Prayer Summary for July 14


Thank You, Father, for always being our Shepherd
You make us to lay down in your comfort
We lift up and cover in the blood every representative of Christians United for Israel
Father, grant them utterance by Your Spirit as they speak with their state representative in Washington today
We ask You to soften the hearts of the hearers that they would receive for our country on behalf of Israel
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every meeting – all the details lined up in Jesus’ name
We thank You, Father, for ministry by Your Spirit – Your presence in every meeting
Ministering spirits go and work on behalf of Israel today
Declaring supernatural connections will be made in Jesus’ name
For You are faithful and good and Your mercy endures forever
Thank You for our seat in heavenly places, we take it now in Christ Jesus
Father, we give You all the praise, all the honor and glory in the almighty name of Jesus

The following excerpt was taken from How to Become a Water Walker by Andrew Wommack:

Not long after I’d seen my first person raised from the dead, I remember being so excited! I not only believed in theory that God could do miracles, I saw it happen and I was pumped! While holding a meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, I noticed a man in a wheelchair sitting to my left in the front row. I could hardly wait to get through preaching so I could go over there and see him come out of that wheelchair. I reasoned, If you could see a man raised from the dead, then surely you could see someone come out of a wheelchair. So I went over and grabbed this guy by the hand and declared, “In the name of Jesus, rise up and walk!” I yanked him up out of that chair and he fell right over on his face. Since he was paralyzed, he couldn’t even brace himself to break the fall.

When that happened, people gasped. You could hear their groans. I groaned too. You could actually hear the unbelief. It was tangible, and I didn’t know what to do. So I bent down on my knees, took hold of this man, hugged him, wrestled him back into his wheelchair, and said the scriptural equivalent of, “Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled” (James 2:16). But I didn’t give him what he needed.

Unbelief Will Sink You

While reading a book about Smith Wigglesworth, I discovered that he used to start his miracle services by boldly declaring, “The first person to come up here on the stage will be healed of whatever you have!” Someone would come up, he would pray for them, see them healed, and then preach about how it happened. Then he would give an altar call, go through and lay hands on people, and see many, many folks healed. Wigglesworth saw lots of great miracles this way.

At one of Wigglesworth’s meetings, two ladies brought an elderly friend who was suffering from a cancerous tumor. As soon as he said, “The first person up here gets healed,” they rushed their friend up to the stage. The tumor on this woman was so large that it made her look like she was nine months pregnant. She was so weak that she couldn’t stand without her two friends’ assistance. They stood on the stage, one on each side of this lady, holding her up. Smith looked at them and said, “Let her go.”

They answered, “We can’t let her go. She’ll fall.”

Wigglesworth raised his voice a little and told them, “I said let her go.” They did and she fell forward on top of that tumor, groaning out loud in pain. The people in the crowd began to gasp and moan-exactly like when I pulled that man out of the wheelchair and he fell on his face.

Smith Wigglesworth didn’t have any more faith when he ministered to that woman than I did when I ministered to that man (Romans 12:3). The difference was Wigglesworth had less unbelief. When I prayed for that man in the wheelchair and he fell flat on his face, I responded in confusion, shame, guilt, and fear. I grabbed him and helped him back up into his wheelchair. Smith just kept right on going and said, “Pick her up.”

They picked the woman up and stood her in front of Wigglesworth again. He said, “Let her go.” The two women responded, “We can’t let her go. She’ll fall again!”

Wigglesworth yelled at them, “I said let her go!” They did, and she fell flat on that tumor again. He said, “Pick her up.” They did. Then he told them, “Let her go.” They answered, “We will not let her go!”

Smith barked, “I said let her go!” At this point, a man in the audience stood up and declared, “You beast! Leave that poor woman alone!”

Smith got mad and hollered, “I know my business. You mind your own!” Then he turned to the women and ordered, “You let her go!” They did, and that tumor fell out of her dress onto the stage, and the woman walked off totally healed.

Wigglesworth didn’t have any more faith than I did, he just had less unbelief. Can you see the difference?

Looking Unto Him

As long as Peter looked to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2), he walked on water. But when he took his eyes off the Lord, he began to see the wind and the waves. Although the wind and the waves weren’t demonic or evil, they were contrary to faith.

At times, a breeze can be a wonderful thing. It can cool you off and be very pleasant. Waves aren’t bad either. It’s actually very soothing to sit on the shore and see waves. However, it’s different when they’re extreme. The howling wind and tall waves overwhelmed Peter with unbelief. He probably started thinking thoughts like, I shouldn’t be out on this water. I need to get back into the boat! Most likely if he started having these thoughts, that’s when he began to sink.

Notice how Peter didn’t just plop down all at once and instantly sink. The Word says that he began to sink (Matthew 14:30). Likewise, unbelief doesn’t come all at once. It doesn’t just jump on you like a seizure. Like faith, unbelief comes gradually through the way you think. You must build and grow yourself in this area. Peter didn’t just lose his faith and start operating in unbelief all at once. It was something that happened gradually.

Peter had enough sense to turn to Jesus and call out for help. He could have called back to the guys in the boat. He could have just totally given up all faith whatsoever and thought, This is crazy. This must not be Jesus. This must be a vision. What am I doing out here? Peter could have yelled for the guys in the boat to throw him a rope, but instead he turned back to Jesus.

There is no indication that Jesus carried Peter back to the boat. The Word implies that they walked back together. Peter walked on the water again, but this time hand in hand with Jesus and looking unto Him.

What Are You Thinking?

Lack of faith didn’t cause Peter to sink-unbelief did. He began to sink when he took his eyes off Jesus. The reason most Christians never walk on water is because they aren’t really looking at Jesus the way they should. If they start walking in a miracle but struggle and begin to sink, it’s because they have taken their eyes off Jesus. They are considering what the banker, doctor, family member, or checkbook is saying instead of what God’s Word says. They have started thinking about something else. It’s not that they don’t have faith; it’s just that their faith is being “negated and counterbalanced by their unbelief that is pulling in the opposite direction.

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Continued praying…

Father, we have faith that our prayers are effectual
Not in our own power but in the power of Your Spirit
You are unchanging, the same today as yesterday – Your word will never change
Thank you for it today!
Magnifying Your precious name over this nation – Jesus!
Jesus be Jesus in us – by Your Spirit indwelling us
All power and authority has been given unto us to speak and see things come to pass
Declaring things on earth to be as they are in heaven
Jesus You completed Your destiny so we can go all the way to our completed destiny
Thank You for it Lord!
You are our strength and do lead us
Overcoming by the blood
Declaring this day blessed in Jesus’ name
All honor and glory and thanksgiving to You today

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