Prayer Summary for March 28


Lord, we welcome You today
It is Your presence!
We hunger and thrust for You today
You are EVERYTHING good!
Father, we want to be like You, so we come with open eyes and minds
Change us to be worshipers in spirit and truth
That we would glorify Your name on the earth!
How the earth needs the beauty of Your perfection
We come to be changed in Your presence
All the things You plant within us You plant with the ability to give it out!
Not for our glory but for Yours!
We desire to sit at Your feet and receive all of Your grace!
Lord, we magnify You!
Worship is like a divine exchange
Thank You for calling us the sons and daughters of God
You are such a faithful friend!
Father, You have a plan to build us up to be stronger!
We take our place in the Spirit, for that is who we are in You!
Hearing in the Spirit that many lives will be changed this weekend because of the presence in the worship
Father, we pray over every musician all over the earth
That the anointing would bring change and illumination to the hearts
Bring not only the backsliders but ones that have never come before
We are praying for more than ever before!
For the hearts to be so melted by Your presence that they will never be the same again
We want Your plan, for You have called each one of us to complete Your course
We bind all pressure to perform in Jesus’ name!
Calling for a place where Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light
A clear seeing and knowing and a supernatural heart for souls
Make minstrels out of the musicians and separate them from the world!
We cover them in the blood of Jesus making them impenetrable to the Devil’s lies and to the fiery darts
Father, help them hunger and thirst and see that there is a place in You from which to minister from
Lord, we ask You for the peace of God to encompass them
That they would walk in Your love and esteem each one
Let Your love manifest through the voices and sounds!
Father, let their worship be true!
That they would come up into the sanctuary of God in the heavenlies
Cause them to stand in You and not in themselves!
We know no flesh can glory in Your presence
Asking for healings to manifest in Your presence
Overwhelm those who have never experienced Your presence
Let them be changed!
Devil, we bind you from stuffing up their eyes and ears
They will be open to see and receive
It is time for those souls to come in!
The blood of Jesus covering every note and sound!
Some doors are being closed and others are being opened now!
Holy Spirit, draw them in!
Come into the light and come into the presence!
Let it be a day of great experiences in Your Spirit
That they would know the greatness of You by experience!
The darkness is getting darker and the light MUST get brighter!
Lining up all of the arrangements!
The right words to be spoken by the Spirit!
Loosing angels and ministering spirits to assist us in the preparation
We call for the arrangement and change
Covering every detail in the blood of Jesus!
There are divine increments that are to be released by the Spirit
All of it produces a great production in the unfolding of the plan of God!
Your presence producing a peace where every wave must be still!
Let us experience the deep cleansing in Your presence Father, let us know what Your heart beats for!
Lord, we want to be better at bringing You to our remembrance; it is a daily communion with You!
We give You all the glory and honor!


The following excerpt is taken from Practicing His Presence by Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach:

Some Prices We Must Pa

The first price is pressure of our wills, gentle but constant. But what prize is ever won without effort?

The second price is perseverance. Poor results at the outset are not the slightest reason for discouragement; everybody has this experience for a long while. Each week grows better and requires less strain.

The third price is perfect surrender. We lose Christ’s presence the moment our wills rebel. If we try to keep even a remote corner of life for self or evil, and refuse to let the Lord rule us wholly, that small worm will spoil the entire fruit. We must be utterly sincere.

The fourth price is to be often in a group. We need the stimulus of believers who pursue what we pursue, the presence of Christ.

What We Gain

You may not win all your minutes to Christ, or even half, but you do win a richer life. There are no losers excepting those who quit.

We develop what Thomas A Kempis calls a “familiar friendship with Jesus.” Our unseen Friend becomes dearer, closer and more wonderful every day until at last we know Him as “Jesus, lover of my soul,” not only in song but in blissful experience. Doubts vanish; we are more sure of Him being with us than of anybody else. This warm, ardent friendship ripens rapidly, and it keeps on growing richer and more radiant every month.

We gain purity of thought, because when we are maintaining the presence of Christ, our minds are pure as a mountain stream every moment.

All day long we are contented, whatever our lot may be, for He is with us. “When Jesus goes with me, I’ll go anywhere.”

It becomes easy to tell others about Christ because our minds are flooded with Him. “Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Au Revoir
February 6, 1691

Let all your employment be to know God. The more you actually know Him, the more you will desire to know Him. Since knowledge is a measurement of love, the deeper and more intimate you are with Him, the greater will be your love for Him. And if our love for the Lord is greater, then we will love Him as much during grief as in joy.

I am sure you know that most people’s love for the Lord stops at a very shallow stage. Most love God for the tangible things He gives them. They love Him because of His favor to them. You must not stop on such a level, no matter how rich His mercies have been to you. Many outward blessings can never bring you as close to God as can one simple act of faith.

So seek Him often by faith.

Oh, dear friend, the Lord is not outside of you, pouring down favors. The Lord is within you. Seek Him there, within…and nowhere else.

Let the Lord be the one, the only, love of your life. If we do love Him alone, are we not rude if we busy ourselves with trifles which do not please Him and some which may even offend Him? Be wise and fear such trifles. They will one day cost us dearly.

Dear friend, would you now begin, today, to be devoted to the Lord, in earnest? Cast everything else out of your heart. He would possess it alone. Beg of Him that favor.

Do what you can, and soon you will see that change wrought in you which you are seeking.

I cannot thank Him enough for the relief He has given you.

I hope, by His mercy, for the privilege of seeing Him face to face within a few days.

Let us pray for one another.

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