Prayer Summary for January 30


We worship You today, Lord
Holy Spirit, You are our helper and our comforter
No, we were not meant to do this life alone; the Holy Spirit is with us and in us
You are right here with us, and we thank You for it, Lord
Yes, You are moving, breathing and You are granting to us insight and revelation
Father, we look to You and we thank You for Your presence in our lives
Casting down all loneliness and every evil work of the enemy
Thank You for a release of Your Spirit into our hearts and our minds
Calling for a refreshing wave of Your Spirit
We pray for heavenly resets today!
Praying that what is upside down will be turned right side up
Yes, there will be a turning over of what the enemy has done
We call for restoration in these days, Lord
Thank You for restoration, restitution, and resources of every kind
Praying for supernatural payback in hearts, lives, and churches
Father, You are restoring all that was stolen from us
Today, we declare payback, loose and let go of our harvest
Payback, be loosed in the name of Jesus
Lord, we command for those blockages to be moved out of the way
Yes, the Spirit is flowing in fullness in Jesus’ name!
Thank You for peace over the minds of Your believers
Casting down all doubts, fears, and wonderings
Lord, we release Your hand into hearts, minds, and bodies
Your Word said that all that is stolen will be paid back to us
Yes, we declare that Your will would be done in our lives today!
Father, we declare that everything that we would set our hands unto would prosper
We declare that we are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might
Yes, we are thriving, prospering, and advancing as a people and as individuals
Greater is He who is in me, than he that is in the world
No, we will not grow weary in well doing, but we are growing stronger in faith
We call in the harvest of our prayers, Father
Glory be to God, bless the Lord
Yes, we bless You our God and King
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear, we hear the call of victory
Calling for breakthroughs today, Lord
Casting down all strongholds in the name of Jesus
Breakthrough in Jesus’ name
Father, we thank You for Your purpose and Your promise
Thank You that You are restoring those things unto us, Lord
We are taking ground, we will go where we have not gone before
Calling for freedom, joy, and peace in these last days
You are a good, good Father
We will not stop believing, we will keep going and take ground
Father, we will receive all that You have for us
No, we will not grow weary in well doing, if we don’t quit we will win
When we have done all that we can do, we need to continue to stand
All Your promises are yes and amen
We surrender all to You, Lord
Give us the words to speak
Father, we lean in and trust in You
Yes, we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus
We are Your people and You have called us for such a time as this
Invade our hearts, invade our lives, Father
You have given us the keys to open the doors, and we thank You for it
Yes, You are so patient and kind, Lord
Thank You for Your grace and love
We worship, magnify, and honor You, today
Holy Spirit, go and take back that which the enemy has stolen from us
Casting down all worries and anxieties in Jesus’ name
Refresh us and renew us, grant unto us a fresh perspective
Glory to God, hallelujah!
You are drawing us out of the trauma, out of those circumstances
Draw Your church and leaders today
Yes, draw us out of our preconceived ideas and into a better place
We send Your Spirit to go out and draw people in with cords of love
Calling those companies of believers out of religion and into relationship with You
You are stirring us up, Lord
Thank You for 2023 and the time ahead
Praying for holy demonstrations of Your Spirit
We pray that You would raise up believers all over the church today, Lord
You have prepared a way where there seems to be no other way
Declaring for preparation in every area
New songs, new sounds and answers are coming through
Thank You for well-timed help from heaven to earth
You are showing up now, glory is showing up now!
We propel answers behind closed doors in the White House and Supreme Court today
Praying for a rerouting of agendas!
Lifting up those in decision-making positions, we pray peace and truth over them
There is a momentum now, a greater exposing and revealing now!
Works of darkness are coming into the light
No more strongholds, no more darkness, no more!
Darkness come into the light, be exposed in Jesus’ name
Thank You for a massive cooperation now all across the church now
No heart unturned, every stone will be turned over!
Calling for a greater repentance now
The blood is cleansing us
We thank You for a wave of repentance in these last days
There is a work of Your Spirit taking place, we call those things forth in Jesus’ name
The nation of America is being opened to Your will and plan
Greater preparation, be ready now!
Prepare us, Lord
We are Your people, and we submit to Your will
Calling for eyes to be opened
Hearts are being anointed with clarity to see and understand what You have for us
No, there must be an urgency in the body of Christ today!
We will get up and go, and we will not stop until we are done
Identify, help us to recognize what You have for us
Calling for greater discernment in these last days
Thank You for the steps that must be taken
Praying for hearts to be opened up
You are wringing our hearts out, wring us out, Lord
We want more of You and of Your Spirit
The mercy of God is covering each and every one of us
Father, we draw closer to You, and to Your Word

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