out on the other side stronger and the will of God and the power of God’s going to be released on a new level.”

It’s an opportunity to use our words…

So if you’re facing a challenge or going through uncertainty and unknowns today, know that God does not tempt, test, or try with evil. That’s what His Word says. He’s a good God, right? I think we can establish that and agree upon that this morning. But it’s the enemy who comes to harass, who comes to lie, who comes to steal, who comes to kill and do all sorts of negative things. But when that occurs, when that crops up in your life, it’s an opportunity for us to pray. It’s an opportunity… let me put it more simply, “to use our words.” When you use the right words, life gets better because God’s created you as a speaking spirit… to speak not just any words. Not just mouth hot air, but to speak His words, to pray His words, to intercede with His words in the spirit, by the spirit and in your understanding. And by doing so, things happen in the spirit dimension.

Your life will get better if you build your prayer life…

As I said, your life will get better if you, as brother Hagin said long ago, “build your prayer life.” And for some of us here, that’s simply what God is saying collectively and individually. Is any afflicted going through a tough time facing challenges and unknowns among you, as the Bible says? Let him pray. Is it that simple? I believe it’s definitely that simple. And prayer just does so many things to solve problems and to deal with the enemy in our lives. The simplicity of prayer and relating to our Heavenly Father all goes back to that. As Pastor Lynne once said, “That’s bottom-line Christianity.” Relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Let me share with you a couple of thoughts this morning…

We’ll read a couple of excerpts here. The first starts with a quote from Acts 1:14 which simply states, “These all (speaking of the early church) continued with one accord in prayer and supplication.” Again, supplication just means a passionate entreaty, bringing a request before God. Jesus told the disciples what he wanted to happen, but it took 10 days of prayer and supplication to pray through this mighty move of God. They knew there was a move coming.”

We know as well, right, that there’s a move coming and on its way, in fact, right now. But again, God’s plan had to be processed through prayer.

God’s plan for our lives has to be processed through prayer.

Not out of our own strength or our own understanding, but out of a yieldedness and a surrender to God the Holy Spirit. Remember, Jesus taught us in His earthly ministry that He wanted us to yoke together with Him. In other words, kind of unite with Him and go at the pace He’s going and go with the strategy that He is utilizing.

He’s speaking some things this morning. What is He saying to you? Take those words, covet those words, curate those words, act on those words, pray those words. God’s here to help us. He’s walking and journeying with us on the earth through the Holy Spirit, through His Word. Helping us now to succeed. Helping us to rise above adversity. Helping us collectively to pray through and to pray into what God wants to do in these coming days and months as we go through 2024.

The church has a job to do in these last days…

Let me read you another excerpt here in regards to understanding the time and the season that we’re in. The church has a job to do in these last days. We are living in the time of the greatest outpouring of the Spirit of God, and there are things God wants and needs to happen to bring His plans to pass. When we understand the times in which we are living, we will know what it is God wants to do. And will be quick to pray and bring His will to pass in the earth. We read in 1st Chronicles 12:32 “And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do.”

That’s one of the things prayer helps us in. It helps us to know what to do. Sometimes we grab hold of it with our understanding. Other times, we just subconsciously do what God wants us to do because we purpose to align and synchronize our hearts and our lives with Him through prayer. That’s one of the most powerful things prayer and a relationship with our Heavenly Father does. It synchronizes us. It aligns us with His heart, His will, His way, so that you can experience extraordinary, for example, moments of favor because you’re at the right place at the right time. Or in another situation, you have the right words to speak on the street to cause somebody’s heart to open up freely to the Gospel to receive the hope of salvation.

So the Bible calls the children of Israel, “men that had understanding of the times.” So know that this morning God, I believe, wants us to have some understanding. He wants to bring clarity. He wants to bring a correctness to our thinking and our speaking and our praying. He wants us to “level up” in our effectiveness in prayer and in spiritual things. He wants us to walk in a new dimension of power.

Do you know that this morning? It’s okay if you feel a sense of “Am I doing the right thing? Am I in the right place?” It’s okay to have this kind of desire for more. That’s your prompt to pray. That’s us as a church, our prompt to pray because there is a wider… there is a deeper… there is a greater you’ve been created for more. We, the church, have been created for more than what we have somehow been lulled into believing that is supposed to be our experience when it comes to church. There’s more.

There’s a whole miraculous realm…

There’s a whole realm in God that He wants to open up to us. There’s nothing holding it back except for us being willing to respond and to give our lives to Him. Give our time to Him. Even just a few minutes here or there, turning ourselves over to Him, saying, “Lord, I’m all yours. Here I am, Lord. What do You want me to do?” Oftentimes it’s just simply praying in the spirit, waiting upon Him, being someone who meditates on the Word of God. The Word is our springboard in most cases… all cases. The Word of God is the Word of God. His life is in His Word. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

There’s more. Don’t get it mixed up. He has more for you. He has more for us as a church. He has more for us as a nation. Divine destiny is in front of us. This is a little, I don’t know, hokey, but the rest of our lives, your life and my life, are going to be the best of our lives, I believe. Do you believe that this morning? Your will and willingness to believe God is crucial. That has never gone away. Even Jesus in His own hometown, the Bible records He could there do no mighty work except to lay His hands on a few sick people with minor ailments because of their unbelief and familiarity.

