Prayer Summary for January 28

Scripture Focus…

(1) “Also [Jesus] told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not to turn coward (faint, lose heart, and give up). (2) He said, In a certain city there was a judge who neither reverenced and feared God nor respected or considered man. (3) And there was a widow in that city who kept coming to him and saying, Protect and defend and give me justice against my adversary. (4) And for a time he would not; but later he said to himself, Though I have neither reverence or fear for God nor respect or consideration for man, (5) Yet because this widow continues to bother me, I will defend and protect and avenge her, lest she give me intolerable annoyance and wear me out by her continual coming or at the last she come and rail on me or assault me or strangle me. (6) Then the Lord said, Listen to what the unjust judge says! (7) And will not [our just] God defend and protect and avenge His elect (His chosen ones), who cry to Him day and night? Will He defer them and delay help on their behalf? (8) I tell you, He will defend and protect and avenge them speedily.”
(Luke 18:1–8 Amp.)


The following word was given through Dr. Dennis Burke at Living Word Christian Center on Sunday, January 26, 2014:

“These are days of open doors,” says the Lord. “These are days of new ideas flooding into your soul. These are days of fresh thought, new energy, and new strength. These are days for liberty from disease, from stress, and from lack. These are days designed to be extraordinary days for advancing and to bring increase into your life—advancing in the cause that I’ve assigned you to … advancing in the successes that I’ve positioned you for … advancing in the victories … advancing in positions … advancing even in business and on your job. These are days for advancement, and these are days for increase—increase in your strength … increase in your energy … increase in your focus … increase in your resolve. These are days not only for increase to come into your hands, but these are days for increase to flood out from your hands—the day of increase for the anointings that I have placed upon your life … days of increase for the fruit that I have sown and planted within you … days of increase for your household to reflect the very glory that I have placed within you … days of increase for the restoration of things that have been stolen from you … days of an increase for God to set in place and set in order those things Satan has tried to destroy. These are the days when the walls that Satan tore down are being rebuilt, stone by stone, word by word, and it doesn’t take long. These are great days, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.”

The following commentary to Zephaniah is taken from The Revival Bible:

Day of the LORD

Zephaniah’s name means “the LORD hides”; appropriate for his times, for in the midst of inevitable judgments, we see the divine character of God displayed. The Lord will “not slay the righteous (the remnant) with the wicked.” They would be protected and in due time restored, renewed, and revived once again in the land. Zephaniah chapter one deals with retribution by the fire of God’s jealousy; chapter two deals with reformation and how God always has a remnant; and chapter three deals with restoration and revival in the land.
Chapter 1:2–7 and verse 18 show us how, before there can be a cure for any disease, there must be proper diagnosis. God is not capricious, venting His anger at the slightest whim or provocation. God announces judgment to come as a result of His people persisting in a variety of idolatrous practices. For every cause, there is an effect. That which is sown will be reaped. Note the order: Living without God as our pursuit will only lead to further ungodly behavior. Revivals are often preceded by courageous men and women of God giving an awakening call to sinners to turn from their own ways back to God. Will you be one?

However, before God’s day of retribution there is a call that comes for reformation. God announces His plan to judge not as a final, irreversible consequence but as an opportunity for His mercy to triumph over judgment (2:1–3).

In the next chapter, God tells us the wicked do not understand justice. The children of this world strive after the earthly because they do not possess the true good. If they possessed it, then there would be in their hand a just measure by which to judge earthly things. No one can perceive what is false according to God’s judgment unless he knows what is true. He who does not know the truth is not able to distinguish between truth and error.

Chapter 3:11–20 shows that God’s judgments are not an end in themselves; they are there to cleanse in order to heal. He removes that which has offended Him, to establish and build in its place. Revival, in one sense of the word, is God, the Mighty One, once again in our midst. His work in revival is so beautifully described here: “I will save you…I will heal you…I will quiet you in my love…l will rejoice over you…l will gather you.” Who would not earnestly seek true revival?

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Thank You, Holy Spirit, for being with us today
Father, we are not looking to have one foot here and one foot there
We want the fullness of what You desire for us
Lord, we are not looking to achieve things in our own strength, but we are looking to You
Open up Your ways and lead us by Your Holy Spirit
Position us in the last leg of the race to be so close to You that we wouldn’t be distracted by anything
In these last days, we are not looking to a good idea of man but to Your truth
Come down in the midst of Your people and transform and quiet us in Your love
You said that You desire us to be sons and daughters
We pray that there would be an alarm ringing throughout the Church
Feet being placed in their right positions—seeking first the kingdom of God!
We are more hungry for You today than we were yesterday
Seeking Your Word and presence
Continually looking to the standard that You have revealed to us
Each one filled with the Spirit and only speaking the words of life
Give us wisdom on how to negotiate, how to walk through and come out
A full supply of resources
The victory is in that way and call
There is only one way—seeking first the kingdom and His Spirit and presence
Everything else will be taken care of
Setting aside all worry and doubt
Many things will be mended and made new—aligned in the right way
That will be revealed and open
Calling all of that to come in and come forth, to be adjusted and arranged in the right way
Conditions must line up in Jesus’ name!
Be on the alert and watch over that opening and position
Calling things to be right for deliverance to come!
Yield to the right plan and idea
We bring, lift, and declare it to be seen and restored
Father, we take Your rest with us today
We pray that we would not stop but continually contend in You
Help us to give the increase of Your goodness to others

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