Prayer Summary for February 12


Lord, we humble ourselves before You
We know You have new things in store for us
Lord, we want more of Your glory
As Your children, we contend for more of You
We turn our hearts and our eyes to You
There is so much comfort and empowerment in You
We lift up those who have gotten a little rusty, that have not been used
Pour out the oil of Your Spirit
We pray for cities to come to You
Lord, we lift up prophecies that have been spoken forth about this time
You have called us to push the limits, to pray and contend for more of You
Let the fire of Your presence come upon us
Revive the people, Lord!
We pray for hearts to cry out for You!
There has to be full dedication
Moving in the way we were meant to go!
Speaking out the truth of Your Word
You are worthy
We pray for the things that have not yet come to pass
Lord, move out in the new
Year after year, You are faithful
Things and situations are being rearranged
Thank You for what You are doing in the Church!
Our prayer is to have more of You and less of us
We give You all the glory!

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