Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, April 29, 2022

Sister Cindy opens…

Group worships the Lord…

We thank you, Father, for your goodness, for everything that you have for us today.

We give you the first thoughts, the first inclinations of our heart today. We lift our souls to you.

A word came forth…

“You will have trouble but be of good cheer, I have overcome it. Stay with Me. Abide in Me. Let Me fill you up today. Let Me fill your tank with good. Let Me overflow through you…”


We are your feet. We are your hands. We declare over our day. There’s nothing missing today. There’s nothing broken today. Good things are flowing out from our full cup of blessing. We are blessed in heavenly places with you in Christ Jesus.

There’s so much joy overflowing rooted in your love, seated in your power and authority…

Speaking to things and people everywhere from our place of hearing you and yielding to you in everything, bearing your fruit and becoming who we really are. We’re in Christ. We’re in the anointed one and His anointing … and the same power that raised Christ from the dead is flowing through us today.

Let them say, God, you’re truly among them with signs and wonders and great happenings here on the earth …

Let it be, Father, that the decree of our hearts today as we start this day, prepared because we take our place with you and speak out those things over our day.

Lord, I might not know the details, but I know what it is that’s coming forth… goodness, goodness. Wherever we go, we expect goodness

Sister Cindy shared quote from book, “The Book of Mysteries,” by Jonathan Cahn

I was seeking the Lord about what to share. This is from a really good devotion. I’m going to read day five, and it has to do with appointing your days. This is a book by Jonathan Cahn. It’s called “The Book of Mysteries.” Every day he’s got a little teaching and it’s kind of a dialogue between the teacher and the student.

And it says, “We’ve spoken of the year before you, said the teacher. Today, we will speak of the days before you. What will the days yet to come bring to your life?

How could I know that, I replied. I don’t really have a say in the matter.

But what if you did?


It is written, teach us to number our days. What does that mean?

And the student says, “That our days are limited and so it’s wise to number them?”

And the teacher says “That’s correct.”

And it is the first meaning of the scripture. But in the original language is a secret and the secret can change your life. And days or the days of your life in the Hebrew, it says teach us to manna our days. The same word manna appears in the book of Jonah where it is written that God manna’s a fish, a worm, and a wind.

Then manna must mean more than number.

It does. It means to prepare and to a point. So you must not only number your days. You must learn to prepare your days, to appoint your days.

What does that mean?

It means that you’re not just to watch and wait passively to see what your days will bring. You’re to prepare them.

How can I prepare my days before they happen?

How did the first days happen in the beginning? They didn’t just happen. Before they existed, God prepared them. He appointed them. He purposed them. So if you’re a child of God, you must do likewise.


Prayer. Praying for days that don’t yet exist. Prayer isn’t only for what is, but for what is not yet.

But I can’t determine what will happen.

It doesn’t matter what happens. All the details I leave that to God. It’s in His court. But I just expect good. I expect it. I sit with God in heavenly places. I allow Him to give me words. But He’s given me His word. He says that He knows the end from the beginning. And He said “My thoughts towards you are good to give you an expected end.”

Cindy continued…

Okay, we expect good to come today from our place in heavenly places with Christ, we start our day out that way. Sometimes I would wake up and all of a sudden, I would be swirling. “What do I need to do? Oh my gosh, what time is it? Am I going to be late? I’ve got to do this. I’ve got to do that.” And then the Lord was gracious with me and He’s like “Shhh!” I’m like, yeah, that’s not really wisdom, is it? I should give you the first thoughts of my day.

I lift my eyes to God and I say, “Lord, do you know how awesome you are? I just want to acknowledge that you created everything. Wow. And you maintain everything. Wow. And you uphold everything. If you were to step away from anything, it would cease to exist.”

So, Hmm. Maybe you’re in my trouble. You’re right there. Right there.

He says He makes darkness His secret hiding place. And when Moses was on the mountain and the children of Israel said, “No, no, we’re not going to go there. We’re going to have you speak for us.” But Moses went into the dark places with God. Okay. So it’s all the same to Him. Darkness and light are the same. He’s amazing. He has a purpose and plan for everything. Even when it looks like it ain’t good. He’s there.

So, Father, at the beginning of the day, I just magnify and exalt you over everything. Nothing holds sway, nothing rocks my boat, nothing makes me to tremble with fear. I start out my day that way. And I say, thank you, Father. You are so good and amazing. And I thank you that I speak over my day. And I say it is good and we are agreeing together and my eyes are wide open to see all that you have prepared for me.

And I’m like seeing things that look kind of like haywire and I’m like “Where are you, Lord?” This is exciting because it’s almost like a precursor to something wonderful. It’s a cue actually to His glory because why would it be dark out there? Something’s trying to hinder what God is doing. And I don’t choose to agree with that. I choose to agree that good because I appoint my day. Good is going to come from this.

And it doesn’t matter what happens. You appoint your days in God to bring what is good. You consecrate them for the purpose of God. And then you use your days to accomplish those purposes. Don’t let your days determine your life. Let your life determine your days. And don’t let your days go by. Prepare them.

So tomorrow when you wake up, don’t swirl. Just take those few moments and take a deep breath and tell the Lord that He is your all in all. He is the one that upholds you. He’s the one who causes you to prevail. And He is awesome and mighty, and we glorify Him over everything.

