Prayer Summary for Thursday, October 30, 2014

Word focus…

Word Wealth Commentary on the word “supplies”: A combination of epi, intensive, and choregeo, “to defray the expenses of a chorus.” The word thus means to supply fully or abundantly, generously provide what is needed, to cover the costs completely. It is used with the strong connotation of great and free generosity. Paul is chiding the Galatians for regressing to the beggarly elements of legalism, which he contrasts with the abounding surplus of God’s provision through grace.


We’re not going to regress or depend upon the arm of the flesh
Not depending upon human ingenuity but all our dependence is upon the Spirit of grace
Calling those out of the pig pen and back to the Father’s house
We call those back who have drifted away
We see them once again clothed in robes of righteousness, washed in the blood
Trusting You to place them back into the fold in their rank and file
We lift up those that are hobbled in some way, trying to impede their progress
We take authority over those chains that would hobble the parts of the body of Christ
Whether they be natural or spiritual chains, we take authority over them in Jesus’ name
Holding the blood against lies, deceptions, entanglements of the world system
Pleading the blood over the minds and hearts of our members
Thank You for freedom and liberty
Binding up demon powers from operating in the Church of the living God
We call for atmospheric conditions where Your presence and power and authority work, bringing about change
The assembly of Your people, we lift up their supply each one of them brings
Praying for an increase in Your anointing on each one for a revelation of their part and their place
Whatever they do, may they do it to the glory of God
Bringing a supply of the Spirit for atmospheric change
That each one would be engaged with the Spirit … in the Spirit … moving in the Spirit
For the pastors and teachers and prophets and apostles, we pray that a wide door of utterance would be opened to them
Utterance to be given and granted to bring about change in the Church of the living God
Grant spoken words that would bring about a change in the body and a change in the earth
We say “one nation under God”
We declare today one nation under God operating by His rules and regulations, His precepts and examples
Your plan for this nation to continue to go forth unimpeded in the name of Jesus
The people of God standing up and declaring “I am not ashamed of the Gospel”
We apply the blood of Jesus over the election process of this nation, over part of the process
We declare “no foul play” in Jesus’ name
Lifting up every worker in every polling place, we bind them to the will of God
Bringing down subversive plots and conspiracies, in the name of Jesus
Prompting believers to get out and vote
We lift up Christian schools and plead the blood over them
We bind every work of darkness and declare they come to nothing
We come against every demonic strategy that would try to come against and invade those schools
We say, “Stop! Cease and desist in your maneuvers, you devil from hell, in Jesus’ name”
We loose ministering spirits to guard and protect them
Thank You for those who are called to guard and protect this nation—police or military
Father, anoint them and give them wisdom and discernment
We watch over this nation from the east to the west, from the north to the south, all the borders and waterways and airways
We plead the blood of Jesus for protection
We thank You, Father, for the privilege of living in this nation

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