Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, October 15, 2020

Pastor Ray…

Hallelujah. Good morning. There’s something I need to do first; it’s something I saw this morning. First, I’ll just read to you Psalm 66:16–20.

16 “Come and hear, all you who reverently and worshipfully fear God, and I will declare what He has done for me! 17 I cried aloud to Him; He was extolled and high praise was under my tongue. 18 If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me; 19 But certainly God has heard me; He has given heed to the voice of my prayer. 20 Blessed be God, Who has not rejected my prayer nor removed His mercy and loving-kindness from being [as it always is] with me.”

Or we can say what with us. Amen? Okay. This is something from Jack Coe. You’ve maybe read some things about him and he had huge tent meetings in the 40s and50s. I mean, absolutely beautiful miraculous things took place through his ministry. And this book is “Curing the Uncurable.” That’s the title of this book. I just happened to see it this morning. I think I bought it in 2009. I just never had time to look at it. And so I just popped it open. And this is what I saw about prayer. So he said “Jesus needed to teach His disciples how to pray.” So it’s what they thought prayer was, and they needed help with it. “So what they thought it was really did not qualify as genuine prayer before God. So Jesus had to show them by His example and model how prayer should be practiced. So if you’re going to pray to receive results…” Yes, we are. We’re going to pray to receive results. Amen. So if you’re going to do that, this is what he says.

“One of the first things you have to do is tear up your prayer list.” Oh Lord. But I’ve got this whole list and I just go over it every day. So he goes, “You know, the prayer list, that’s a mile long asking God to gimme, gimme, gimme. And once God gives you what you’ve been asking for, He won’t hear from you anymore until you want something else from Him.” Oh boy! “If you think that’s prayer, you haven’t really prayed. So he goes, “Many people possibly even including you, me have been praying for God to do something for more than 15 years and haven’t seen it answered.

Because of that, you can get discouraged. I’m here to tell you that if you will begin to pray through and combine your prayer with heartfelt praise for God, He will tell you what to pray for. He also will tell you how to pray for it. And it’s at this point that you will receive everything you ask for.”

Hmm. “And more,” who wants that? Yes! “So you might be thinking, ‘Well, brother Coe, you must be teaching the people shouldn’t pray.’ I’m not advocating anything like that. The Bible says in Luke 18:1, “And he speak a parable unto them to this end that men ought always to pray and not faint.” In other words, give up or quit. “However, our prayer should be primarily praise. “In other words, if in prayer we praise God in advance for what we’re believing for Him to do for us or in our lives, then we’ll receive what we desire.” You know, get out, have a thankful heart, praise Him, “thank Him in advance before we even see what.” Well, actually now what he’s saying is He’ll show us what to pray for and when, so we’re not wasting our time on some other things. “So if you want God to save your wayward children, don’t beg God to save them. Just start praising God in your prayer as if it’s already done and you will have what’s you’re praising God about!” I like that. I totally love that.

“Get out of the begging mode and into the praising mode. Stop asking God to give you more money, a husband, a wife, a new car. It’s like these, these things are really not that difficult to get. In fact, you really don’t need God to get most material things. If you want a new car, all you have to do is manage your money well enough and save for a decent down payment. And you can get any car that you desire.” I mean, he’s telling it like it is.

“If you desire a husband prepare yourself spiritually, emotionally, and physically, and he will notice you. Who? The husband to be. Stop whining and complaining about what you don’t have. Act as if you already have received it and it will be yours.” Does that sound too simple? No, it is simple, but we don’t always do it like that. We don’t always do it that way. Of course, “Mark 11:23, 24, ‘For verily, I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, be thou cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, what things soever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them.’ The Bible says that you need to believe that ye received.” You got to believe it, right? We’ve got to believe it.

He says, “You may ask. Well, but, um, brother Coe, how can I believe that I receive when I don’t see what I believe for in front of me? Well, that’s where praise comes into the picture. When you praise God for what you cannot see. It  (what you cannot see) becomes real.”

We just did this the other day. We just started praising Him and praising Him and praising Him until we got out of our minds. We got over into the realm of the spirit where we can actually see things being manifested before our eyes right here on this earth. All right.

