Prayer Summary for November 17


Hallelujah, Lord!
We yield our lives, our plans, and our families before You today
You are our everything, and we thank You for all that You have done
Saturate and fill us with Your precious Holy Spirit
We humble ourselves before You, Father
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise today


The following commentary to Mark 5:25–28 is taken from The Revival Study Bible:

It’s Time to Touch Jesus Again
Mark 5:25–28

Like the un-revived Church this poor woman was:

Diseased—Her problem was chronic and deteriorating daily. She was in a state of constant weakness, with persistent anemia and frailty. Her loss of blood meant the loss of energy, of vitality, and life itself.

Different—According to the Law, the woman was unclean and untouchable (Lev 15:19–26). Everything she touched became unclean; she imparted death, not life. The Law isolated her from friends, her husband, and from fellowship, and because of her uncleanness, she was cut off from intimacy.

Discouraged—Twelve years of chronic suffering and humiliation at the hands of many so-called experts; the woman was examined and perhaps even experimented on time after time. No one had an answer. Does this sound familiar?

Dying—Her body was slowly failing, and her strength almost gone. She was banned from the temple (no spiritual life). She was lonely, friendless, confused, and possibly had never been held or loved in twelve years (no emotional support). Her uncleanness defiled others; to touch her was to be unclean (no social life). She might as well have been dead.

Desperate—She tried everything and spent all she had. The woman suffered much and had not been helped.

Delivered—Then she heard about Jesus. She had tried every physician except the Great Physician. She was not only spiritually, emotionally, and physically drained but also financially drained. As a result, she has spent all she had and was worse off than before. Then she found Him, touched His garments, and was immediately healed. Twelve years of suffering, rejection, and shame suddenly ended. The moment she touched Him, she was restored to life.

Delighted—Oh how overjoyed and grateful she must have been! She came to Jesus diseased, discouraged, and defeated; she left Him as a daughter totally delivered and delighted.

It is time for the Church to take her eyes off “physicians” and seek God until He empowers us again. (DR)

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Continued Praying…

We watch as we pray today, Lord
Lifting up our hearts and our eyes to You, Father
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every believer in the body of Christ
There is cleansing in and through that precious blood of Jesus
Your grace, mercy, and kindness are going before us and preparing a way
You are so faithful, and we yield ourselves before You, Father
We invite You into every part of our lives
Come into that situation now in Jesus’ name!
By faith we receive You, Your presence, and Your power
We lift up that name that is above every other name—Jesus!
Declaring that we will never be the same, because of that precious name—Jesus!
Bowing and humbling ourselves before You this day!
We are touched, filled, and changed by Your presence
You are providing us with the help and the strength that we need
Lifting up our eyes and our hearts toward You, Lord
Pleading the blood over every part of Your body, dear God
Covering those in positions of authority with the blood of Jesus
Adjustments are being made today!
No, we will not stay status quo, but we will press onto the higher calling
Continually contending toward those things You have called us to
You are providing us with everything we need to fulfill Your call and plan
We take those steps by faith, and we cover them with the blood of Jesus
Be cleaned up and cleared out in Jesus’ name!
Calling for the blood of Jesus to go before us and prepare the way!
We cooperate with You today, Lord!
There must be a release of those gifts and anointings
It is about advancement, acceleration, and momentum in the kingdom of God
Holding the blood against every evil plot of the enemy
We call down those barriers and walls of division in the name of Jesus!
Calling for greater utterance and acceleration of Your Word
Your hands and Your feet are moving to the place and plan You have called them to
Assistance of and by Your Spirit, O God
We call for help from Heaven today!
Your grace and anointing are moving in this place
Declaring a blood covering over every member of the body of Christ
Applying the blood of Jesus over doorways
We bind deception, lies of the enemy, and every seducing spirit of the enemy
Taking authority over those plans, and we forbid you from operating!
Calling for a clearing and a cleansing of those pathways
Every stumbling block shall be removed in the name of Jesus!
You are the way-maker; You make a way when there seems to be no way
We will follow the voice of the good shepherd and no other voice we will follow!
By the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, we will overcome!
Every lie will be exposed, revealed, uncovered, and shut down by the blood!
You have given us the authority, and we call those things that be not as though they are
We will continue to follow after peace, the peace that surpasses all understanding
Calling for bridge-ways to be restored to the way they were intended to be!
Turn it, change it, reveal it, and uncover it!
Supernatural aid and assistance of and by Your Spirit, dear God
The favor of God is opening up those avenues and pathways
Thank You, Lord, that the body of Christ is being restored and made whole!
We call for healing, health, wholeness, and prosperity of every kind!
Believing for signs, wonders, and supernatural happenings today, Father!
We magnify who You are, Lord
You are the beginning and the end—Holy is Your name!
In You and in You alone we live, breathe, and have our being
No, we will not quit, but we will go all the way through in victory!
You have provided us with everything we need to carry out the plan You have called us to
None of us, and all of You, Lord
We give You all the glory, honor, and praise
As it is in Heaven so shall it be on this earth
By faith, we will walk it out, and we will be forever changed!
This is a new day in You, and we will overcome all the way through to the end

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