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Pastor Ken…

Good morning, everyone. Good to see you all. Thank you for those of you joining us online on one of our channels. So glad to have you with us. I appreciate all of you. And the Lord appreciates your faithfulness, your supply of the Spirit, what you bring to the kingdom of God, what you bring to the plan of God in this time. You are a key ingredient. You and I and the church at large are key ingredients to what God wants to do today, this week in 2024.

We’re called to be “difference makers…”

He has designed for you and I to be here today. He’s designed for you to be logged on and streaming this morning, participating. He’s designed for us to be in this generation, because we’re called to be “difference makers.” We’re called to be a people who shift the trajectory of where things are going into a new direction.

Do you believe that this morning? Just us showing up on God’s radar screen has the power to do that. Because you have been crowned with His favor. You have been endowed with His power. You’ve been clothed with His righteousness. You have been given the right to the use of the majestic and holy name of Jesus. That is something. That’s not nothing. That is something… that is something beautiful and privileged because that’s who we are. We are privileged sons and daughters of the most high God, sharing in His kingdom, sharing in His work—the work of redemption, the work of grace.

It’s because of Jesus…

It is not because of what we’ve done or what we’ll do perfectly today. It’s because of Him. We’re here because of Jesus. He’s the one that we lift up. He’s the one that we magnify. He’s the one that we express our hearts to because He went the distance for us. He did all that He did for you and for me. And that deserves our praise, that deserves us turning our lives over to Him on a day-to-day basis, that deserves our lips expressing adoration and worship and love to the One who took on the form of human flesh and did what we could never do in a thousand lifetimes. So that we could simply step into His finished work, step into His righteousness. Do you believe that this morning, that He who knew no sin became sin for you personally? Amen. He who knew no sin became sin that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!

You are a sweet aroma to the Father…

What an amazing and beautiful and awesome good bit of good news, right? Just to remind ourselves that we have been made righteous, that you have been doused in the blood of Jesus, that you would be once and for all and all time made holy and acceptable and pleasing unto the Father, that your life actually is a sweet aroma. Not unlike the sweetness of spring flowers that waft through the air in the evening or when you’re out for a walk in the springtime. You are fragrant to the Father. You are all together lovely to Him, because you’re in Him and He is the lily of the valley. He is the ultimate rose of Sharon. He is the loveliness of God. And you today, wherever you’re streaming this, wherever you’re at in life, whatever season you find yourself in, no matter how messy or uncomfortable or inconvenient or regretful you may feel because of what you’ve been through, just know that you are beautiful in His sight. Valuable. You are valuable to the Father—personally, individually, not just collectively.

We are called to sonship… a bona fide authentic creation in His image…

We’re part of His family. You wear a crown in a spiritual sense of His favor. You’re of a royal priesthood. You have holy blood flowing through your veins. You have a prepared place and position in the heavenly rank and file, in the heavenly realm. And when we come to a place of prayer, when you go about your day, be cognizant of the place you’ve been called to. You’ve been called to sonship, as the Bible reveals. In other words, a bona fide authentic son of God created in His image, created in His likeness, recreated after the image of Jesus. Amen!

There’s hope—we have a new season before us…

So why, of course, you can lift your head. Don’t let the enemy lull you into a sense of unworthiness or shamefulness. Choose to shake it off today. Shake off depression. I’m not being insensitive. I understand. We face things. We go through things. I know that. But at the same time, the best word I can give you is to say “There’s hope.” Amen. There is a new season before us. God has a different plan than the plan the Devil tried to inaugurate in your life through something negative that has happened or a negative report that you received. The Bible says, “Whose report will you believe?” I hope you’ll join me in saying, “Lord, I choose to believe your report about me. I choose to believe your report about the church, that we would become glorious and beacons of glory and hope and light and love and grace in a very dark time and season in world history.”

We are to be the “lit-up” ones…

That’s what God has in mind for you and me… that we would be the “lit-up ones,” shining with brightness, shining with hope. Because we choose to follow the road less traveled. We choose to tune into the frequency that’s being transmitted from heaven. And that frequency is carrying along with it a message of faith and a message of hope and a message of new beginnings and a message of healing.

Research shows that prayer improves lives…

In fact, I just heard the other day that there are numerous studies… and I’m going to see if I can track some of these studies down that have been able to measure or quantify that prayer is not some far-out ethereal spiritual practice. But rather researchers have been able to quantify that prayer actually improves lives and causes people to be healthier emotionally and physically.

We have a hotline to heaven…

Why, of course, we have a hotline. We have a direct connection from the source of all creation and the source of all life. The One who still sustains the cosmos as we speak and is currently creating new life and new star systems in galaxies at a rate approaching the speed of light. That’s not something that Ken Olson came up with because I didn’t have a lot of sleep last night. That’s what scientists tell us. The universe is expanding. God is ever expanding in His desire to do good in your life. He wants to expand your heart today. He wants to expand and stretch your thinking today that is not just “little old you” isolated and alone, relegated to some quarter of the world that nobody notices.
He sees you!
He knows you!
And He knows what Jesus, His Son, has done for you.
And it is BIG!