“Every time you praise God for what will be, you are acting like you’ve already received it. God honors that kind of faith. The more you praise Him, the more He’ll produce for you. Instead of saying, ‘well, God, I can’t pay my bills. My rent is due, and I just don’t have enough money.’ Say, ‘Lord, I thank You for providing me with the necessary finances to meet all my needs. You are the supplier of everything that I need and desire. And I thank You for it right now.” Instead of saying ‘I’m so sick, Lord, please heal my tired body.’ Say ‘I thank You right now, Father, for being the healer that You are. I thank You for providing me with impeccable health. I thank You that my health is better than it has ever been. And it is only going to get better from this point on.’ That’s the deal! Every day is getting better. All right, so this is a great statement.

He says, at the end of this paragraph. “So when you, when you begin to praise God for what you desire, your desires will no longer be desires, but will become reality for you.” Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! I know we all know this, but we don’t always do it. Some people think that God actually makes them sick. Well, that’s another huge lie. There’s no way.

So Miss Annie, what do you think. Is praise only running around the building and jumping and hollering? No. What do you think about it?

Annie shared…

Praise is continually acknowledging who He is and who He is to me and who He is in me. No matter what I see!

In every minute, right? Especially the minutes where things go wrong. Hey, whatever! He is who He is. And He is who He is in me. So I always have the victory, no matter what I see!

Pastor Ray…

And no matter what I think. We have the victory! We’re keeping our eyes on it, right? We have victory. We have to keep focused in on it or else the things that are happening around us could tamp that down. But we’re not about to be “tamped down.” We’re being lifted up… lifted up beyond what we see around us. Hallelujah!

What about if we just can’t feel Him, His presence? We’re not to go by our feelings. What about if we can’t actually see it? We keep praising Him and we will receive it, whatever it is. Amen.

Okay let’s just lift Him up some. I want it to be like this. When he talked that about a list, I thought, you know, I could make a list a mile long of just the things I know in my mind… the things I know and see it with my eyes, I can make a super, super long list and just go down that list. Not that we can’t have a list. I mean, there are things, of course, that we lift up every day. Do you pray for your pastors every day? That’s so important. Pastor Mac and Lynne, we hold them up. We do this individually, but for us here at Living Word, pastor Mac and Lynne, we hold them up. We lift them up. I always like to see it, like I’m, I don’t know I’m on there together and I’m on one side or I’m right behind him, encouraging them with the Word that the vision shall come to pass. It does not necessarily matter what it looks like today, but we know that things are changing and turning and being rearranged and things are shifting. We hold them up. We lift up Pastor Mac and Lynne, we declare over them the blessings of God almighty today. What they’ve been called to do, you shall do, and it shall be fulfilled for you in Jesus’ name. We cover them with the precious Holy blood of the lamb. And we declare that whatever they set your hands unto, there’s prosperity there, overcoming there. Hallelujah. We lift them up and declare the joy of the Lord is your strength. We send out a supply of the Holy Spirit, and believe for them to be so filled that they’ll be so overflowing with Him. Power from heaven, the anointing of the precious Holy Spirit of God almighty. Thank You for it.

We set ourselves in agreement to pray over pastors. We lift up pastors in the name of Jesus that they’ll fulfill what the Holy Spirit or what God almighty has put inside of them to fulfill, to do, to carry out. Now in these days. Critical days, critical hours, critical times. Hallelujah. Thank you. Thank You for an abundance of grace and for peace that passes all understanding, the anointing that’s ever there, that it’s increasing more and more every day. Thank You. Hallelujah. All right, Annie, go ahead.

Annie led group in worship…

♪ Praise You Lord, praise You. Praise you, Lord. ♪

Jeannie shared…

So when Ray was talking about praise and calling things that are not as though they were, that’s how our country was founded. It was the people that wanted to worship God the way they wanted to worship God. And if I remember correctly, in the beginning, the enemy would go after what they called the black cult militia and the black cult militia were the ministers that were preaching freedom to the people. So the British would, would go after the ministers that were telling the people they were born to be free. That was the founding of America. That was the founding of our country. People knew they were here and they were born with a God-given right to be free. And now the church stands up again for our God-given right to be free. And even when the next great awakening, the church will not relax it’s hold on freedom.

