Prayer Summary for March 4


Jesus, You are the holy and anointed one-the provider and way-maker
We reverence You and magnify Your name today
Declaring that we will always use Your name in a reverent way
Today, we will honor and glorify You, forgetting about the past and pushing ahead
We come before You, Lord, clean and cleansed by Your Holy Spirit
Your name is above every other name
You are worthy of all praise, thanksgiving, glory, and honor
We bow our hearts, lives, families, and future before You
Covered, cleansed, and washed by that precious blood
We are overcomers by the blood of Jesus
There is a higher way, a clearer way, a pre-planned way-and we will walk it out, Lord
Today is a new and wonderful day in You
All things work out in the right way because of what you have done and are doing
You are always faithful!
Our eyes are fixed on You, Father
Ministering spirits-you have been sent for ministry, we tell you to go get the resources needed to walk out the plan God has given us
Money, we call you into the body of Christ
Declaring that the finances would come in to every ministry across the United States and in every nation
We call the ministering spirits to go get help from heaven and bring it to all positions of authority
Come, Lord, we are calling for Your presence today
Draw unto us, Father
We prepare the way for souls to come in and know You
Now is the time, now is the hour to come forth, in Jesus’ name!
He welcomes You, come now-make a move, yield to the Spirit, His presence is calling
Preparing the way of the Lord-every low place be lifted, every high place be brought down
Casting down every limitation!
Be loosed, be free in Jesus’ name, we call for a drawing up of those things-a Holy Spirit draw
Opening up new places, new plans, and destinations
Preparing the way with the blood of Jesus and applying it to every step
Thanking You for Your blood today
There is the power of forgiveness in that blood
Reaching out to You-we call on Your name!
We declare openings, that the way be clear, a clear way of seeing and knowing
Things that were shut would be opened up in Jesus’ name!
Now is the time to esteem Your plan and to pray out the Master’s plan
Bringing unbelievers into Your kingdom-assembling them all together
Adjustments are being made right now in Jesus’ name!
Your blood is healing bodies, touching hearts, and restoring minds
The blood is reaching, where we cannot reach, touching where we cannot touch
We believe that by the blood of Jesus, we can do all the things You have called us to do
Our trust is in You-that Your will would be done
Holding onto Your promise-that what You said You would do would come to pass
We will walk in the authority of Your name, and we are covered in the blood of Jesus
Declaring that we will not stay the same; we will walk in a new way and plan
By the blood of Jesus, we are overcomers

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