Prayer Alert for July 14

The following is taken from Kenneth Copeland Ministries today:

Agree together with us this morning! There is great power in agreement. (Matt 18:19)
URGENT! There’s was an agreement between America, European allies and Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear program. I listened to our President this morning as he made a warm presentation of all this agreement achieves. But there are some very obvious reasons this is a dangerous agreement. The less obvious reasons are yet to be confirmed. Today we will go to the Hill to present our six minimum requirements for Congress to allow this agreement to stand. Pray with us, for us as we go. There is a need for 13 Democrats to vote with the Republicans against this devil deemed pact. Also, we will hold Senator Tom Cotton in steady prayer as he is the leader in the fight against the agreement. Don’t forget that no matter what things look like, prayers prayed in faith in the Word win! Go to to learn more.

The following was prayed this morning by Pastor Ray on behalf of all the members of Christians United For Israel meeting with their representatives today in Washington DC:

We lift up and cover in the blood every representative of Christians United for Israel
Father, grant them utterance by Your Spirit as they speak with their state representative in Washington today
We ask You to soften the hearts of the hearers that they would receive for our country on behalf of Israel
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every meeting – all the details lined up in Jesus’ name
We thank You, Father, for ministry by Your Spirit – Your presence in every meeting
Ministering spirits go and work on behalf of Israel today
Declaring supernatural connections will be made in Jesus’ name
For You are faithful and good and Your mercy endures forever
Thank You for our seat in heavenly places, we take it now in Christ Jesus
Father, we give You all the praise, all the honor and glory in the almighty name of Jesus

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