Prayer Summary for September 17

A Word of the Lord came forth…

“Go beyond where you’ve ever gone before in your expectations,” saith the Lord. “Go beyond where you’ve ever stepped before in your faith operation. Go beyond where you’ve ever moved before when you open up the door for more of the precious, precious, precious power from heaven—Holy Spirit, God-given power. So go beyond. Walk further. Expect greater. Begin to see things you’ve not seen before in the natural but see them in Me. See them in My Word. See them in what you’ve heard by My Spirit when my servants begin to speak in a prophetic way. Begin to see in expectation in your heart of hearts different destinations, different steps you’ve never taken before, different changes in your family that have never taken place before. Draw from heaven. Draw from heaven. Draw from heaven for the rivers, for the waters, for the healing, for the abundance from the Lord, and you will see yourself in a different light, and you’ll see yourself even in days where the earth or the world or man tries to hold you down. You’ll begin to see yourself rise, rise, rise up higher, because it’s in that expectation believing to see it, to walk in it, to experience it, My presence in every place you go and in every place… part of your race. For these are new days, not the way it’s been before. It will never be that way again. It’ll never be the way it was before. But it’s better, and it will get better for these are new days,” saith the Lord. “Holy days, joyful days, joyful days of My power in these hours, right now in this hour. Don’t wait for tomorrow but receive it today by faith, by faith. It’s a new day whew! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Right now, Right now,” saith the Lord. “It would be a good day today to receive. Let it come your way. For it’s already been sent,” saith the Lord. “Provision has already been sent,” saith the Lord. “It’s just My way. It’s just My plan for you, My church, My body, My children. It’s not earths’ ways. It’s heaven’s ways. It’s not man’s plans. It’s My plans,” saith the Lord. “Abundance in every way, in every day. Oh, so take your place. Receive My grace; mercy.

“It’s a stretch sometimes. It’s a stretch just to believe the goodness and the fullness. Sometimes it’s a stretch but I am stretching you to get you through to move you into My new. It’s a new day. It’s a new channel. It’s a new step. It’s a new plan. It’s a new day. Just let My Spirit mold and make you new. Well it’s My ways and My ways are not exactly your ways. Didn’t I tell you just look up unto Me. My Word is true. I’ve already given it unto you, My church, My body. Invite Me in and I will sit with you and sip with you. I am molding you, I am molding you to the new. Preparations for the future days, preparations for the future plans, oh what a joy! What a joy! What a joy! What a joy! What a joy! A joyful time and joyful days! Overcoming, overcoming—that’s been done. The battle has been won. The victory has come. Oh, it’s by the blood, by the blood, by the blood! Been finished. Been done. Been won! Whew!”


Overcoming every obstacle, Father, we worship and honor You for the new
We joyfully receive the new
All that was looking rough is smoothed out right now in Jesus’ name
These are days of Glory—Glory days!
Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
We are thankful for Your touch which strengthens us
For You making a way for us today
We magnify, glorify, and lift up Your name which is high above all other names
There is victory in Your name—we see victory today
We are able to do and speak what we need to do and speak
Lifting up others, bringing them into victory in You
We speak to our brains to think right
Our mouths to speak right
We are glad in this day and thank You for it in Jesus’ name

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