Prayer Summary for 09.18.14


Father, thank You so much for the power of Your precious Holy Spirit today
Holy Spirit, we need more of You today than we did yesterday
We open up our hearts, ourselves to Your presence this morning
We desire to be a blessing wherever we go
We desire You and Your presence—we have to have it
We release our cares and let them go
We believe by faith we are being filled and being more filled
It’s a necessity these days to be led, directed, and guided by Your precious Holy Spirit every day

Isaiah 64:7, “And no one calls on Your name and awakens and bestirs himself to take and keep hold of You; for You have hidden Your face from us and have delivered us into the [consuming] power of our iniquities.” (Amp.)

Continued praying…

Thank You for Your presence, Lord, that You are with us
We use the blood and declare any form or touch of division that would try to set itself in this ministry must leave
This ministry is united together
We declare it by faith that we are open and want more of You
We open up our expectation for more
We yield our minds and bodies to you
We want Your power to be present
We need bodies to be restored now—we declare it now in Jesus’ name
We need families to be repaired now in Jesus’ name
We declare marriages to be restored and made whole in Jesus’ name, that Your power would be there
The anointing breaking every hindrance, every plan of the enemy that would try to move against these marriages in Jesus’ name, be whole, be restored, be made healthy
We open ourselves up for that increase
We’re hungry for it—we repent for not opening ourselves up to You
We declare restoration to things broken in Jesus’ name
We’ll do our best to think about it the way You think about it, to speak the way You’ve spoken about it
We pray for a change in families, change in churches, change in the direction of this nation
And the only change is of and by and through Your Spirit, O God
A demonstration, operations and manifestations, Father, that You would break forth
We look to You, the All Sufficient One
We have one purpose, one plan—to do all the will of the Father
To preach the Gospel, to demonstrate the goodness of God in the earth
We refuse to faint and quit, to back off
We cling to You, to Your love, Your goodness and mercy, Father

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