Prayer Summary for January 14


Lord, we love You and what You are doing on the earth
We love Your presence, Word, and ways
You are always full of favor and are always gracious toward us
Thank You that Your favor levels the low and high places
Your favor is creating opportunities for Your blessings to come upon us
We trust and rely on You!
Thank You for the ministry of Your Spirit
We are blessed coming in and blessed going out
Father, by the blood, today, we have overcome!
Holy Spirit, thank You for revealing God’s ways and plans to us
We believe for more eyes to be open to see the things happening in these days
More ears hearing the clear direction to stay on the right course


The following excerpt is taken from Contact With God by Jeanne Wilkerson:


Perhaps the prophetic word given through Sister Wilkerson that most affected my life is what I call the “tone-down prophecy.”

My husband had been sick for a very long time, and I was so involved with his care that I really wasn’t aware of what was happening in the Middle East in March and April 1986. But I was certain the Lord had told me to take a trip in April to Israel. Forty people, including servants of the Lord I’ve worked with from the seventies until this day, went on what we call the “tone-clown trip.”

I know now that in March 1986, Libya launched missiles against the United States’ Sixth Fleet, which was assembled off the Libyan coast. Libya’s Muammar Quaddafi ordered an attack on Americans “to cause maximum and indiscriminate casualties.” On April 5, a bomb exploded in a discotheque in Berlin frequented by United States’ service personnel. Of the two hundred injured, sixty-three were American soldiers. Libya was responsible.

On April 15 and 16, the United States launched a series of military air strikes against ground targets inside Libya.

On April 23, an Israeli security guard at London’s Heathrow Airport discovered explosives in the false bottom of a bag that a Jordanian, recruited by Syrian intelligence, had given to his pregnant Irish girlfriend. She was to take the bag on board an El Al flight to Tel Aviv. The Jordanian was arrested and implicated the Syrian embassy.

Saber rattling against the United States’ ally, Israel, pervaded the Islamic Middle Eastern countries.

Abu Nidal, an international terrorist, vowed to take revenge on American or British tourists in Israel.

I did not know all this when Sister Wilkerson asked me to meet her at a fine restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At the end of the meal over the white, candlelit tablecloth she spoke these words: “Satan is trying to push things into happening before the time. God is sending you to say two words: Tone down. When you say them in the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit, they will have the same effect as when Jesus said to the storm, ‘Peace, be still.’ But if you say them in the flesh, then they will mean nothing.”

As we moved through Israel during the last few weeks of April 1986, we saw no other tourists—even at the popular sites. We were always aware of an Israeli military presence close by. And we were aware of another One, the Holy Spirit, who accompanied us to three holy but potentially dangerous sites. A white dove was with us inside the Upper Room, inside the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, and was perched in a tree above, facing us as we took communion inside the Garden Tomb.

Two Britains were shot in the walkway to the Garden Tomb a day after we were there. My daughter, Shelli Oaks, was with me when word came to us in Jerusalem that my husband had taken a turn for the worse. We went out onto the balcony of our hotel room to pray. We had not yet been prompted to utter the words we were sent to speak, so I did not feel released to leave. As I prayed, the Lord spoke to me from a Scripture that the words were to be spoken in the north. So I continued on with the group.

When we visited Katzerin in the Golan, Lynne Hammond was amazed at the Israeli jets swooping low over our heads just before making a 90-degree turn straight upward at the Syrian border. She said, “I can see the pilots’ eyes. I wish Mac could see this.” Pastor Mac Hammond, her husband, had been a fighter pilot in the Vietnam War.

As we stood on the border between Israel and Syria, with two mountains bearing the electronic eyes and ears of Israel pointed toward Damascus behind us and Syria before us, we knew in our spirits this was the place. In one loud voice, the forty of us, called by God to deliver the word, shouted, “Tone down! Tone down! Tone down!”

The late April skies were unseasonably dark, and ominous clouds boiled overhead. As soon as we shouted, “Tone down!” the clouds parted and the sun broke through. Our Israeli guide was astonished.

Just after we returned to the United States on April 30, one of the members of our group heard a network news reporter say, “Sources don’t really know how it happened, but the Middle East just seemed to tone down.”

I saw very clearly through instances like these that Sister Wilkerson heard and followed God’s voice. Her ministry indelibly marked my spirit and my own call to the Lord’s service. And although she has departed from the earth, what she prophesied is still a living part of our work today.
—Billye Brim

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Continued Praying…

Father, we know that You have called us to divinely know the higher call
We humble ourselves and receive Your direction
You are speaking even when we are not listening!
Calling for a spirit of seeing and knowing to operate in a greater way especially in prayer
So many are called to hear and see
Praying that we would be so tuned to the Spirit that we would not get distracted with words of men
Different streams of ministry coming together and flowing together!
Restore the things that have been lost and put aside!
Now is the time to pray about that and call it forth!
Entering into new days and seasons
Men and women drawing closer to the specifics of the fine-tuned plan from heaven
Running, contending, and calling!
Help is on the way!
Deliverance is there for all who come through
You are worthy, Lord!
Our eyes are looking up and are fixed on You!

The following link of John Hagee talking about the four blood moons on TBN was referenced during Morning Prayer:

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