Prayer Summary for January 27

Scripture Focus…
12 “So when He had finished washing their feet and had put on His garments and had sat down again, He said to them, Do you understand what I have done to you?”
(John 13:12 Amp.)


The following prophecy was given by Brother Kenneth E. Hagin at the Spring Prayer Seminar on April 28, 1983:

Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge of What the Holy Ghost Is Saying

Do you want to know what the Holy Ghost is saying? I’ll tell you what the Holy Ghost is saying.

In this move that is about to come (and even you’re in the edge of it right now), it will not be altogether something new that you’ve never seen. It’ll be a combination of everything you’ve seen put together and then plus a little bit more. In this move of God that is just about to spring upon you, there will be a manifestation of casting out demons that you haven’t seen yet. Now some have drawn back from casting out demons. And the Spirit of God said, “I began a move along that line a few years ago and men aborted the move. They mixed some of their own thinking in it and they tried to control it, and do it according to pattern. And according to this way that we think it ought to be done.” But you haven’t seen anything yet of what you’re going to see in dealing with demons. For demons are let loose upon the earth. They’re going about as never before, because they know their time is short! And so in this multiplication, this advance of demon activity, there will be the activity of the Holy Ghost. Demons that have harassed men, demons that have held ministries in check will leave. And you have not seen yet what you will see in the area of dealing with demons, casting out demons, and exercising authority over demons. And we’re about to step into it like you’d step through a door into another room.

And secondly, saith the Spirit of God, You have not seen the revival of divine healing that you’re about to see. Oh, yes, you saw those that I raised up. You’ve seen men and women, mightily used of My Spirit. I sent them forth as a pilot program to try to train you. But many looked at them and lifted them up, and some of them were lifted up in pride and the anointing left them. And some became money minded and lost the anointing. But there will arise a group in this day that’s a brand new breed. They’ll not be greedy of filthy lucre. They’ll not be wanting to attract attention unto themselves. They will care less whether God uses “me.” They’d rather God would use you. And God will not just use ministers, He’ll use laymen. And there’ll be a revival of divine healing such as you have not seen in your lifetime, or read about, or heard about, saith the Lord!

And a revival of the supernatural, not only the supernatural in casting out devils, not only the supernatural in healing the sick, not only the supernatural in speaking with other tongues, but the supernatural in the realm of the seen realm. Men will see the glory of God. A cloud will hang over certain congregations, even the church building for days at a time. And everybody that passes by, sinner and saint alike will say, “Well what in the world is that? I’ve never seen anything like that.” Ha, ha, ha.

And there will be in other places fire of the Spirit that will actually become literal. Oh, yes, in the spirit realm, some of us have seen it. In the spirit realm, we’ve been conscious of the fire of God. But the fire will actually come into manifestation. And there’ll be people— sinners as well as saints—that will see fire over the heads of the people. There will be people driving down the street or down the highway and they’ll see fire on top of the buildings. And they’ll come and say, “What does all this mean?” But, you see, the Lord will use signs of His presence to bring people in the last days, into the fullness of His Spirit, and into full salvation.

And signs, signs! What kinds of signs? Miraculous things in the realm of the spirit! And then they’ll be manifested in the realm of the physical. And the glory of God will fall. And the power of God will be in manifestation. And men, and women too, will even be transported like Philip was and found in another place. And great! GREAT! GREAT! Shall be the reward thereof, for the Lord God is the same God today as He was yesterday. His power has not diminished. And His name is still the same. Today, He can make the iron ax head to float. Today, He can divide the river just for two men to cross over on the other side. Today, He can feed five thousand with a little boy’s lunch. He is the miracle-working God.

Brag on Him! Lift Him up! Draw attention unto Him! Tell about how great He is. Get up in faith and tell what great things He’s going to do. And He’ll move and keep His Word with you! And many shall be astonished. But the greatest miracle of all is that there’ll be so many fish caught in the net that the nets can’t hold them. There won’t be church houses enough to hold the people. Amen, Amen. For the purpose of it all is that you may be fishers of men. Hallelujah! Quit fishing in your bathtub. There’s not any fish in your own bathtub. Go out where the fishes are and throw out the net. Not the hook, the NET! And pull it in. Hallelujah. And bring them in. And the glory of the Lord shall shine. And the end time shall come. And You’ll stand in the place, yes many of you that stand here including myself, will stand in the place of ministry that you’ve not stood in before and will stand in the place that’s been ordained for you from the foundation of the earth! Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

And if we were able to tell you in human language that which will transpire in some of your lives, and some of our lives who are here just now, your mind would not be able to comprehend it. As you say speaking in the human vernacular, it would almost “blow your mind.” But you’ll see it! You’ll rejoice in it! You’ll be glad of it! It’s just out there a little ways in front of you. Be faithful, be joyous, and rejoice in the Lord always. And He’ll bring it to pass.

That’s what the Spirit of God is saying. Let’s stand up everybody. Lift your right hand and close your eyes and say it in faith: “I’m in agreement with you. I may not understand it with my mind. Even if it was told me, I might not be able to comprehend it. But I believe it! I believe it! I commit myself to be one that will be used of God and the work of God. I will give myself to prayer. I will give myself to the Spirit of God. If He calls on me in the nighttime, I’ll be on my knees praying. If I’m never seen of man and am always just behind the scenes, I’ll be faithful. The will of God will be done. The work of God shall be accomplished.”

