Prayer Summary for May 10


The following excerpt is taken from The Revival Study Bible:

Charles Parham
Baptism of the Holy Ghost

Find out what are the Bible evidences of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. “This was the assignment Charles Parham gave to the young students of his Bible College of Bethel late in 1899. This innocent directive planted the roots of what has now become the most powerful movement in modern missions. Completing this study, his students concluded that the single common physical evidence of this power was the one miracle gift unique to the New Testament: the gift of “other tongues.” And some sincerely set themselves to seek God for it.

Parham recounts the following:

Leaving the school for three days at this task, I went to Kansas City for three days’ service. I returned to the school on the morning preceding the Watch Night service in the year 1900. At precisely the dawn of the 20th Century, on January 1, 1901, the Holy Spirit fell on one of the praying young women of the Topeka Kansas Bible School, Agnez Ozman, who both spoke and wrote (appropriately for a work that would launch a massive missions movement towards completing the Great Commission) in Chinese.

At about ten o’clock in the morning, I rang the bell calling all the students into the Chapel to get their report on the matter in hand. To my astonishment, they all had the same story, that while there were different things that occurred when the Pentecost blessing fell, the indisputable proof of each occasion was that they spoke with other tongues. About seventy-five people besides the school, which consisted of forty students, had gathered for the Watch Night service. A mighty spiritual power filled the entire school.

Agnes asked that hands might be laid upon her to receive the Holy Spirit as she hoped to go to foreign fields. At first, I refused not having the experience myself. Then being further pressed to do it humbly in the name of Jesus, I laid my hand upon her head and prayed. I had scarcely repeated three dozen sentences when a glory fell upon her, a halo seemed to surround her head and face, and she began speaking the Chinese language, and was unable to speak English for three days. When she tried to write in English to tell us of her experience, she wrote the Chinese copies of which we still have in newspapers printed at that time.

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Lord, by Your Spirit, we continue to hold to Your promises!
We know Your plan is for us to continue to follow our hearts
You don’t want to see us quit!
Lord, we want Your presence to come over the Capitol like never before!
We are hungry and thirsty for a fresh baptism of the Holy Ghost
Doors beginning to open in every denomination
Lifting up Saint Paul and Minneapolis—it has been said that this place will be the fire of the north
Your fire flooding the nation all the way to the south
We water the prayers that have been prayed and align ourselves to the things that have already been said
Speaking strength to the leaders
Calling forth changes that have not taken place yet!
We continue to pray for change!
Praise stills the enemy!
Praying for the voice of the enemy to be shut out in the body of Christ!
The Church moving higher and higher each and every day
Leading today in the right way
Hidden things continually being revealed to the body of Christ
Receiving a new strength and empowerment by the Spirit today!
Watching on the wall
Declaring it shall go in the way that is right and true
The great and dynamite power of the Holy Ghost is operating in this hour!
Seeing the Church begin to stand up and stand strong
No longer shaking in her boots but shaking things up around her!
The darkness of the world is to be shaken off!
We worship You, Lord!
Thank You that our prayers avail much in You!
You said things will move and turn out right!
We know the end of the Book, and we will not stop believing it!

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