The familiarity element…

That’s a real contaminating element I believe in the church. This familiarity element. Don’t let yourself get too familiar. Practice being in awe of God, in awe of His Word, of His holiness, of the profoundness and the potency in His promises, in the beauty and the mystery of His Spirit and what He’s capable of doing if we will refuse to be familiar and casual and flippant and instead be curious and in awe of the awesomeness of our God who paid such a high… you can’t even explain the degree of price that He paid to lay down His life and to shed His blood and to make payment that we might know salvation and be adopted into the very family of God and be bestowed upon with the identical privileges that Jesus Himself has Himself. To be given the right to use the name of Jesus. And at that name, the Bible says, every knee shall bow in heaven and earth and under the earth for that matter. You’re a child of God. You’re a son and a daughter of the most high God.

Why, of course, God has called us to pray.
Why, of course, He’s called us to use our words.
Why, of course, He’s called us to simply believe that His hand might be released, that signs and wonders might flow, that buildings might shake.

“What you talking about, Ken? Buildings might shake?”

Well, the last time I read my New Testament, one of the earmarks of prayer meetings in the early churches that the foundations of buildings shook, prison doors flung open, angels showed up with messages and divine assistance. There is nothing impossible to those who will believe.

The enemy is evil, of course. And he’s nasty and he is mean. And he comes to harass and, at times, depress and cause us to feel certain ways. But let that in your mindset be a prompt and a double-dog dare the Devil. “You’re going to wish you hadn’t messed with me today because I’m going to pray.”

And when you begin to cultivate that response and that spiritual habit in your life, the enemy won’t come around so much anymore. He’ll choose his moments wisely because he realizes that you realize you’re a giant in the earth. That you’re a son of God, that you’re a called-out one, assigned to this moment of history to walk out a destiny and a purpose. You and me! Not just somebody in the pulpit or on television that’s a TV preacher in some way. Each of us are of royal blood and priesthood. Let that rise in you this morning. Let there be a holy and bold faith rising in the church in Jesus’ name. That’s a prayer right there… rising in the church, that we would shake off what needs to be shaken off now, including the diabolicalness of some of the postmodern distractions that just seem to like… in some ways I’m convinced that they’re strategized by the enemy… certain things. I won’t name them this morning. (social media.) ha ha ha…  But just diabolical and distracting us, right? And lulling us into a false sense of security and spiritual slumber. The Bible calls us to “wake up!” And to no longer be slothful. That simply means slow to respond.

God wants us to be quick to respond to Him now. Nothing is missing. Nothing is broken in the God realm. All provision has been made. I’m going to quote the Bible this morning: “All things that pertain to life and godliness have already been granted and released and put to the credit of our account. What God’s called us to do has been made available through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. All that’s needed is for it to be released at times through our words and our prayer and the simplicity of our faith.

Do you have something, Cindy, you want to share? Come on up.

Cindy shared…

When I was coming here, I saw a billboard and out of the billboard, the only word I saw was “magnify.” And I had the song playing, “you light up my life” because God had just given me that song. So I was singing it to Him. “You light up my life. We’re never alone. He’s always with us.” But that billboard, as I was singing the song, the magnify, magnify and magnify… that’s what God wants right now. We have to magnify Him with our lives.

Some of you are stuck…

And I saw some of you, and some of you online even, and you’re stuck in these places of complacency and you’re stuck and you’re following your same routine, your same thing every day. And you got to break free.

I saw also it was Jesus in us. And He was saying, “I only do what I see the Father do and I only say what I hear Him say.” And that’s how He wants us right now. We are to magnify Him with our lives. There should be no other agenda. There can be no other agenda right now. It’s that crucial. Because the time’s so short.

For you online, I saw some of you and you’re so stuck. And you have to just go to God in prayer and say, “Unstick me. Break off whatever’s there that’s holding me and hindering me.” It’s the enemy! He wants to keep you bound. But we’re free. So walk in the freedom. I pray that for you all. Walk in the freedom that Jesus died to give us. Hallelujah. And magnify Him. Because as I was singing, “You light up my life, God. You light up my life.” And He’s all we need. You light up my life, God. And I saw the chains breaking. It’s about magnifying Him. The chains are going to come off. Magnify! Magnify! Magnify! Just get that word into you. Speak that over you. Magnify Him. He’s all we need. Magnify God.

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