The church is rising up because she won’t go by the way it looks, she will go by what God is saying. That we are here and born to be free. So if the Son sets you free, then become a true son and be unquestionably free. So we say to the Church, “the Son has set you free.” We say to the church all over the world, the Son has set you free. Then identify as a Son of God and be unquestionably free… free to stand for freedom. Free to contend for freedom. If there was ever a time to contend for freedom, that would be now. No more waiting. No more debating. The answer is freedom! And the only way we attained freedom is to look to the One that freed us. The Church, I declare right now, the Church is rising up like she’s never, ever risen up before… the sleeping giant awake! The glorious church, the glorious church.

You set me free from captivity and now I’m standing complete, ready to fight some more. I’m saying this to me. I’m saying this to you. The passion translation of Psalms 18:36. You’ve set me free from captivity and now I’m standing complete, ready to fight some more. Father, we praise You, that you’ve set us free from captivity. And now, because of You, we stand complete. We rise up and stand complete and we say that we are ready to fight some more. We say that the time has already begun. We say the time is already coming for the standing church, the church that stands in You because she’s complete.

I tell religion to “Shut up.” It’s time for religion to be crushed under our feet. It’s time for freedom. For people to be free to be who they are without other believers judging them. That’s got to die. You know when Jesus was here, man rightly related to God. The one thing He hated wasn’t the sinner, it was the religious. I’m repenting of religion. How about you? Freedom is riskier than religion. But it’s way more fun to be free. Father, we just thank You. We free the Church to be the Church… to be happy… to be sad and then be comforted. Hope deferred has to go and hope rising up has coming now. We are people of overflow. Walking fountains of glory and hope everywhere. You Father have set us free from captivity and now we are standing complete. And now we are ready to fight some more. We occupy, we occupy.

Pastor Ray…

You know what stood out? “We are ready to fight.” We’re not ready to lay down or quit. I saw something in my spirit just before Jeannie came up. The first thing I saw was the flag. Then I saw the flag begin to melt. And I opened up my eyes and the flag was lined up under the cross. It was like the cross, the flag, and it began to melt and it turned into the blood of Jesus Christ! And at the bottom of the flag was the United States of America! Covered in the blood! Like Jeannie said, “victory is in the blood of Jesus.” In that blood as a nation, we’ve overcome. I’m praising God right now for the victory that this nation is electing godly leaders.

So this morning, we see that power of the precious blood of the Lamb over America, covered in the blood from all the way across the top of America, we put that line or… the blood of the Lamb across the northern borders in Jesus’ name all the way over from the east to the west. From the north to the south, the blood of Jesus is over America. We praise You for the blood. We thank you for what was done through the blood… we’ve overcome as a nation. And that cross that was put in the soil way back then caused us to triumph, caused us to walk in victory. We’ve had victory after victory, after victory, and we praise You for it, but we’re praising you ahead into our futures. For the covering for the victory, for the anointing to press on and call the things that are not as though they were… We declare victory before, or we even see it. But when we keep thanking and praising Him for it, we begin to take hold of it. Not just for us individually. But corporately together. (tongues) Yeah, we’re on the move.  We command some things to line up right now in Jesus’ name. It’s time for situations to line up. The numbers are adding completely up for victory in Jesus. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord. Thank You for the blood.

So we’ll keep entering on in… entering into greater days…  some things they’ll look brand new, never been seen… doors… pathways… steps… Busting through, breaking out and breaking through… We command some things to move… we command some things to begin to turn to an even greater degree in the name of Jesus today… We humble ourselves before heaven… stable, absolutely fixed on what we know and what we can see by the spirit of the living God… we call those things forth… we speak over every detail concerning those… momentum, where it comes to finances… momentum, where it comes to restoration in every way… changing some things absolutely around… being more aware of things than we’ve ever been… so the spirit of seeing and the spirit of knowing will be in greater operation in you and in me… Oh my hallelujah…. Thank You, Lord… You did it then, You’ll do it again… You brought us through there in you’ll bring us through now… oh, the blood of Jesus…

Annie led group in singing about the blood of Jesus…

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