Prayer Summary for November 12


Lord, we thank You for all of the power and provision that is in the blood
Today, we believe to be in the right place at the right time, to have every resource necessary!
You have connected us with the right people
The blood is working for us individually and corporately
Seeing things being aligned right now through the blood!
We believe to continually step higher in You
All of our trust is in You and in Your Word
We firmly stand in it, and we come behind in no good thing
Ordained connections that have been severed are being restored
Things are turning around now!
We believe to take every step in the right time, for Your Word is a light unto our feet
Lord, we pray over the positions of authority in the body of Christ
Praying for a stepping up now!
Limitations, hindrances, and lack, get out of the way—the Church is coming through!
Pleading the blood over commotions, seeing a smoothing out now
Thank You, Father, for wisdom, revelation, and insight from heaven
By Your Spirit, You have equipped us to go all the way
Lifting up brothers and sisters who are under pressure
We pray for their eyes and ears and call them up!
In the name of Jesus, declaring a deliverance of every kind of depression!
Seeing a permanent change and rearranging!
Eyes seeing every step along the way


The following prophecy was given by Kenneth Copeland in 2003 at the West Coast Believers Convention:

Kenneth Copeland: “Be aware and know I have planned your life to the finest, smallest detail. I spent as much time and as much energy and as much miraculous power planning your individual life as I did in planning this universe. I did not create you for the universe. I created the universe for you. You are My offspring. I will take care of you in this place,” saith the Lord.

“Get back on the right road; seek My face. Search and research My heart, My Spirit, My Word, and I will take you from where you are into My perfect will, and I will account you as being there already while you’re on the way. Stop trying to put yourself in My perfect will. I can take you from where you are into the perfection of My plan for your life. Just simply say with joy and gladness of heart, ‘Thy will be done, O Lord. You are my strength, You are my refuge, You are my fortress, and in You do I trust. You are my God and I desire to be in Your perfect will. Thy will be done.’ Rejoice and put it in My hands; put yourself in My care and I’ll see to it,” saith the Lord.

“I have designed it; you fit there and it fits you. This is a road you can walk. This is a road where you can prosper. This is a road for your divine health. Get on the right road, and you won’t go through the wrong towns. Get on the right road, and you’ll miss so many dark, dingy valleys and places where there is no light. Find the light of your pathway. My Word is a light unto your feet. Listen to My voice, declare My Word, walk in it and bypass Sicknessville, bypass Poverty Town. Stay on the road to health. Stay on My road and pass through Prosperityville, Glory Town, and all points up. That is the road to your joy, your fulfillment, your happiness.

“Fullness is at hand, stretch your faith, stretch your concept. Don’t you realize how close you are to the very fullness of times? Don’t you realize that it is time for the Spirit of God to be manifest in fullness, the gifts of the Spirit in fullness? Nobody in the human race has ever seen the gifts of the Holy Ghost manifested in fullness, but your generation is in that privileged time and it’s ready. If you’ll believe for it, I’ll do it. The time of fullness has come. The only thing it lacks is for My people, the Church, to rise up in great faith, to rise up and honor My Word and to rise up and remove the limits of their believing and begin to see that ‘Our God is the fullness.’

“And you are filled with fullness, and it is time for the Spirit of Fullness to manifest with such glory, such power, such Shekinah presence that even the world will be shocked, some of them to their senses. And you can snatch them out of judgment and bring them into the glory manifestations of God. You are the carriers of that fullness and that glory,” saith the Lord. “Now continue in what you were doing, but do it with a greater awareness of the fullness of My presence and My desire to take you into the fullness of My will for your life. For you are on your way to your wealthy place, to your place of abundance that will fulfill words of Jesus, ‘I have come that you might have life and that you might have it in great abundance.’ Fullness—the watch word of the hour,” saith the Lord.

Continued Praying…

Lord, thank You for Your fullness in our lives, fullness in reading Your Word!
Moving into an absolutely new way
We believe to walk through Prosperityville
Applying the blood over our steps, for we know there is so much more ahead
Moving so swiftly along the right path that lack has no way of attaching itself to us
Calling things that are not as though they were
Seeing ourselves in perfect health and provision
Pushing aside all boundaries and limits
There is more increase as we move ahead
The Church has great power!
We don’t want to stay in the same place
Seeing signs that reveal, show, and direct
Leaders getting back on track
Defeat, get out in Jesus’ name
Praying for an aligning of feet!
Lifting up sons and daughters that have not yet taken their places to call the Church up higher!
Now is the time!
We pray for every aspect of God’s ministry in you!
Identify your identity in Me, says the Lord!
Realize the time that you are living in!
Thank You for a great alignment now!
Seeing action and activity in the Spirit
Leaving the beggarly elements of the world
Father, we are here to be about Your business
Help us to identify the fields that You have called us to
Thank You so much for Your blood, Lord!

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