Many shall go and tell the story and His great glory show. The power of God in manifestation shall be the gifts of the Spirit, the manifestation of His Spirit—into full potential shall come the ministry gifts, the apostle and prophet, the evangelist, and pastor and teacher, too. They shall flow as one, and we as one body, in one spirit shall go forth to conquer and to do His deeds. And great shall be the reward thereof. Now put your other hand up and thank Him. Glory to God.

Now let me give you a further word of wisdom and advice.

Be conscious of a mighty move in your spirit, wanting and desiring to do the will of God, but don’t try to do it yourself. Just learn to relax and to flow with the Spirit. Don’t try to figure out in your heard, “What does He want me to do?” Just learn to relax and flow with the Spirit; it’ll take care of itself, you don’t have to worry. “I just wonder, I know there is something He wants me to do.” Fine, just keep on praying and just flow with the Spirit. You’ll not come into the full potential of what God has for you tomorrow. You’ll not come into the full potential of what God has for you next month. Some will not even come into the full potential of what God has for you next year. Some will not for quite a period of time. But, as you’re faithful, and as you’re trained, and as you learn to yield, you’ll move eventually into that place that He had for you all along. Glory to God. Glory to God. Did you hear me? Did you hear me? Praise His holy name. But you see, moving into that place of ministry, or whatever it is, whether it’s full-time ministry, or pulpit ministry, or personal ministry, or whatever your place is in the body of Christ… Moving into that place is fueled by prayer, fired by the Spirit, and ignited with His glory.

Hallelujah to Jesus. Glory to God. I said, Glory to God. Glory to God. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah, praise God.

But you see, if there’s no fuel there, there’s nothing to ignite. Notice the Spirit said… I never thought of that; it just came out of the inside of me… Fueled by prayer, fired by the Spirit, ignited with His glory. You have to stop and analyze that; there’s a difference between firing, igniting. It’s like the furnace, you see? There’s a pilot light there that fires the thing. And then when the whole thing has become ignited, then the heat flows out. Can you see what He’s saying? Fueled by prayer, fired by the Spirit, ignited with His glory. Hallelujah. I never thought of that. I mean, it just flowed up out of my Spirit. But, you see, if there’s no fuel there, there’s nothing to fire. If there’s no fuel, there’s nothing to fire. Fueled by prayer, hallelujah, hallelujah.


Father, we are so thankful that we can be joined with the body of Christ in this place
Thanking You that Your plan keeps moving forward
You who began a good work in us, will see it to the day of completion
Lord, You said that You will never leave us, and You will never forsake us
You are so faithful, and we thank You for that, Father
Illuminate our minds and soften our hearts that we would know the perfect will of the Father
Thanking You today for Your love, Your mercy, Your grace, and Your faithfulness
Declaring that the future of the Church of the living God is bright
Father, we want to continually put our feet in Your hands, help us to be conscious of that Lord
Spirit of revelation in the knowledge of God, make it plain upon our hearts the truth of Your Word
You, Father are the true and living sacrifice, and Your Word is the living truth
We know more than ever before that the world and the sinners are looking for answers
Father, we want to be the Word, written epistles walking before all men to see
There is no condemnation!
We want the clarity of Your Word in our lives to be manifested
The Word of God is our standard, and we will not make up our own doctrines!
You, Lord, are the head of the Church, and You will set things in order
Declaring that the Church would become one, just as You and the Father are one
Messages are being delivered from heaven!
Looking for some perfecting to go on in the Church of the living God
You came to bring about the biggest change that has ever been seen
Taking men out of sin, death, and the power of hell and bring him over into the kingdom of light
Bringing glory to the Father!
Greater things are being restored in the Church
We are looking to hear, obey, and do what You have said in Your Word
No other voice we will follow, but the voice of our Father in heaven
Declaring that Your voice would be more amplified in our spirit
Abiding and remaining in You, and You in us
Walking in the higher way, separated from the world and separated unto You
Not in our own strength, but in Your love, in Your mercy, and in Your grace we can do anything!
All things are possible with You, Lord
We are made perfect in Christ Jesus
Called up along the highway, up and over into a higher way
Clearer communication along this way, greater definition defined by Your Word and Your Spirit
Those things must be settled in our hearts
We have the uncompromised Word of God living on the inside
Boldly speaking “I am not ashamed of the Gospel”
We will stand as shinning beacons of light
Father, to whom shall we go?
For You alone have the words of eternal life
Casting down those itching ears in the name of Jesus
Restoration by Your mercy and by Your grace
That we would open those doors that need to be open and close those doors that need to be closed
We speak to those religious devils, and we tell you to get under our feet!
False prophets and demon powers, we put a stop to your maneuvers right now in Jesus’ name!
The ministry of the Holy Spirit must come forth in these days
Calling for restoration today!
Walking in greater anointings of the Holy Ghost
Thank You for that, Father
Praying prayers today, that fuel, ignite, and restore some things
Standing in the power of agreement, that You are working in a supernatural way
It is our desire today, to pray out the mysteries of God
Praying for the glory of God, that You, and You alone would be seen and glorified
Situations are being changed today!
Words are being given and words are being granted by the Spirit
Supernatural aid and assistance
There is an untangling of those things that have been intertwined
We do not lean on our own understanding, but we lean and trust in You
Yielding our tongue in a new way
Calling for a change of action, Father!
We thank You that Your burden is easy and Your yolk is light

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