Prayer Summary for January 15


Lord, we are thirsty for more of You, and we want to be a reflection of You
We magnify and glorify You
Thank You for the joy and strength that comes through You
We drink of Your presence, and by faith, we receive more
To continually contend and not depend on our own strength or ideas
Our trust is in You alone


The following excerpt is taken from The Blood and the Glory by Billye Brim:

The Blood and The Last Outpouring

Here is Wigglesworth’s account of what happened from the time he boarded the train to return home to Bradford after having received the baptism in the Holy Spirit at Boddy’s place in Sunderland:

The first thing I did was to telegraph to my home saying, “I have received the baptism in the Holy Ghost and have spoken in tongues.” On the train to my home town, the devil began questioning, “Are you going to take this to Bradford?” As regards my feelings at the moment, I had nothing to take, but the just do not live by feelings but by faith. So I shouted out on the railroad coach to everybody’s amazement, “Yes, I’m taking it!” A great joy filled me as I made this declaration, but somehow I knew from that moment it would be a great fight all the time.

When I arrived home one of my sons said to me, “Father, have you been speaking in tongues?” I replied, “Yes, George.” “Then let’s hear you,” he said…

My wife said to me, “So you’ve been speaking with tongues, have you?”

I replied, “Yes.”

“Well,” she said, “I want you to understand that I am as much baptized as you are and I don’t speak in tongues.”

I saw that the contest was beginning right at home.

“I have been preaching for twenty years,” she continued, “and you have sat beside me on the platform, but on Sunday you will preach yourself and I’ll see what there is in it.”

She kept her word. On Sunday she took a seat at the back of the building. We had always sat together on the platform until that day. So the contest had begun right in the church.

There were three steps up to the platform, and as I went up those three steps the Lord gave me the passage in Isaiah 61:1, “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.”

I was no preacher, but hearing the voice of my Lord speaking those words to me, I began. I cannot now remember what I said, but my wife was terribly disturbed. The bench on which she sat would seat nine people and she moved about on it until she had sat on every part of it. Then she said in a voice that all around her could hear, “That’s not my Smith, Lord, that’s not my Smith!”

I was giving out the last hymn when the secretary of the mission stood up and said, “I want what our leader has received.”

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Continued Praying…

Lord, we know You are faithful
You know our every step, decision, and thought
Your anointing is so full of healing
Thank You for making us Your hands and feet on this earth
We humble ourselves before You!
There are still so many plans that are to be walked out
We sit at Your feet and bow our hearts
Lord, without You, we have no plan
There is no devil on this earth that can hold back Your will, plan, or word!
So we drink of You, Lord!
We keep our hearts tuned in to the nations, the Church, and the Jews
Continually watching and praying
Father, we thank You for revelation
Thank You for Your Spirit and Word
Our greatest press is to press toward You, to be more connected with You
You get all the glory!

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