Morning Prayer Summary for   Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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Pastor Ken…

[beginning of service was not recorded] …for our church, for everyone online, that that flow would just be permitted and targeted toward our lives, toward what’s going on in our church, in our community. There is a flow. There is a river. And like Jesus, we can draw upon that river and find sustenance, and life, and breath, and wisdom.

We’re not meant to go it alone…

God never set this thing up for us to go it alone, to strike out on our own, to figure it out with our limited finite intellect. Rather that we would live in the river, live in the flow of heaven, of healing, of anointing, of power, of really everything that is requisite for life and fruitfulness as God defines it.

Prayer is an opportunity…

And so prayer is that opportunity. It’s not something we have to check off the box. And I’m not saying that because I’m the prayer pastor. I know that’s easy, but I’m really saying that from a place… even as a young person, as I began to discover I could talk to God and He would listen to me. And lo and behold, He would talk back to me. And even from the earliest of age being baptized in the Holy Spirit, sensed His power and presence course through my soul and across my body and my 12-year-old mind thinking, “Whoa, this is cool.”

We’re supposed to be the lit-up ones sent on mission…

And that curiosity and joy and delight has not left me. And shouldn’t leave us. And we have to be intentional the more we grow spiritually to stir ourselves up in our faith… our most holy faith. Stir ourselves up to take hold of more of God to not lose that child likeness regarding our faith, regarding our journey with Him, regarding our dependence upon Him. No matter where we find ourselves in life, business, ministry, society, we’re supposed to be the lit-up ones sent to earth on mission, lit up with the anointing and presence and unlimited sustenance of heaven’s flow.

God is setting us up…

And we draw on that through prayer, through worship, through moments of quiet waiting… stillness… being really aware of what’s going on the inside of us. Recognizing it’s not just some ethereal spiritual moment exclusively, but that place where God moves and speaks and sometimes we don’t even know what’s going on. God is setting us up. He’s changing us. He’s resurrecting things. He’s depositing and imparting things that may not emerge for maybe days, months, or years down the road. But make no mistake about it, they will play a key and critical role in your course, in this church, in your decisions, in your journey and what God has for us and wants to do in us and through us as a staff, as individuals.

Our greatest need is to be dependent upon Him…

God never intended that we would do this on our own. No matter how wise, intellectual, skillful we become in any particular thing—that’s good and we should grow there—but ultimately our greatest need is to be dependent wholly on Him, to be constantly turning ourselves over to Him, giving ourselves into Him. Saying, “Lord, I can’t do this unless you go with me.” Like what Moses said, “Lord, don’t take me from this place unless you go with me. I ain’t leaving. I’m standing right here, right where this presence is. If your presence moves, then I’ll move.”

What was on Brother Kenneth Hagin’s desk…

I was going to read a little something here from E.W. Kenyon. Somebody had the presence of mind many years ago before Brother Kenneth Hagin went to heaven to go into his office and take pictures of what was on Brother Hagin’s desks and his bookshelves, in his realm before he was promoted to heaven. And what they found was a number of things. But one thing that stuck out to them was a number of books by E.W. Kenyon. Once you’ve been in ministry 50, 60 years, there are only certain people that maybe inspire you or take you deeper. And Brother Hagin was one of those.

Quote by E.W. Kenyon on prayer…

And so, E.W. Kenyon was an author that was on his desk, and in particular, a book on the presence of God. And in this book, E.W. Kenyon writes…

“Some have said that prayer is the greatest opportunity ever afforded to a man or woman in Christ. If this is true, then you can understand why there would be enemies to stand in the way of a prayer life. You can understand why the Adversary would make it his business to see that the prayer life of an individual and the prayer life of a church should be ineffective. Satan would not be a good strategist or general unless the prayer life would be attacked and destroyed.

“A church is as powerful as its prayer life. The men and women who learn the secret of reaching the throne and getting the ear of God, they become dangerous to the hosts of darkness.

“Martin Luther’s prayers gave birth to the reformation, his knowledge and experience of the new birth would not have given birth to that mighty upheaval in Germany unless that man had a prayer life.

“When John Knox cried, ‘Give me Scotland or I die’ and when Martin Luther said, ‘I will not let go of You God until You give me Germany,’ God heard them. And, God is as easily reached now as He ever was!

“It is not a problem of education, but it’s a problem of knowing our rights and privileges in Christ and then daring to enter the throne room facing God with the needs of the world.

“Everyone of us has a place in the prayer life, God has no unused members. There isn’t a useless member in the physical body neither is there a useless member in the spiritual body of Christ. God has planned with divine wisdom the body of Christ and the moment you are born into that body, you have a place in which to function. If anyone thinks because of lack of training or because of a lack of this or that, he doesn’t have a place, he is deluded by the enemy.

“The enemy is always trying to talk people out of the plan of God… or that they’re not as important as someone else.

“You may be focusing on the supply you need in your life, but God wants to let you know that you have a supply to bring or give! Your prayers contribute and supply the plan of God.

“With that place comes responsibility and with responsibility comes reward or demerit. If you do not take your place in the family of God, if you do not take your place in the body of Christ, the Church is weakened because of it. Your business is to find your place and fill it! Until you do, you will pay the price, I want you to know the price you pay by staying out of the will of God is expensive. You may pay it in sickness, loss of money, or in unhappiness with your loved ones, you cannot be the protected one, the cared for one as long as you’re standing outside of the Lord’s will for you – take your place!”

If you will take time to pray about what God wants you to pray about… to spend time with him – things will change for you, healing will come, and blessing will knock on your door! Not prioritizing your prayer life will eventually leave you outside of God’s will for your life and potentially exposed to the enemy’s attack. It’s an act of obedience to pray.

“Give yourself to meditation, prayer, and study of the Word. Don’t allow anything to stand in the way of you finding your place, life will not mean much to you outside the will of God. You can’t say that you have no responsibility in the prayer life because you do. To see a need is to have a call to pray. We can’t plead that we have too much work to do because we can pray while we work. We can’t put up the plea that we don’t know how because if we want to learn, we will. To disobey the prayer call is to disobey the call of the Father. The prayer responsibility today is the most important thing of our lives!”

“The greatest things we can do is learn to pray because if you know how to pray, there’s nothing you can’t receive from God.” – K. E. H.

“Did you ever realize that there are men and women who are defeated and breaking down in their businesses, in the homes and spiritual lives because we haven’t prayed for them. We’ve been too occupied with our own pleasures; our own dreams, and men and women are staggering under burdens we should help carry… They’re breaking down.

“Do not let this simply awaken you for a moment, but let prayer become like your eating or like your business or like your home. If you’re a parent there are contain duties you perform every day for your family, but the greatest duty you will every perform for your family will be the prayer duty, prayer should be as natural as breathing and enjoyable as eating.

“Prayer should be as unconscious as our communication with each other. It should not be simply the child of need, but should be based on a spiritual fellowship with the Father. Our needs are not our own, in fellowship with Him our needs become His needs. For we are not our own, we are part of Him.”

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