Prayer Summary October 31


We come to You, Father, by the blood of the Lamb
Praising You today, for all praise belongs to You!
For every good work and every bit of wisdom
For every word spoken from Your Spirit that brings life—we give You praise


Pastor Ray Kelly shared what the Lord showed him:

I saw a calendar, a calendar that you would pin up on the wall and flip the page to the next month, each month having a pretty picture. I thought, “What’s the significance of that?” I realized the month would soon change to November. But then I heard in my spirit that there are ministries that are stuck back in months past and some even years. They are stuck back in the past because of some situation that took place that was from the enemy. And they were unable to adjust or use the blood, like we said “separate themselves from it and move on.”

For some, it was 20 years! But the significance of it today was that the calendar, the page, was TURNING! It wasn’t just ministries; it was individuals, too, stuck back. But the page turning, the change, had come through praise, and the blood of the Lamb, and the name that is above every name.

Whatever the situation was, whoever caused them to be stuck, it was backed up by the Devil. It was started by the Devil. It was the Devil. So we the Church, individually and corporately, have been called to move ahead. To go with the calendar, to go with the changes, to go with the new, to go with the plan that God has for each one of us individually. Let’s take it individually. What we have been set on this earth to do, we have been called to fulfill it. That which we have been given, the gifts that we received, we have been called to move and continually advance, increase, and one way we do it is through praise. Get out of the old days and get into the new. For the calendar will keep changing until the end, and it’s up to us to move with the change. The changes, the details, all of the new… Hallelujah!

Continued Praying…

Declaring it over ourselves—we are going to wake up and move!
The Church is moving up today in Jesus’ name
We thank You, Jesus, for Your blood—we apply it for protection
To separate us from any negativity within the family realm
To all negative emotions connected to the past
All things have passed away and all things have become new
It’s a new day!
Father, we purpose to use the blood of Jesus everywhere and always
Using it over those held in bondage
Over our nation—we are a blood-washed nation!
The blood of Jesus causes us to overcome and prosper in Jesus’ name
We are able to see and flow in the anointing because of Your blood
Life is in the blood of Jesus
We thank You, Father, for the blood bringing order and opening up the way to life
Father, we thank You that the blood along with praise draws Your Holy Spirit on the scene
People who have left the body of Christ in offense, we call for offence to be removed from them
Declaring freedom to do the call of Your Spirit!
We thank You, Father, for the body of Christ getting into the Secret Place; receiving direction
King of Kings and Lord of Lord—we praise You!
Father, we will continue to sing Your praise while covered in Your blood
There is no one that can compare to You!
Thank You, Father, for Your delivering and healing power
For your mercy and grace
Father, we devote ourselves first to prayer—our place of intimacy with You
Prayer prepares the way for increase—we will never draw back or quit
We give you all the praise and all the glory in Jesus’ precious name

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