Like the universe, His grace in your life ever expands…

The Bible says that the grace of God that Jesus released into the human experience does not shrink. In fact, it expands and grows and swells and flows to meet every human need, to save even the most hardened of sinner and to deliver into your day what you need to rise and thrive and multiply in the goodness of God.

So I just challenge you this morning…

To choose to shake off those second thoughts of just getting by or coping or putting up with a situation or “holding on until Jesus comes.” No! God has big plans, as we pray often in this prayer time. And I sense it even today that God is transmitting. The Bible was very clear about the ministry and the administration of the Holy Spirit. He’s the one who comes to reveal, transmit, and disclose the will of God, the things that God intends for you to do and for you to possess. And He is transmitting some fresh vision.

I declare and prophesy over us today…

Over your household, over your church, over your business, over that dream that God has dropped in your heart. I declare and prophesy, God is transmitting, revealing, and disclosing fresh vision, new perspective, even on yourself and your present situation. He wants you to look up. The Bible says, look up for your salvation is nearer than when you first believed. The answer is closer than when you first prayed. God and His appearing through His Son Jesus is closer than when we first took our first step… spiritually speaking.


And so I just pray that over us and the church today, at Living Word where you attend, across America and around the world. Do you agree with me?
We pray, Lord, help us to shake off cloudiness and confusion and distractions and low-level carnal thinking.
Lord, help us to see as you see… grant unto us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you.
Enlighten us, Lord, illuminate us in our hearts this morning for that one who has been thinking about ending their dream or giving up on a marriage or surrendering their will to some pattern of sin or giving up, believing that you would change a certain life in their family and save them.
Lord, I pray that beams of heavenly light would be transmitted and cascaded across hearts and lives and churches and even our nation today.
Lord, we contend and pray that the light of your glory would show up in new ways on this Wednesday in February… a leap year.
We pray for light to enter into situations, into marriages, once again.
I pray over marriages that we agree for marriages today that are breaking down or deteriorating or ending up in a place of dysfunction.
We pray, Lord, that you would bring light and hope to those who are attempting to save their marriage.
I pray for the healing power of God to be released into their marriages for divinely appointed answers and supernatural release.
I pray for some today, Lord, whether they be in marriages or individuals or in churches, that they feel like they’ve been fighting against something and there’s just this upset in their soul constantly. It’s just constantly upset and it feels like they’re in resistance all the time, being harassed and bombarded.
Lord, we speak peace to them today. I speak peace over you today. I say, “Shalom, peace be released from that.”
Devil, I bind you and the harassment that you’ve been attempting to bring to those that I’ve just mentioned… you know who you are. I speak to you, Devil, in the name of Jesus, and I command you on the authority of Jesus, whose I am and in whom I serve to cease and desist in that home, in that marriage, in that business, in that person’s finances, in Jesus’ name… in that person’s body, in that person’s emotions… in that church today, that business, today… I bind you on the authority of Jesus’ name and we unite in agreement and say, “Go!”
And Father in place, we pray that your light and life and supernatural supply would rush in and fill the void and bring hope. And once again, new perspective on that situation…even on yourself that you would see yourself in the light of what I just articulated earlier. Righteous, holy, forgiven, accepted, qualified.
Hallelujah. Glory to God. Thank you, heavenly Father.

Heaven is transmitting on a frequency that’s found when you settle down in your heart…

I’m here to remind us this morning that heaven is transmitting on a frequency and that frequency’s found when you calm down, settle down and get down in your heart and hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit whispering:

“I’ve got this because I got you. You’re going to overcome this. You’re coming out of that which you’ve been in. There’s a new season and a new day dawning. I’m the one, the Spirit of God would say in His Word, who is able to always cause you to prosper and triumph in Jesus’ name.”

Heaven is a realm characterized as having no shadows, no darkness…

Just remember, heaven is another place. It is a God place. It is a realm that is characterized according to the scripture, with no shadows, no darkness, no second thought regarding God’s best thought for you. His best thought is still His thought for you, for your marriage, for your finances, for your health, for your ministry, for you to be prolific in your lifetime, doing good things that He is preordained, as the Word says, that you would walk in.

The devil is the father of all lies…

You’re ordained to do the works of Jesus. And He’s equipped each of us to do that in prayer and in the natural. So just see yourself, see the church as you pray throughout the week. See the church, see yourself rising. Don’t pay attention to that “person behind the curtain” trying to get you to believe that you’re going to amount to nothing. That’s a lie! The Devil is the Father of lies, the Bible reveals. And he’s been a liar from the beginning.

