Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, July 9, 2024

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Pastor Susan…

Good morning, everybody. Welcome to morning prayer. We’re just going to start worshiping and we just want to usher in the presence of the Lord in this place.


The Spirit is calling… moving… calling across the state… across a city… across the nation… to the nations.
Come, all who are weary. Come and drink of salvation. Come and be blessed. Come and be helped. Come and find your home, your family.
Thank you, Father, for turning… Oh, there’s a turning. You’re moving. You’re moving and there’s a turning as hearts.
We lift up hearts that are turning to you.
For some, it’s turning to You the first time. For some, it’s turning back to you. Those that have turned away, those that have fallen away. But there’s a turning because you’re calling…
The Spirit of the living God is calling, “Come, come, come, come.”
Come to the Lord. Come back to your roots. Come to God. Oh, come back to the Word. Come back to life. Oh, come to salvation. Come, come, come. The Spirit is calling. Come all that are weary… those that are confused, those that are fearful, those that are lost. Oh, come and be found… found in Him. Found in Christ.
And so, Father, we call for those who are in darkness right now. We call and say, “Come to the glorious light.”
Come to Jesus where your sins are washed away where you become a new creature in Christ.
There’s hope for you. Come, come, come and be free.
Father, we come together in this place and we begin to pray now for the lost all over the world… those that don’t know you, those that need Jesus, those that are on their way to hell.
Father, that’s not what you created for them. You created heaven. You’ve made a way. And so we call them to the way today. We call them out of darkness and into the glorious light. Father, we pray for them… the lost in our communities… Father, we lift them up to you this morning.
Father, you’re waiting for the harvest with patience. And so, Father, we pray for that harvest. And we pray that your Word would speed on and rapidly.
Oh, Father, how can they know if no one tells them… If they don’t hear that there is Jesus, that there is salvation, that there is redemption, that you love them, how can they know?
And so, Father, we pray they would come into the know and that your church would be on the go.
Being your hands, your feet, your messengers, being your delivers, delivering of that message to them.
Pour out your Spirit, Lord, like never before…
We pray for nations and cities to come to God. I’m reminded how can they unless your Word is speeding on and spreading rapidly…
People have to know. They have to know. We’ve been given a message so that people would know, and so Father, we pray for the Gospel message, that it wouldn’t be weak, that it wouldn’t be watered down, that it wouldn’t be silenced. We pray that the Gospel message would be amplified.
And how is that amplified? It is amplified through your church.
And so, Father, we pray for the lifting up and the activation of your church that we wouldn’t just be sitting idly by, but activated, doing what you have called us to do, taking the message of Christ into our world, into our communities, into our workplaces, into the nations of the world.
Oh, Father, we pray that what you are doing would be fueled. And through our prayers this morning, we’re pouring fuel on the fire.
No longer bound and held back by fear of repercussions, fear of what others might think or say. But Father, that with all boldness…
Father, we’re asking for boldness in this day and hour for your church to proclaim your Word. Boldness to teach your Word. Boldness to share our testimonies. Boldness to step out in faith and obey you. A boldness that comes from knowing you.
We need you to bring us back to our roots in God… in God we trust. Back to your Word. Your Word is truth. Your Word is life.
Jesus said, I am the way. I am the truth. I am the life. There is no other way.
That’s not a popular message in the world today, but it’s true. Jesus is the only way.
Oh, Father, a turning. We pray for a turning in the church, turning back to our roots. Turning back to you. Turning back to the Word that we would not draw our belief system from anywhere but your Word.
Father, we pray about the beliefs in your church… that we would believe you, we would believe God, we would believe the scripture.
We pray for that exalting of the Word… that your Word would be exalted, not the word of others, not popular opinion, not the word of the media. But, Father, we pray that your Word would be exalted.
Because that’s the only way it can triumph in people’s hearts and lives… that’s how nations are changed… how cities are changed… how families are changed… It’s through your Word being lifted up.
So Father, we pray to go back to our roots. We’re to be rooted and grounded in you, not in the world, in you, not in the beliefs of the world.
We pray for the lifting up and the exalting of your Word. Oh, that we would love the Word. And we would look to the Word for our direction… as our light… your Word is a lamp unto our feet.
