Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, January 10, 2018

Mary led group in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

I read this morning John 9 in the Message Bible. It’s about the blind man. I love what Jesus said. He’s just walking down the street and he saw a blind man, blind since birth. His disciples asked, “Rabbi, who sinned? This man or his parents, causing him to be born blind? His answer was, “You’re asking the wrong question. You’re looking for someone to blame. There’s no such cause and effect here. Look, instead, for what God can do. A lot of times, we get off on wondering “why did that happen.” We spend more time trying to figure out why something happened and we should be spending more time doing what He said to do here. Look instead for what God can do.”

I love it. If you follow it, this is where He puts mud in the eyes of the blind man and told him to dip in the water. The man went… he washed… and he saw. We go… we’re washed by the blood… and we see. Sometimes we don’t see as much as we should, but He’s given us His strength, His power, the anointing. Thank You, Lord, that we see, we go, we do, we hear, we know, we flow with You. And just like Jesus here was directed from heaven to put mud on this man’s eyes so that he could see, we believe we hear from heaven today and we’ll do what You’re calling us to do. All the way through. Paul went all the way to the end. Jesus, for sure, went all the way to the cross. He didn’t stop before He got there. He didn’t quit. He didn’t give in. He didn’t go another way. He did what the Father called Him to do. Because of His obedience, we’re free, we’re delivered, we’re healthy, we’re wealthy. Things are happening on the good side. The way has been prepared. We’ve already overcome because Jesus overcame for us. So we take our place in victory… victory for us and for our country. Victory for our states. Victory everywhere. Talking about making America great, we see it… America walking in victory. Revival. Wholeness. Health in every state!


Thank You for our leaders that they lead in the right way
We plead the blood of Jesus over them… that it will go well with us…
That we would prosper and do what He’s called us to do

Erika shared…

[Shared prophecy by Pasty Cameneti.]
This prophecy is kind of regarding this place, Minneapolis, Mn. We know through the years, many prophecies have come forth regarding Living Word Christian Center and her place in the body of Christ, what she’s called to do. There are calls upon churches and the specific call, or the anointing of God, that’s on them has to come forth in these days. One of the greatest anointings that’s been prophesied about this church is regarding prayer and her place in the spirit. So this prophecy is a little bit about that and then we will pray about these things.

Patsy Cameneti
Living Word Christian Center
June 24, 2004

It is a chosen place. Aha, yeah, this city [Minneapolis] is a chosen place. And this place is a chosen place to influence the city that has been destined by God’s grace.

And so the trends of darkness, the trends that would seem to characterize places are to be changed. New trends, new trends.

Coming in like a the flood, the enemy has come, come in this way and come in that way to weaken. And cause a decadence that has almost that would weaken, weaken the city. But, oh, where the enemy comes in like a flood, enter this way, and enter that way and enter through this way and enter that way to weaken, to weaken, to weaken. Oh, the Spirit of the Lord raises up a standard. And the standard is none other than His own image. His own will that He has ordained in heaven and He has ordained that, that will be carried out on the earth. And it is to be carried out here.

And a way is made. Many will walk in that way. Many saying, “Oh there is hope, there is hope. I was so confused but in His will, His way, His image there is much light.”

And that light will drive away, oh no, not you using your efforts to drive away, the light drives away the darkness. And as the light becomes greater and the light becomes more intense because there is no confusion about the will of God. And as that will becomes more defined upon the earth, that (light) like laser will drive and will cut impenetrable as it would seem darkness. Those things that have seemed to be barriers over whole groups of what is to be harvest, will be cut by the light. The light will do the work. And oh, great intensity it will cut through things that have brought people into bondage in their minds. Walls, barriers that have kept out the light will be broken by the light. And the light will flood in not just to an individual here or there, the light will flood into whole groups of people.

For the light is growing lighter in these days and He’s ordained it and it is so and He is causing us to come up into the full image of Christ so we will not just stand as Christ on the earth, we will walk and we will move and we will operate as the body of Christ in the earth.

And the gates of hell will not be able to hold out against it. And so in days of old as it were, people took cities, yeah, that is that, that God has ordained to happen in this day and time. Cities are to be taken. The name of Christ to be spoken and to be worshiped and to be glorified in a city. And from a city, a voice calling to God as one and God responding to that voice. Not like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah when He heard a cry from that city that cried for judgment, but a cry from the city and a voice from the city that cries out for blessing and cries out for glory and God will glorify a place and His presence will be known not just in places designated for His presence in the city, but oh in the city.

And know your asking has been in His will. Ask for He has a way and it is His way. And so these things will be for His glory and so that His name will be glorified and not defamed through man but will be glorified and His name will be named and claimed through man. So this is a day to rejoice in the work of the cross, in the work of redemption for in that work, the image of God, the purpose of God, the way of God and the very image of God is made available and restored to man. So man will walk up in it, mankind will walk up in it. Each fulfilling what they are ordained to do and working with the Holy Ghost to bring to pass the will of God, not only in church, but in the world around.

There’s a strong state right here. This church, and reverberating out from this place, a voice from this place… oh yes, to the world. And strong places in the world, but Minneapolis-St. Paul, I lift up Minneapolis-St. Paul and the principle men of the city.

It is phenomenal. Yeah, grace upon them. Hallelujah. Minneapolis. Minneapolis. Minneapolis. Minneapolis, a strong city. Hallelujah. Let’s say that: “Minneapolis is a strong city for God. Minneapolis is a strong instrument in the hand of God.” Let’s just thank Him for it.

Grace abounding in this city. A light. This church is a light in the city. This city is a light in the state. Amen. Hallelujah!

It’s a strong light, a strong light.


Father, we thank You that Your Word has gone forth concerning this city and this ministry
Ministries have calls upon them in these days
Individuals will arise up in that light… they’ll no longer be hidden under a bushel… they will fling that off… no longer covered…no longer unsure… no longer confused… no longer in a dilemma about what the call is and how to execute and implement the call
Clarify those plans and purposes… speak to Your people
Believers to step out without fear… love will cast out fear and bring about trust factor… we call for implicit obedience in the body of Christ… the desire to serve You is increasing in the body of Christ…
Expansion and revelation knowledge concerning you involving in families…
We call for a dramatic change in the educational system of this stand and this nation
Christian schools demonstrate Your Word and spirit… not ashamed of the Gospel
The great awakening… this nation awakening to its foundation
An enlargement in every way
Father, if that means that we must bend the knee and repent, we do so
We repent for abdicating and not being as strong and bold and sure of Your Word and call upon us
Father, we ask You to forgive us and we receive your cleansing… the precious blood
With that cleansing comes a forgetting of the past and moving forward into the future endowed by the Spirit, filled with the Holy Ghost and fire in these last days
We will endure and finish the call of God on our lives
Thank You for the privilege and opportunity of living during this time
Supply of the spirit being released in a new and fresh way
We esteem the gift of God in others
We lift up President Trump and his family, all the staff and cabinet members and apply the blood of Jesus over them
No weapon or plot no conspiracy of the enemy, no strategy, no plan shall prosper
We loose ministering spirits to go and watch, guard, guide and protect them
Encompass them in the name of Jesus to do all the will of God
Your Word is going forth in the White House… once again, it is being washed in the word
Your Word has free course in the White House
The President is growing continually in the knowledge of Your will… understanding and light
That he understands and knows and walks in accordance with the anointing of God upon his life
That anointing is upon him and it is cleaning out the swamp in Jesus’ name
Grant him wisdom on how to negotiate and navigate and work thru things
Give him strength, Lord
Thank You for the changes going forth in every way

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