Prayer Summary for Thursday, March 10, 2016

Jerre led in worship…

♪ Thank You for Your blood that made me holy and without blame… And I am come into the presence and I thank You for Your blood that made me holy and without blame… And I can come into Your presence… And in Your presence is fullness of joy… ♪

Pastor Ray shared…

I wanted to share a couple things today. Brother Hagin made this statement about the anointing in corporate meetings. He said you can neither prove or disprove this in the Bible, but the body of Christ has the same anointing that Jesus had when its members come together corporately. But individually it’s not true. We don’t have the same anointing. He said the greatest anointing of all is the corporate anointing.

I’ll give you a small update from France. We had meetings every evening and the days too. But this anointing, the corporate anointing, was not only available in the meetings, it was operating in the meetings. The corporate anointing opened the way for prayers to go out with no restrictions on them, just the spirit of faith and believing what was prayed will come to pass. There were awesome meetings, for sure.

Patsy Cameneti ministered on the corporate flow and she ministered on positions of authority. She had a chair set up on stage and then she used it as an example that in a country, the leaders come and take the seat but they go. But the office is still there. The office stays. She was talking about how in the Old Testament many men of God served kings that were not necessarily joyful people. They had some problems but they were called to serve and they served that king with the best of their ability because there were some things that either they connected with or there were some things that needed to come to pass through the office.

There was a demonstration of unity in the body. There were five or six of us on the stage, shoulder to shoulder, connected, agreeing with each other. None of us agree with everything. We all have different slants. But we have one deal that we do agree on and that’s Him, His Word, the blood, His name. Then the audience stood up and they were shoulder to shoulder. It was a demonstration of needing one another, depending upon one another. That’s corporate prayer.

I had an opportunity in one of the meetings to pray with Aubrey who is Pastor George and Terri Pearsons’ daughter. She was leading worship. I asked her up on the stage and I was going to read Psalm 30 as we were praying for Israel. Psalm 30 was written and sung at the first and second temples and it’s believed it will be sung at the third temple. So I had it on a paper and I called her up. “I want you to sing this psalm.” She said, “What do you mean, sing it?” Just sing it! And you could tell she was like “I don’t know how to do that,” so I laid my hand on her. She said later that the anointing to do what I had in my heart to do came upon her. It’s all about the anointing, or the anointed one—Jesus. So she took a couple minutes and then she began to sing Psalm 30, totally off the charts anointed! But then that wasn’t all. She didn’t leave because the anointing was there to start to pray for Israel. I loved it because it was a connection by the Spirit. I know her only from meetings together but I’ve never prayed with her. The anointing was there for two people that are not familiar and have never flowed together like that to just yield. And it was corporate. It would go back and forth as we prayed for Israel. You can’t make that happen on your own. It’s the Holy Spirit that leads us into uncharted territory where we can’t go on our own.

I want to share John 17 where Jesus began to pray for us. He said “Neither for these alone do I pray. It’s not for their sake only that I make this request but also for all those who will ever come to believe in, trust in, cling to, rely on Me through their word and teaching that they all may be one. Just as You, Father, are in me and I in you that they also may be one in us so that the world may believe and be convinced that you’ve sent me.” That’s a big deal. When the world sees the Church as one. It’s a big deal and it has to come.

As I said before, in Patsy’s last meeting there was an opening for reconciliation between ministries and churches and pastors. We were streaming live so it went all over the earth. That’s the way it has to be today. We’ve come to this place and we have to be together. My least favorite thing is to see two believers tearing each other down. Unity and the love of God that the world would see and know is that we’re in Him and He’s in us. We have to have that.


We declare one more time: Your Word is true
Wholeness and soundness in all the parts
Thank You for greater insight and revelation
Every member is valuable and necessary
There is a process that must be processed
Some receive greater honor but no part is greater than another
We must go in the highway of our God
The members—sound, healed, whole
Strength to each member of the body of Christ
Lying religious condemning demon powers, in the name of Jesus, we give you no place in the body
Condemnation, we give you no place
A healthy, restored, and whole body
Take your place, you know your place
God has given you grace to walk in that place
You know your place—finish the race in your place
It’s your place
Adjustments and changes
There is no condemnation in that
Move to that place with freedom and liberty
We send you with love and faith to that place
There are new positions along the way in your race
But the power of the Holy Spirit has made the way for you individually to take your place
And when you take your place, it shall be a key for others to take their places
Their eyes are watching, their ears are listening to see what the body does
To see the new, to see the rearranging, to see the changes and the doors opened up
Bringing up the new and a furtherance and the presence
Think it not strange that He should say to you in this day “I have a work that must be done in your way with the anointing that I’ve called and given to you”
I need you… I need you
Father, our hearts yearn for You and that we would be one

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