Prayer Summary for Thursday, January 08, 2015

Prophecy: Intercession by Precept and Example
Kenneth E. Hagin

I can hear the Spirit of God saying, “Hear and hear ye well, for you see, responsibility is upon your shoulders. Responsibility is upon the followers of Christ to loose those around them from grave clothes to which they are bound. They’ll never be loosed until you loose them.”

“Oh, I wish I could do something for the Lord. I wish God would call me to preach.” Enter into the ministry of prayer. But yea, saith the Lord, the greatest ministry of all is the ministry of prayer. The greatest ministry of all is the ministry of intercession. All the other ministries will fail unless the intercessors will take their places and will stand against the forces of darkness and the forces of evil and will intercede and will help to bring to birth the move of the Spirit, the revival, the manifestation of God’s power and bring to birth the ministries that God desires, supernatural ministries to be in manifestation in the Church. But it will take those who will travail. It will take those who will bring to birth those ministries. And often times, the one who stands to minister, many will look upon him and think, “Oh he’s a mighty man of God and he should get all the benefit.” But, you see, the reward will not go to him; he was not the one who gave birth to it. He is the result of the birth. The birth was caused by those who had travailed, until that was brought forth what God desired to bring forth.

So in this day, in this hour, there is a work of God that has not yet been wrought. Oh yes, He was in the move of the healing revival, He was in a move and men prayed and brought about the revival that we call the Charismatic Move in the denominational church, in the Catholic Church… and what a mighty move. But, you see, you stand, saith the Spirit of God, on the threshold, at the door of another move of God. Will it be brought forth? Shall I bring it to the birth and not bring it forth? O, saith the Lord of Hosts, when Zion travailed, she brought forth her children. You see, it is not just the Lord that will bring forth the move, for He moves through men. He uses His Church to do His work in the earth. It is instigated by the Spirit; but, you see, it is Zion that travails. So travail ye, travail ye! Oh, ye intercessors, travail! Ye intercessors, travail! Seek ye the face of the Lord. Give yourself unto the Lord, and you’ll bring forth that which God desires to do in these days, and you’ll be glad and the reward will be great. And how marvelous shall be the results thereof!

Hallelujah to Jesus!
That’s what the Spirit of God is saying. Will we listen to Him?


Father, we will listen, we will draw near to You
We will respond to the Spirit’s draw, to prevail in prayer in these last days
We want You to have Your way in every day, every church, every city, every nation
We yield to You and we desire to obey to the drawing of the Spirit each day
I lift up those You are drawing even now to say, “Yes, I will draw near and pray and birth out those things in the spirit…”
We say “Yes” to the Spirit of God
It’s by Your Spirit, Lord, that it all comes forth
He’s calling those to come forth to come near
Be revealed, be uncovered, and be exposed
It shall come and it is moving and it is coming
Some things have to shake, some things are shaking
Loosed into the right way, the right plan
We pray that out and plead the blood of Jesus over the right ways and steps
We keep watching
Into a greater measure, we shall go into a greater revelation, we shall flow
Abandoning some things but opening up some others
But proceeding all the way through
Not leaning on what we think we might know, but leaning on the Word of God
Uniting together and staying connected
Companies connecting
Individuals and other parts of the body connecting
Letting cares go
Not blending with the world but blending in with You, Father
Letting the blood work and cleanse and move through us
Moving and contending and pressing into the new
We come closer and ask for a melting today, that you melt us and mold us in a greater way
That we might enter into the fullness, to that You’ve called us to enter into
It’s a press but it’s blessed, it’s a blessed press
To cooperate with You, Father
Hidden things, be uncovered and be revealed now in Jesus’ name
Operations by Your Spirit, hidden things uncovered and revealed
Father, we pray that those terrorists in France will be revealed
The authorizes will see and know
They shall be brought to justice
We plead the blood over that operation, the blood of Jesus over the nation of France
We intercede for that nation, Lord, that they might be saved
By Your Spirit, we pray that revival would take place from the north to the south to the east to the west
That men and women would begin to turn their hearts to you
That the less than 1% that have given your lives to You would begin to increase now
Out of desperation and hunger for change and protection, they come to You
We pray over the ministers in France, those born again and Spirit filled
May they rise up and speak the truth boldly, clearly, and accurately
What took place when You moved that it would take place again
Comfort by Your Spirit
Eyes and ears would be opened and hearts would receive the truth of Your Word
An awakening and an arising, let the Church stand up
Demonstrations of power, of Your presence
Supernatural events and miracles
Prophecies being fulfilled
Let Your wind blow, covering this nation
Spirit of God, blow, blow, blow… winds of change
Winds, blow across our nation that churches would rise up and go through those doors of opportunity
Rise up, Church, and take your place in your race, stand strong all day long
We see that by faith, a shift, a new perception of the glorious presence of God
Father, that You would move through each one of us by Your Spirit
We come cleansed by the blood, washed, made clean
We know that’s our only access to You
Fill us, melt us, mold us, transform us more and more like You said You would do
You said the former and latter rain would be together
May Your glory cover the earth, that the earth would see Your glory
We call those things that be not as though they were
We see Your glory in the schools, not just the little children but in the universities
It shall abound, more and more and more in every town and city
Your glory moving into the hospitals, bringing change to every room

Pastor Ray shared…

I love when we can be free of our own situations. I love it when we can be free of every care and come before Him free. I just read something from David Brainerd; his ministry was to the American Indians. He’s the one that would crawl inside a log in the winter and pray. He gave his whole life to that cause and revival did come because of his prayers. At one time, he said he was so free of everything about himself, all he could bring to the Lord was the cry that He would come forth to the Indian people. That has to be with us today. Remember, the first sentence from the prophecy by Brother Hagin we read this morning says that the responsibility to pray is upon us, upon our shoulders. It’s more difficult to do if we’re weighed down with so many cares and problems.

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