Prayer Summary for Novemeber 11

Pastor Ray Kelly referenced this video of computer-generated footage of imagined Iranian missile attacks on Israel. Please click here to view the video.

The following excerpt is taken from Four Blood Moons by John Hagee:

Signs in the Heavens

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem is not a request—it’s a command! “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: may they prosper who love you” (Psalm 122:6).

From God’s perspective, Jerusalem is the center of the universe. Jerusalem is the city David conquered from the Jebusites three thousand years ago, and it became the capital of Israel forever. May it always be the eternal and undivided capital of Israel, and may peace be within her walls and prosperity within her palaces (Psalm 122:7).

Jerusalem is where Abraham offered Isaac on Mount Moriah. Jerusalem is where Jeremiah and Isaiah penned principles of righteousness that became the moral compass for Western Civilization. And outside of its gates, Jesus Christ, the Son of David, was crucified for the sins of the world.

According to biblical prophecy, Jerusalem is the past, present, and future of the world! From this city, Jesus will rule planet earth with a rod of iron, and of His kingdom there shall be no end (Isaiah 9:7; Luke 1:33).

When you pray for Jerusalem, you are praying for world peace. History proves that when there is peace in Jerusalem, there is peace in the world. When there is war in Jerusalem, the blood flows on planet earth. The universe revolves around Jerusalem. I quote my friend Dr. Graham Lacey, “As long as there is Jerusalem there is God; and as long as there is God there is Jerusalem.”

God commands us through the prophet Isaiah to be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem (62:6). We are commanded by God, through the prophet Isaiah, to speak up and defend Israel and the Jewish people when they are slandered, attacked by their enemies, and are subjected to any callous act of anti-Semitism. Isaiah writes:

For Zion’s sake I will not hold my peace,
And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest…
I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem;
They shall never hold their peace day or night.
You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent.

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Scripture Focus

“For Zion’s sake will I [Isaiah] not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest until her imputed righteousness and vindication go forth as brightness, and her salvation radiates as does a burning torch. (6) I have set watchmen upon your walls, O Jerusalem, who will never hold their peace day or night; you who [are His servants and by your prayers] put the Lord in remembrance [of His promises], keep not silence.”
(Isaiah 62:1,6 Amp.)


Thank You for the truth of Your Word, Father
You said You would reveal hidden things to us, so we call for those things to be revealed, today
We ask You, Lord, for a greater spirit of seeing and knowing in the body of Christ
Pleading the blood of Jesus over those positions of authority in the Church
Praying over pastors, ministers, evangelists, prophets, and teachers—that these gifts would rise up now and stand strong for the nation of Israel
Continually standing strong on the Word of God
We will not be moved off of that position You have called us to, Father
Praying for protection over the land of Israel
Thank You for the fullness of Your will on this earth in this hour
Declaring by faith that no weapon formed against Israel would prosper!
Giving You glory, honor, and praise
Welcoming Your manifested presence in the body of Christ in these hours
Calling for a fresh outpouring of Your Spirit, Lord
We need an awakening in the Church in America
The Church needs to rise up and draw a line in the sand and declare “Thus far and no further”!
We will stand strong for Israel, and we will not back off!
Thank You for the direction and move of Your Spirit
It is all about You and Your plan
We magnify, glorify, and honor You, lifting up Your holy name, Jesus!
You have given us a place to be seated high above every situation, lack, temptation, and sin
Taking our seat in heavenly places today
You are all we need, Father, You are our anointing, our strength, and our director
All hidden things are coming to light—those things that need to be revealed, be revealed!
We welcome and yearn for more of You, Lord
Welcoming You into every church and every assembly
Pleading the blood of the everlasting covenant over those empty churches
We know that there are churches that are full of people, but they are empty
You said You have given gifts unto men for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry
The perfecting must come forth of and by Your Spirit
Applying the blood of Jesus over those doors to those empty houses and empty assemblies
Doors must be opened to welcome the Holy Spirit
We must have Your life-changing presence, Lord God
You are welcome into the lives of pastors, apostles, teachers, evangelists, and prophets
In each and every one of them, we call for a greater measure of revelation
You have given each one of us a gift, so that we could fulfill the plan of the Father
There seems to be some ignorance concerning the relationship between the Church and the nation of Israel
America cannot be deceived about where they stand—she must stand with Israel!
We are asking for a greater outpouring of Your Spirit concerning the nation of Israel
Father, You are not limited!
We apply the blood in a fresh and a new way
Doors of utterance, and anointings from heaven would bring forth the truth of Your Word concerning the nation and the people of Israel
The blood keeps the destroyer back, and it brings light and life today!
Holding the blood against those lying demon powers
Cracking that open and letting the light shine through
Those things must come forth of and by Your Spirit
Every strategy and every deception, we hold the blood against you—you shall not prosper
We will not become entangled or ensnared in that in the mighty name of Jesus
Calling for an unraveling of those strategies that would attempt to sever this nation and the nation of Israel
Words, wisdom, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit must come forth
Speaking confusion over the strategies, plots, and conspiracies of the enemy
No weapon would even be formed in the name of Jesus
Supernatural aid and assistance working on behalf of the nation of Israel
Pleading the blood of Jesus over the watchers
Covering those men and women who are called to those posts and those offices with the blood of Jesus
Assistance of and by Your Spirit right on time and right in time
Delivering a word in season for those watchers, Father
No, that shall not go forth, that shall not succeed
That assembly shall not control or manipulate
You said You would turn the hearts of the king even as the water course
We are looking for a greater change and a greater turning in the right way
Right ways, right plans, right ideas
Wisdom from a higher kingdom, O God!
We hold the blood there, putting a blood watch up today!
Declaring confusion over that in Jesus’ name!
Turning the hearts of the leaders
Breaking up those wrong plans—they can’t work, won’t work, and cannot succeed!
Putting a stop to that in the name of Jesus
Praying over the land and the peace of Jerusalem
Our connection will never be broken off—the United States will forever stand with Israel
Declaring a turnaround in those decisions in Jesus’ name
The Church will speak with greater accuracy about Israel
We do not lean on our own understanding
Lifting up those in positions of authority in Israel—be strong in the Lord
Give them strength from heaven today!
Confusion where it comes to Israel will be broken up and broken away
There will be a spirit of seeing, knowing, and understanding about what we are to do concerning Israel
Right decisions for Israel and the sake of the land
Praying for strength for Pastor John Hagee in his stand and support of Israel
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every aspect of his ministry
Support, refreshing, equipping, resources, increase, influence, steps, and plans for these days
No backing down—strength today by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit
Greater influence in these days for Christians United For Israel (CUFI)
It is time for a ramping up and for an increase
Thank You, Father, for these steps, arrangements, and plans
Lifting up Sister Billye Brim and her call and purpose God has for her concerning Israel
Supernatural strength from heaven for her and her staff
Applying the blood of Jesus over each and every one of them
No strategy, plot, or conspiracy of the enemy will prevail
Wisdom to institute and execute Your plan and purpose for these last days
Calling in help and resources from heaven, Father God
New doors of opportunity would be opened for Your Word to be declared with greater accuracy
That the rain of Your Spirit would pour out over those seeds that have already been planted
Revelation, illumination of and by Your Spirit, O God
Thank You for the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives today
The Holy Spirit leads, directs us, and makes a way
We will continue to go all the way through to victory!
The favor of God is going before us and preparing the way
Calling this day anointed and blessed in Jesus’ name!

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