And then appoint your day. Say it is good. I declare this day to be good. Everything that you have… and He has prepared all kinds of good things. And I won’t pass by it and fail to recognize it. God give me eyes to see it. Give me ears to hear what you’re doing. That I might speak out those words in season to people who are weary and needing to be watered. So don’t let your days go by. Prepare them that they might be vessels, that they might become vessels of blessing and life. Appoint your day.

So at the bottom, there’s a little mission. “Prepare the days ahead. Set them apart. Commit them into God’s hands and appoint them for the fulfilling of His purpose.”

Group continued to worship…

The Lord will give you words to speak over people, to draw out what God has placed in them.

Because of the world is discouraging enough …

But we bring forth the life.

For we are trees of righteousness… abiding in His living Word… and we bear fruit… low hanging beautiful to the eye to be desired fruit of life. That everybody passing by would easily be able to partake of that life. Cindy…

I wrote down some of the things that Leif said about chair one and chair two. And if you didn’t hear the service on Friday, you might want to go and listen to that. But he talked about the three chairs. Chair number one is life. Chair number two is right and wrong. Turn your number three is the world.

But chair number one, you’re anointed. Chair number two, you’re annoying. And you’re pointing your finger at people and you’re coming from a place of fear. And you’re coming from a place of love when you’re in chair number one.

But chair number one, you’re pretty prophetic. And you’re a number two, you’re pretty pathetic.

Number one, you have freedom. Chair number two, you have fear.

Chair number one is like an open heaven, like Bethel, but chair number two is like babble. And what did they do? They were building their way up to heaven. We don’t have to do that. We have been made right in Christ. And like the Word says, you don’t have to go across the sea to find it or cross land. It’s near you. It’s in your mouth. It’s the word of life. It’s God in us. And He’s given us a chair to sit in. A chair of love, a chair of freedom, a chair of Bethel, open heaven, an anointed chair, a prophetic chair where we speak out what He is giving us. He gives us words. Isn’t it wonderful that we would have a word to speak in season to somebody to lift them up out of that chair two and into you?

In chair one, you have a covenant relationship. In chair two, you have a convenient relationship. If it’s convenient, maybe I’ll do what God wants me to do. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do it if it’s convenient. In chair number two, you have a robe of righteousness. You’re saved. But in chair one, you have a ring. It’s a covenant ring and you’re not your own. You’ve been bought with a price. His words and the thoughts that He has for you are good to give you an expected end. So why wouldn’t you listen to Him? Why wouldn’t you do what He said to do? Why wouldn’t you give your life to Him and lay down your life that He might lift it up?

In chair number one, God is magnified. God is so big and awesome. In chair two, Goliath is big and scary and dangerous.

In chair number one, with God nothing is impossible and there’s abundance and freedom. And you’re never at a lack or loss because He’s our all and all. In chair two, there’s like limited amount and you better be watching your back because if somebody gets more, you get less.

So we take our identity in seat number one. We are not orphans. We are sons and daughters of the Most High. Hallelujah.

DJ led group in worship…

Sister Barb…

As soon as you started talking about the bread, the Holy Spirit took me right back to the children of Israel when they were in the wilderness and they wanted some bread. And so God said, “Okay, I’m going to provide for you.” And He sent manna on the land and all they had to do was go out and pick it up. They didn’t have to go out every day and say, “Lord, where’s the manna? We need manna today.” He said, “I’ll send the manna. All you have to do is go get it.”

And you know, our bread, Jesus Christ, He came… that healing bread. So all we have to do is go get it. What do we do? We just reach out and we take it. We reach out and we receive. So it’s not a difficult thing. We don’t have to work something up. We don’t have to beg God for something. He says, “Here it is. Today’s the day of salvation. You just go ahead and you pick it up. It’s yours.” And what did He say? “Take as much as you need for you and your family. Go ahead, take it for yourself. Take it for your family. You receive that healing.”

Because the enemy … you’re praying about the voices… the enemy wants to silence the people of God. So when you start praying about this physical throats, I felt the Holy Spirit wanted to pray for people whose voices have been silenced.


So we lift them up to you, Father, in the name of Jesus, every part, every person in your body that the enemy has tried to silence, tried to shut down, whether it be by sickness or disease or trauma or disappointment, Father God, to try to shut their mouths, to try to steal their voice, to steal the message, the gift that you put on the inside of them. Lord, we lift them today in Jesus’ name. We plead the blood of Jesus that delivers, that sets free, that heals, that brings forth those gifts from the inside in Jesus’ name.

We thank you, Father, for each member of the body being whole and strong and well and their voices being heard, coming forth, rising up in the anointing of your Holy Spirit, speaking and declaring those things that are not as though they are. Speaking your word, declaring truth in Jesus’ name that their voices are heard in the earth, and they have the impact that you intended them to have… that today they take up their authority over the situations that would try to contain them in Jesus’ name… that they would lift up their voice and they would speak to those mountains and call them down low to cast them into the sea … in Jesus’ name, to remove those things that would hinder them, that would try to block their pathway in the name of Jesus, open their eyes to see the truth.

Thank you… and let their voices be heard today throughout the land in Jesus’ mighty name… as they take up that which they need from you today, Lord, so that they can walk in the fullness of your Spirit in Jesus’ mighty name. Experiencing your goodness. Experiencing your peace, Father.

Where there was a man who came before Jesus. He was a voice in the wilderness. He was a voice. A voice that declared… he prepared the way of the Lord. And each one of us has a voice to prepare the way of the Lord …

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