Prayer Summary for February 19


Father, we lift up all those affected by the shootings here in Minneapolis
We pray for those families of the fallen, and we ask that Your hand would be on them today
Casting down all discouragement and loss, Lord
Yes, we ask that You would comfort and minister to those that are struggling with the shootings
We pray for Your Spirit to cover and surround them
Open up their hearts to Your hope, mercy, and grace
Lifting up the city of Burnsville and the surrounding areas, and we stand with them, Lord
What the enemy meant for evil, we know you will turn it to our good
We pray for those seeds to be watered and to produce revival, awakenings, and transformations!
Thank You for Your goodness and grace to surround Minnesota in these coming days
Those evil plans are backfiring in the name of Jesus!
Praying for wisdom, grace, and comfort around the community of Burnsville
Yes, Your presence is surrounding them, and we pray that they would feel it tangibly, Lord!
We cover the Police officers that worked alongside those that were killed, Father
Give them strength in the coming days, to do all that needs to be done
Grant wisdom and grace to the community leaders during this difficult time
Yes, we call for healing of hearts!
Breathe Your breath into our soul today, Lord
No, we will not just go through the motions, but we will fulfill Your call and plan
We thank You for the opportunity to honor and love You, Lord
You are the God of comfort and peace
It is not by our might, but by Your Spirit
Thank You that Your presence is rushing into our hearts today
Lifting up those that are struggling and hurting and we release Your Spirit upon them, Lord
You are moving in this generation in these days and in these hours
Your Spirit is moving and rushing into every hungry and broken heart
Our hearts yearn for more of You, Lord
We pray for a fresh outpouring of Your mercy and grace
Thank You for rivers of divine supply
Convict us in our hearts to lay down the lesser
We let the past go, Father
No, we will not hold onto those things of the past
Yes, we surrender to You
Come into this place, cover us with Your presence
You are making a way where there seems to be no other way
Your presence is being poured out upon Your church and America in this hour
Lord, it is the time and the hour for Your glory
Hallelujah, glory be to God
Yes, Lord, You have ordained it
Openings are being opened up now
Let there come a full release of Your hand, Father
You are showing Yourself to this generation
Take the church up higher, up, up in Jesus’ name
We want to experience and know You in a greater way, Lord
We pray for an opening of the floodgates
You have prepared the way for us and we thank You for it
Yes, we pray and unite together across this chapel, and we will not go another day without You, Father
Praying for breakthroughs in every area; spirit, soul, and body
You are drawing us deeper into Your grace and mercy
Have mercy on America, have mercy on the church
No, we pray for a supernatural turning of nations
We lift up the land of Israel; let the hungry call out to You
Let the deep call out to the deep
The days are calling for it, turning our hearts and ears to what we need to hear
Casting down every evil plan of the enemy down in Jesus’ name!
We loose angels and ministering spirits to go and work on our behalf
Every evil plot is being overturned and turned around
America shall be saved in Jesus’ name
We stand in agreement for a greater awakening in these days and these hours
Open up those nations, Lord
We pray for a breaking up of those plans of the enemy against the body of Christ today
Yes, there will be a spreading of a spirit of prayer upon the church
Baptize us in a spirit of prayer, cause our hearts to call out to You
We call for the broken to be restored in Jesus’ name
Orders are being given now
Transmissions are happening now!
We receive the wisdom and direction for the days ahead
Yes, we will walk in a higher authority in these coming days
Thank You for Your grace and Your goodness
We pray for an overflowing in hearts
Open up, hearts, open up, churches, open up, eyes
Lord, penetrate hearts and lives!
Let our hearts break for what breaks Your heart
Break down our indifferences, our mediocrities, Father
Less of us and more of You
We pray for moments, moments when angels show up!
Lifting up America, we pray for the brokenness to be restored!
It is time to get ready, church!
Yes, we will respond and repent and follow You, Father
You are working in and through us, Lord
Calling for a clearing out of some things, the way is being prepared
It is time to prepare, financially, and spiritually!
Thank You for Your Son who died for us
Obey, we will obey!
We are all in, Father!
Thank You for new seasons, new days, and new hours ahead
Yes, we are in position and we are in place!
We praise, honor, and love You, Lord!
You are so good, so kind, and so beautiful

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