We look to your words of truth as our guide, as our wisdom, as our source of truth is the light of our life. It’s Jesus. He is the Word. If we love Jesus, then we love the Word, because the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was with God, but the Word became flesh and He dwelt among us. If we love Jesus, we love the Word. If we love the Word, we love Jesus.
Your word is a firm foundation under our feet and we will not be shaken… will not be shaken by the storms, by the floods, by the winds that come because we’re built upon the rock. We’re built upon the Word. We are established in the truth.
We pray for this church. We pray for the churches across the country, around the world.
Father, we pray that Christians in all these churches in the body of Christ, there would be an establishing… a footing. People wouldn’t be confused. They wouldn’t be stumbling. They wouldn’t be going to the left or to the right, but, Father, they would have that firm footage. Stability, as it says in Ephesians, that’s produced by the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word of God.
Father, we pray for stability in the church where there’s been all kinds of stuff going on. But when we stay on the Rock, when we stay footed on the truth of your Word, it keeps us from falling… from stumbling.
Father, we pray for the church and for church leaders all over the world, all the pastors, the prophets, the evangelists, the teachers, the apostles. We pray for steadfastness, for the firm footed stability that comes from your Word.
If any have moved off of your Word, we pray they would come back to the truth of your Word. We pray for leaders to be strong on the solid foundation of your Word.
Father, we pray for eyes to be open to see, for ears that have been plugged up and stopped up to be open, to hear, to perceive, to rightly divide your Word and to hear what the Spirit is saying.
Everything comes back to the foundation… You are big on foundations. You are the foundation layer from the very beginning you had a plan. Before there was time, you had a plan. You planned what would go on during the ages… you’ve always had a plan, and there’s always been a foundation to that plan. There’s a foundation to our lives. There’s a foundation to a church and to a ministry. There’s always a foundation, Lord.
Oh, Father, thank you for foundations. The foundations that are crumbling would be shored up. That they would be repaired. Father, we ask you to intervene and to move where foundations are crumbling, where foundations have been under attack. We pray for that shoring up of foundations.
Father, we ask that you strengthen the mission to reach the lost through evangelism, through the sharing of testimonies, through church planting.
Father, strengthen the work of your hand today because foundations matter. The wise man built his house on the rock but the foolish man built his house on the sand.
We pray for wise builders in this time, where truth is under attack, where truth is being marginalized, where darkness is trying to overcome light.
We thank you, Father, for the United States of America. We pray about the elections, the way the country’s going. We just lift up our nation before you. We give thanks that this nation was on your radar. This nation was birthed by your plan and established by your hand. And you’ve given us a destiny as a nation. And, Father, we take that destiny very seriously. And so this morning we lift up the United States of America. We pray for the mission, the assignment that you’ve given us as a nation, that we would fulfill that as a people.
Others in days gone by have done their part, but it’s time for us to do our part. We pray that there would be a shift, there would be a change. And that we would be a beacon of light. You created us and you birthed us, and you formed us that we would carry light. And so we pray that there would be a turning back to our roots in God. We trust in God.
Let’s pray about that turning. There’s a need to turn. And so we pray about that turning and that there would be a fueling of that turning back to the Lord… not just little stirrings here and there. We’re asking you for a sweep over this nation of people coming back to God.
Father, we’re asking you to intervene and to do what only you can do. Only you can open eyes… And we’re asking you to do that. Where there’s been gross darkness, we’re asking for a turning. We’re asking for your mercy.
We lift up the offices of authority in this nation, and we pray you would fill these offices with men and women who make their hearts and their ears attentive to you. I don’t care what party they are in, I just want them to listen to you. I want them to have a heart after you, a heart that’s open to you, a heart that that is receptive to you, a heart that will work with you.
Father, we pray that those that set themselves against you and are obstinate, we ask that you move them out of their positions in the name of Jesus and replace them with men and women whose hearts are open to you. Hearts that will work with you.

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