Prayer Summary for March 27

Easter Holiday

From all of us here at Living Word Christian Center – may the love and presence of God overflow in your life on this Resurrection Sunday.

GPAN will resume on Monday, April 1, 2013.


Holy Spirit, thank You for Your presence in this place
It is a privilege to come together as believers!
Father, thank You for Your great plan of redemption!
You saw that a man would be a house and a temple for You
We are looking for many more to join the family!
Our hearts yearn for the precious fruit of the earth
The witness on the inside is that we are living in the end and that Jesus is coming soon!
Father, we want to respond to Your heart and walk in love
We are looking for great change individually and collectively!
Your arm is not short to perform it-the future of the Church is bright!
Thank You for the great invitation to come before Your throne of grace
We are here to see Your face, pray out Your will, and see it come to pass
All of our dependence and trust is ONLY in You!
Holy Spirit, we need You more today!
We trust You to speak in a way we can understand
Thank You that You never ever leave us!
We are looking for great outbursts of Your miraculous ways
Touch those who have been stuck and fearful
Lift them up and remove the scales off of their eyes to see-fog being lifted in Jesus’ name!
That they may be apprehended by You and would be rooted and grounded in Your love
We hold the blood against deception
Joining our faith with pastors, teachers, evangelists, and all fivefold ministry gifts
Calling for encouragement to all of the fivefold ministry gifts
We cover their eyes and we bind the lies of the enemy with the blood
Throwing off the old garments and taking on the garments of the Holy Ghost-fresh anointings!
Father, there must be a great cleansing in the Church
Every one responding unto the Spirit
No longer hesitating but moving in implicit obedience
Each one must hear the notes of the Spirit
We lift the score-every note must be from heaven!
The DNA of God is coming out!
All of our trust is in You, Father
Yielding in words, actions, and demonstrations
We are looking for mercy!
There must be a greater release of power
Calling for a great release of the time-released anointings!
Holy Spirit, come and make it plain that we must not forsake the assembly of the brethren
Awaken to the possibilities
Pushing out the boarders and lengthening the cords
Do not lean unto Your own understanding but continually yield to the Spirit!
Calling for atmospheric conditions to be lined up!
No longer stagnating or staying in status quo, but living in the very presence of God!
Father, You have said that there will be an outpouring in the last days
We bind the spirit of fear against the body of Christ!
Father, we are calling for the overcoming victory to come upon the body!
Let us not fall short in these days but to apprehend everything that has been apprehended!
Walking carefully and with clarity in vision
You have placed us for such a time as this and we will do Your will!
Pressing on to the high calling and forgetting that which lies behind
Those that have been on the fringes and outside are running back to the Father’s house!
That they would sense and know the call on them!
We must have a shift in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Your Word says that if we seek You first, EVERYTHING else would be added unto us
We are looking for the great transfer and transformation
The positions are positioned for now!
We pray for the spiritual leaders and their assignments!
Let them be able to say, “I have finished!”
Father, strengthen us to obey in these last days
We don’t want to live with any regrets
Seeing whole regions given over to You, Lord!
The pray-ers must unwrap those gifts!
Seeing and seizing every opportunity that is granted to us
Fill our very lives with Your tangible Spirit that You may be seen and recognized
We lift up the young generation!
Lord, we call for ALL of the supplies and parts to function together
We esteem those parts and members
Calling for nothing missing and nothing broken!
Touch each one to know they are loved by You
We are secure in Your love, for there is no greater love!
Father, we lift up all of the services this coming weekend all across this nation
We lift up the real meaning of Easter-for people to be drawn to hear the truth
That every message of every pastor would be filled with truth and love
We pray over every music ministry to be so filled with You that the words of the songs would penetrate the hearts of the people
For the hearts to be pliable to receive the message
Have Your way Lord, from beginning to end!
For the atmosphere to be right for all of Your gifts to flow!
May You alone be seen and You alone be glorified!
We pray for Your love to be so evident and tangible that there wouldn’t be any hesitation
That people would see all that You have done for them
We pray that the atmosphere would be reverential of You!
All of You and none of us!
Seeing families restored as a result of the manifest presence!
You get all the glory, Father!

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