Prayer Summary for June 1

We welcome You, precious Holy Spirit in this place today
Thank You for Your presence in our lives, Lord
Corporately we come together, united together in Your presence
We know that things change in, by and through the blood of Jesus
You are welcome in this place, Lord
The following excerpt is taken from Taking Action by Reinhard Bonnke:
If a church at least burns for God, it will attract notice. When churches are models of decency, decorum, conformity, and correctness, nobody says, “I will now turn aside and see this great sight” (Exod. 3:3). When there is a spiritual blaze, people stop and stare.
Bushes should not burn, and many supposed churches should not burn either! If they do, somebody will look for a fire extinguisher. A church that burns is not normal. It is spectacular, and people stop to look. Some who stop will be like Moses and hear the voice of God, though others will be deaf. However, that is where God separates the people of the past from the people of the future. The past spelled Egypt, bondage. The fire spelled freedom, adventure, and life. People are not seeking perfection but fire, warmth, and passion. Churches may look opulent, popular, and, successful, but I think of Peter and John. They had to confess, “Silver or gold I do not have” (Acts 3:6). They were both too shabby to attract admiration, but they could continue, “But what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” They did not have any cash, but they did have God.
Fire made the bush the most famous bush that ever grew. Only Moses saw it, but nobody can forget it. Fire made it what it was, and it made Moses who he was. He was learned in all the wisdom of Egypt, but for all that he would have died a nobody, a dusty mummy in Egypt. Yet he met the God of fire in the wilderness, and he matters today very much. Similarly, the disciples were unknowns, fishing workers, until the tongues of flame rested upon them, and soon they had turned the world upside down. They did not know themselves until the fire transformed them. Their fervor brought them persecution and plenty of verbal abuse, but they are remembered and their persecutors are lost in oblivion. If any preacher hopes to be noted and remembered, let him be a burning bush.
The divided tongues brought an end to division. Even when they were following Jesus, the disciples vied with one another to see who should be greatest. After Pentecost, however, we read that they “devoted themselves… to the fellowship… All the believers were together and had everything in common… They broke bread in their homes and ate together” (Acts 2:42-46, NIV). One fire was divided into many flames, yet each was the fire of God. They did not need two flames for double power. Those divided flames created a new breed of men-not clones of one another but one new race, a new people. One flame represented the entire fire of God. Andrew’s flame burned with a different color than James’s fire. John was still John, but he became a flame called John. Thomas became an on-fire Thomas. Flame people! People who have dwelt with the everlasting burnings cannot stand smoldering smoke. The disciples were called when they were like black candlewicks, but the love of Christ lit them. Candles in a box, tossed to the corner- but taken out and set alight, they lit up the world!
Continued Praying…
We are changed by the fire, of Your Holy Spirit
Father, pour out Your spirit upon us, today!
Holy Spirit we are hungry for more of You
Touch us with Your presence; we want to be changed, Lord
We will stay on fire and stay hungry for more of You
Lifting up the body of Christ before You, open up their eyes, ears and hearts, Father
Thank You for the shed blood of Jesus and what was done on the cross for us
Giving You all the glory, honor, and praise, today, Lord
We pray for those lost souls to be found, Father
That we would be filled with Your presence until we are overflowing
Worshipping and magnifying Your name – Jesus!
Calling for Your fire to fall afresh on us, Lord
Men set on fire by the Holy Spirit
Father we ask You for the wind to blow and the fire to fall from heaven
Churches will be set on fire and will burn white hot for You, Lord
More, greater, hotter, wider, further!
Consumed and filled with Your fire!
Shaking out of the old and pressing on into the new
Altars on fire, pulpits on fire, pastors on fire, ministries on fire!
Supernatural aid and assistance from heaven today!
Pushing out ahead and calling for the greater
Expecting to walk in the fullness thereof
You, Lord are the all-consuming fire!
The fire brands!
Your fire is transforming each and every one of us
Purify our hearts by Your fire, Father
More and more of the lost are coming in!
Covering those laborers with the blood of Jesus
The fire will and shall have its way!
That we would be the carriers of Your fire, Lord God!
Even where the water has been poured, the fire will bring about restoration
Calling for demonstrations, operations and manifestations of Your spirit, Father
Lifting up the combinations for the elevation of the church
Giftings and anointings are being combined to work in a supernatural way
Applying the blood of Jesus over the plans You have for us
Preparation of and by Your spirit, dear God
Those that were separated are being brought back together again!
Plans and plots of the enemy be removed today!
We have complete restoration by the precious blood of Jesus!
Offenses be removed!
Fire, leap over boundaries!
Calling for urgent fires; fires that would burn like never before!
New, changed, rearranged!
That we would be instruments of righteousness and holiness
Pleading the blood of Jesus over the instruments of fire
Eyes are being opened to see the truth of Your word
Words of fire are being spoken today!
We want to be a fire igniter, fire lighter, and a fire carrier
Those things from the enemy will be burned away
Light those hearts like a torch!
Set our hearts on fire, we want to be consumed by heaven’s fire!
Advancing in the spirit realm, we take those steps of faith, Father
Where the spirit of God is, there is liberty and freedom
Thank You Father, that You are a wall of fire all around us
We will continue moving from one degree of glory to another
You are protecting us from every evil plot of the enemy
Cleansed, washed, and made whole by the blood of Jesus
One body in Jesus’ name!

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