Prayer Summary for October 21

The following excerpt was taken from The Bible Way to Spiritual Power by John Osteen:

No manifestation of the Holy Spirit is so universally despised as speaking in tongues. The religious world will tolerate praying for the sick, prophecy, and many other like things, but one mention of speaking in tongues and united persecution begins. This, universal attitude is abnormal and is fostered by the supernatural power and influence of the devil. Why does Satan hate speaking in tongues?

• Satan hates speaking in tongues because he knows it is the scriptural sign to the believer that he has received the baptism of the Holy Ghost (see Acts 2, 10, and 19, Mark 16: 17).
• Satan hates speaking in tongues because it is God’s ordained way for the believer to be supernaturally edified in the inner man (see I Corinthians 14:4).
• Satan hates to hear speaking in tongues because he knows that through tongues and the interpretation of tongues the Church is made strong (see I Corinthians 14:4;5).
• Satan hates speaking in tongues because he knows man can speak divine secrets to God and no man—no devil—can understand him (see I Corinthians 14:22).
• Satan hates speaking in tongues because it is a sure sign to the unbeliever (see I Corinthians 14:22).
• Satan hates speaking in tongues because he knows that by this gift the Holy Spirit enables the believer to pray with groanings that cannot be uttered otherwise, and it is always according to the will of God (see Romans 8:26,27).

Therefore, every Christian the devil turns against this scriptural manifestation of the Spirit is in a very sad and powerless state. The believer who does not speak in other tongues has no sign of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He cannot supernaturally edify himself or the Church.

The believer cannot speak divine secrets to God, be a sign to the unbeliever, or have the supernatural aid of the Holy Ghost in praying according to the will of God.
(The Bible Way to Spiritual Power, pages 29, 30 – John Osteen)


Like a huge sliding door that’s being slid over so we can see more, the Spirit of seeing and knowing will come into greater manifestation to keep the Church in its way and keep it going and going. And there is always more and will always be more. We claim and expect and believe for more.

Greater manifestation, greater revelation
We pray for Keith Moore—greater utterance, greater declarations, and more revelation
Greater understanding for the assignments
Limitations be removed for the Church to rise up and go
Seeing and knowing what to do and doing it
Rising like a giant and shaking hindrances
Moving ahead in great revelation
Able to overcome and go through
Standing in our anointed positions
Praying in another tongue over the body of Christ
We will stay strong on the Word and following the Great Shepherd
Incoming increase
Steady all the way
Applying the blood of Jesus to the land and people of Israel
No weapon formed against them will prosper
Any tongue that shall rise up against them You shall condemn
Ministering Spirits, turn back the attacks of the enemy
Turning the council of the United Nations to foolishness
He Who sits in the heavens laughs at the plots of mere men
Thank You, Father, that what the enemy meant for evil, You will shift and turn in Jesus’ name – right now!
Plots against Israel unravel and brought confusion
No, No, No in Jesus’ name
Undoing those words declared against Israel—calling down in the name of Jesus
The United States to be a Christian nation that supports Israel—rising up and declaring
Overriding by the blood and our words
God’s divine protection over Israel

Annie sings a spiritual song…

♪ For a higher one is watching and a higher one that is over them
He’s watching He’s watching He’s watching over them
Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory to the Lamb, to the Lamb
He has overcome and conquered, glory to the Lamb
For we’ve been grafted in and with Israel now we are one new man
With Israel we are one new man ♪

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for Israel
We look for more opportunities to bless her
Thank You, for this day and for Your precious Holy Spirit

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