Prayer Summary for Friday, March 11, 2016

Jerre led in praise…

♪ What you got today, Lord, I know that it’s good. Because You’re good, You’re so good, You’re so good. ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

The Holy Spirit has been ministering to me to spend more time in the anointing and watch the anointing work through me. I know that’s not just for me individually. He ministered that if we remain steadfast and allow the anointing to rise up within us and spend more time in that presence, many of the things that touch those that are on the outside, the non-believers, that the things that derail them shall not come upon you. For the anointing is a protection. It’s a wall against the enemy to hold him back out and away. That’s our desire to spend more time with You, Lord. Time spent in His presence pushes away elements and the enemy’s plans and opens the door for more of these things are in Me and have been sent to you. Endurance. Strength.


Shaking off touches of words that were spoken negatively toward you
Shaking them off and staying steadfast in the purpose and plan from heaven above
For we’ve been sent and placed on a mission on this earth
We have a call and a plan and a purpose
And the purpose is bigger than we think
The generals are arising and taking their place in the spirit
Speak with the unction of almighty God
Eyes to see the place
Arising, arising, arising
Finished, we’re declaring the finish
Declare the finish, generals!
Take hold and declare it
Declare those things in the dispensation in the fullness of times
We step in to that place
All things one in Christ
Enter into the celebration of it
That is a territory that must be taken
It’s real, it’s real
It’s bigger than you and bigger than me
You show Yourself strong to usward who believe
We’re calling for it!
Witty ideas and inventions—we call for them
We must have them—not yet declared and not yet claimed
God must have them—they’ve been preordained for today
A stepping up, a divine stepping up
We call forth the keys that will open up these avenues
Ministers, positions of authority… we lift them up
Every limitation—be gone
Freedom and victory for the Church to rise up
Power, power, power—upon, upon
Come and join the chorus
The times are changing
It’s coming right, it’s coming right
Our hope is not displaced, it’s not lost
We hold fast cuz everything is coming right, it’s turning out right
The power of the name
It’s a giant step for mankind, for the Church
We plead the blood over the embassies overseas—they will not be seized—protection
No weapon formed against them shall prosper
What was meant for evil, it shall be turned around
Oh no, we declare a turnaround in Jesus’ name
That’s that right turn—it’s an adjustment now
Decisions must be made—it’s like a court case—there will be answers
They’ve already been given—it’s done and completed through the blood
Helping out… each light drawing, drawing… a portion…
Angels, mighty angels, a congregation working, more, more, more

Woman shared…

I feel that I’ve got to say this: don’t let any failure you had yesterday bring fear for the victory today. Cuz this meeting today started out with a very high anointing. The expectancy is here. Tap into it. Receive it. Be expectant for the glorious things the Lord has for us. God is not stingy. He gives and He gives. We’ve got to have that expectancy for all His goodness and all His mercy. He has so much… He’s opening doors for us. Don’t fear to step forth. Don’t look at each other in the flesh any longer. See one another in the spirit as living stones being built up into a holy temple. Have that high expectancy for His provision is yours today. Hallelujah!

Dave shared…

While we were praying, the Lord ministered to my heart something and it was in regard to the way we started out today. He spoke to me about the word “contend.” To contend means to assert something as a position in an argument; that you’re assertive in your time with the Holy Spirit as we were earlier. Jerre started out with the song and then we had another person give a word. Then another one gave a word and we were contending for that place. And it opened up an opportunity for us to pray in this direction. And that’s the way the Holy Ghost wants us to be with Him. He wants us to be assertive. He’s always on “go.” But we get in the natural and look at the circumstances and we get that funk on us sometimes and we get dragged down. We don’t really feel like getting into that place. But as we did that, the Lord showed me is that we started asserting ourselves in that anointing. We started pushing in and we pushed into the point where we started getting utterance. Then I saw the Holy Spirit start moving out these things inside of us, because mostly it’s inside of us. We have the authority to take over the enemy. But what keeps us back is us. Because we get drawn down by circumstances and we don’t act. We react. When the Holy Spirit moves, He acts. He’ll do something. He doesn’t go, “Oh no, I better stop that.” No. He has a definite position on every issue. So as we contend with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will give you a couple of words… push into that!

Brother Hagin used to say when he was in meetings, he used to feel like he got a string and he would pull that string and it would pull him to somebody or it would move him in a certain direction. He had a little bit and then he just kept contending for that position. As he did, the anointing started increasing and the utterance started increasing. Your tongue will start increasing. The word of knowledge and word of wisdom and prayer will start increasing. As you pull on that string, utterance will start coming forth for that thing that you’re praying for. That’s what we were doing today.

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