Choose to believe God and His Word today…

Let God be true and let every other person and voice be a lie. I choose to believe His Word this morning. The first step in prayer is choosing to believe what God has said in His Word and saying the same thing… that we are on the rise…that the path of the righteousness is onward and upward and into the glory of God. Then we go from strength to strength, from glory to glory, from victory to victory. It doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced this temporary setback.
“Well, Ken, I took two steps forward and I ended up three steps back.”
Don’t worry about it! You got all the time you need because God’s got you in His hand. And what has been a setback will be a setup if you choose to believe that for a greater comeback. What you’ve experienced as a disappointment, what hasn’t come true yet, that you’ve been praying about for some time, for maybe years, it’s just causing you to become stronger.

God is calling for a people who are unshakeable and immovable…

We’re in a season where God just wants us to put our roots down, settle down, and through our devotion to Him and daily following Him, just build a really big foundation under our feet, spiritually speaking. Where we become immovable and unshakeable. God is calling forth from the church in this time and hour a people who will become unshakeable and immovable, rooted and grounded on that rock of revelation knowledge that Jesus described.

Of Peter… “Peter, on you, this rock of revelation that you’ve just received today, I’m going to build my church.” God is building your life today. When you pray, whether it’s in morning prayer, online or in the chapel, or individually, you are building… you are sowing into your spirit… you are putting down your roots… you are shoring up and strengthening, enlarging your foundation. When you do the right thing when the wrong thing is happening by faith, you are just making yourself stronger and you’re just building a bigger, deeper, wider, more sure foundation for the time ahead so that what God does next and in the days ahead can go higher.

Tongues will cause you to rise like an edifice…

The Bible says when you pray in an unknown tongue, you actually rise like an edifice, is how the Amplified Bible articulates. Jude 1:20. You rise like an edifice, higher and higher. In other words, you construct the will of God. You make a way where there doesn’t seem to be a way.

In weakness, He is able to show up and be strong…

I actually get excited when the adversity shows up at my doorstep or appears all of a sudden because I know I’m on the right track. I know this is an opportunity in my weakness and in my inability for God to come through. So rejoice and celebrate today if you feel weak in body. That’s what Paul said. Or unable to speak like you really want to speak. That’s okay. God’s going to give you the word to speak. The secret actually is in the weakness. Because in weakness, He is able to show up and be strong.

For too long now, especially us long-term Christians, we trust in ourselves more than we would admit it. We trust in what we’ve learned and what we know and where we’re good at certain things. In this hour, God is wanting to come through the church and do some things that we flat out can’t do at all. Because He wants all the glory. He wants all of the acclaimed. He wants to show you what He really can do. That’s why it’s time to get excited when you feel weak and things look impossible and you don’t see a way. God is the ultimate and consummate and eternal way maker.

In the storm, we can be fixed on Him…

I don’t mean to preach because we’re here to pray, but I just want to stir that up in you as pray-ers. We are about praying for something. We are praying from something… a foundation in Christ Jesus being the chief cornerstone is our foundation and rock. And we can stand and know that no matter what wave or storm or tsunami comes, that we are fixed in Him. That His plan will stand… that His Word will be sure.

He wants us to shift our perspective…

The Old Testament reads that He watches over His Word to perform it. So He’s going to perform it. He wants us to shift our perspective. We look outwardly and we see something not changing. Something not happening. We don’t have enough money still… but God is saying, “It’s okay. Be at peace, be at rest. I’ve got you. I will come through for you.”

Be like the great father of our faith, Abraham…

Our job—faith’s job—is to focus. Faith comes from focus. You move toward what you focus on. Focus on Him like the great Father of our faith, Abraham. He grew strong in faith. He was nearly a hundred years old and the promise still had not precipitated, become reality. Yet he grew stronger day by day, 91, 93, 95 years old, he grew stronger, even in his old age. Through giving praise and focus to God, the Bible says eventually fully satisfied and assured, even though it still didn’t look like it was going to happen. Fully satisfied, founded on God’s prophetic word to him and to a future nation that God would have what He said. That’s really what we’re praying. We’re praying what God has said and what God wants, and what God has declared in His Word. And if we believe who He says He is, then He surely will come through.

I don’t care if another year goes by and you don’t see it with your eyes. Some of you have kicked to the curb or relented in some way and stopped praying, stop believing. Pick it back up. Pick up that dream again. Pick up that desire to see a loved one saved. Pick up a desire to pray for a nation, a people group, a change in a church, a situation, whatever the case is.
You matter.
You are valuable.
You are needed.
You are the key ingredient for what God wants to whip up next, what He’s doing.
We need all of you… all of you like numerically, collectively, but all of you, meaning every part of you, God is calling. He’s summoning the church to come to Him and offer to Him willingly we ourselves as an offering. Because we are part of the equation. We’re a part of our breakthrough. He does it, but you have to believe in it. You have to believe in His Word.

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