Prayer Summary for July 17

Morning Chapel Prayer Playlist
Morning Chapel Prayer Today


Father, we thank You for Your mercy and grace
You have a beautiful plan for each and every one of us
We pray that You would break down any indifference in our lives
Thank You that the Spirit of God would come in and invade our hearts
Yes, the light and truth are penetrating the darkness
Casting down all hopelessness, all depression, and all anxiety, Lord
Father, we pray for a releasing of strongholds, despair doubt, and disbeliefs
Thank You for a release of Your anointing into our heats and lives
We pray for a breaking down of those things that would try to hold us back
No, we will not stay stuck in status quo, but we will run all the way to the very end
Yes, we will do all that You have called us to do, Lord
We will not stop until we hear “Well done thy good and faithful servant”
Praying over those that have been discouraged, we pray that You would strengthen them
You are raising those believers up from their despair
Thank you that You are faithful, and You will see us through all the way to the very end
Declaring a shifting that would take place in these days
We thank You for freedom, liberty, and joy, Father
Yes, there is a shifting taking place over finances today
Casting down all debts, discouragements, limitations that would try to come against finances
Lifting up the church, we speak and command a shifting to take place and we declare overflow
Commanding for lack to turn in to overflow, for debt to turn into fortune!
Yes, You have provided us with every resource to fulfill Your call and plan
We pray for healing in body, soul, and mind
Declaring to our bodies and we call you to be healed, healthy, and whole in Jesus’ name
Cancer, be cast down in the name of Jesus, we declare healing over those bodies
We speak to darkness, confusion, and obstruction and we tell you to be removed
There is a shifting in the body of Christ in these last days
Loosing light and truth, the spirit of revelation to flow into hearts today!
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear all that You are speaking to us, Lord
Preparations are being released, angels and ministering spirits go and work on our behalf
Thank You for holy preparations now!
Callings, we pray for a turning up of callings and assignments
Yes, the callings are calling today!
We turn up the calling of God on the church now!
Come out of mediocrity, come out of the status quo, it is time to come out and to show up
Here I am Lord, do in me what You desire, send me where You want me to go
Thank You for the children, we lift them up to You and we pray that they would encounter You
We pray for a shifting in these last days, that Your will would be done, Lord
Yes, we pray out into the future that there would be preparations and divine appointments with You
Praying over crossroads, intersections, and interactions
Father, we thank You for Your pathways to be opened up, that we would know the steps to take
We pray for hopeless situations to be covered in the blood of Jesus
Those things that were impossible are being redeemed in every way
Yes, we thank You for that harvest that is coming in
We pray for connections to be made now!
Thank You for connections in services, we call our services to come up to the next level
Yes, we know that You are preparing us and we will do all that You have called us to do
Praying each and every believer to step into the plan and call You set before them
We are opening up to the will of God, opening up to the presence of God
You are so merciful, and we thank You that Your grace is new every morning
America, we pray over America and we cover it with the blood of Jesus
We pray over America and we pray for an opening up in Jesus’ name
Prepare the way, Father
Have mercy on us, Lord, we repent for what we have abandoned
Declaring for mercy to be all across this land, Lord
Thank You for mercy, grace, and for a fresh start
Yes, we want more of You, have mercy on our senate and our congress
We lift up Washington, DC and we pray for the grace of God to cover it, Father
Thank You for the wind of Your Spirit to sweep through this nation
Praying for a shift in this atmosphere
No, we don’t want it any other way but Your way
We stand and we contend for all that You have prophesied
Yes, we say that we will have it Your way, Lord
Grant those things unto us, we thank You for an outpouring of Your Spirit
Go, go, go, we speak to You and tell You to go and sweep across this place
Thank You that You are loosing those things that have come over us
We speak and cast down those things and we pray for a greater release of Your Spirit
Yes, we will do and accomplish all that You would have us to do
No, nothing will stop us, and we will fulfill Your will and plan
You are our redeemer, our provider and we thank You for it, Lord
Jesus is calling, the Spirit is calling
We will be the light in the darkness!

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