Prayer Summary for December 19

Scripture Focus…

(27) “And it shall be in that day that the burden of [the Assyrian] shall depart from your shoulders, and his yoke from your neck. The yoke shall be destroyed because of fatness [which prevents it from going around your neck].”
(Isa. 10:27 Amp.)


Father, we are thankful for Your anointing and presence
In it is every kind of breakthrough, greater cooperation, and a spirit of seeing and knowing
Because of Your anointing, we rededicate our lives to You
We know every yoke, lie, and deception will be uncovered and broken
Hidden doors will be revealed
We worship, honor, and magnify You!
Lord, we lift and bring ourselves entirely before You!
We know there are souls that must come in and steps that must be taken
We make much of the blood today and cover our families, churches, and the body of Christ
Calling for the blood to cover every activity of the Church
Every leader and position of authority is under the blood
Thank You, Lord!
Jesus, we lift up Your name!
We keep our eyes fixed on You and Your purpose
The body of Christ needs to be so filled and saturated with Your presence today!
Suddenly things beginning to turn up and change
Signs to see and that would bring about change on the earth
Hearts being softened
It is better for the Church to bend her knees now than to grow hard because of the past


The following prophecy was given through Jerry Savelle:

Word of the Lord for 2014

Never stop celebrating
what I’ve already done
Now expect Me to do the greater
and it will come
2014 will be known
as the year of the greater!

I’m ready, saith the Lord,
to do a new thing
The likes of which
you’ve never seen
My glory shall come
in such a way
That you’ll stand in awe
and begin to say
My God, my God,
I never knew
That I would get to see
this side of You
Such splendor, such power
and magnificence too
No wonder the earth
will bow down to You
The prophets said these things
would come to pass
And now they’re here—
at last, at last
The greater glory
they spoke about
We’re in it now—
let’s shout, let’s shout
A new wave of His glory
is what shall be seen
For this is His plan
for 2014
Our God is taking us
to a brand new place
And soon we’ll see
Him face to face

Continued Praying…

Lord, we turn up our eyes and expectation to You for 2014
We know this next year will be known as the year of better!
We keep contending and praying
Father, we pray for pastors and plead the blood over them!
It covers their hearts and minds and their families
Praying for wisdom to know and to go
A greater anointing to lead and navigate
Calling for supernatural internal and external strength
Father, we are expecting for the blood of Jesus to lead
Seeing shepherds that lead
Praying for the execution of the specific orders
Bring people along their way to help and assist them
The reward is in the finishing
A renewal of passion and purpose and desire to know You
More resources to run the race
The favor and power of God to do all of the will of God
Declaring no strategy, plot, or conspiracy of the enemy against them shall come to pass
The Church of God is increasing!


The following confession by Keith Moore was read during Morning Prayer:

Father, God, I believe You. I am your chid. I serve You. I belong to You and I believe You. And I’m the seed of Abraham. And I’m fully persuaded that what You have said to me, You are well able to perform.

I am persuaded that every good thing You have begun in me, You will complete it, You will finish it until the end. You are the author and the finisher of my faith.

I believe You. It shall be in my life and over all mine, just like You have said. Just like You have told me. I will serve You, I will run my whole race. I will finish my whole course with joy. I will overcome every trial. I will be more than a conqueror.

Things are changing in my life. The perfect will of God, the complete plan of God is unfolding in my life. The Lord is causing me to see. I am seeing. I am knowing. I am understanding the will of God, the plans of God, the ways of God. Revelation is flowing in my life. I will see things I have not seen. I will understand great things I have not understood. I will grow. I am growing and I will grow mighty in spirit, in faith, in grace, in truth, in power, in victory. Hallelujah!

My finances are getting stronger. I’m coming out of debt. I’m getting stronger. Money flows to me in great abundance. I always have more than enough. I lack for no good thing. I want for no good thing.

My body is kept by the power of God. Every system, every organ, every part is kept by the anointing of God, by the strength of God. No disease can live in my body. No disease can operate in me. I’m strong in the Lord and the power of his might.

My children, my grandchildren, are growing up in the nurture, in the instruction, in the protection, in the care of the Most High. Every one will live free. Every one will serve God. Every one will be fruitful in the things of God. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

NO weapon formed against me shall prosper. NO work of the enemy, NO purpose of his will stand, but the purpose of God, the plan of God WILL stand, WILL be completed, WILL be fulfilled in my life. Hallelujah! Praise God for it! Thank you Lord! Hallelujah!

Some ministers need to say this. Everybody can say it out loud because we all have a ministry even though you may not be called to five-fold. Say it out loud.

My ministry will not be held down. My ministry will not be suppressed. It will not be restricted. It will not be stopped. But all that the Lord has called me to do shall come up, shall come out, shall come forth. Every word of God He’s spoken concerning me shall come to pass.

No devil, no world problem, no country government, no city situation can hold it back, can narrow it down. It’ll break forth. It’ll break out as the flood of God and the glory of God will be fully shown and the will of God will be fully done. I decree it. I say it. In Jesus’ name. Hallelujah! Thank Him for it. Thank You, Lord!

We’re glad cause we know how it is. We’re glad cause we know how it turns out. We’re glad, glad, glad. Thank you, Lord, thank You, Lord, thank You, Lord.

We need to say this too. Decree it. Now, this is serious business. We’re not playing here. Say it out loud.

Money will never be a problem for me. I will not be stopped or held back for a lack of money. I will have all the resources, all the equipment, all the personnel, all the favor, all the open doors that I need, that I desire to fulfill the word of God. Hallelujah! Glory to God!

We decreed it. We say it. We rule and reign in life as kings under our Lord Jesus Christ.

Glory! Glory to God! Glory to God! How’s it going to turn out? How’s this going to end? How’s this going to wind up? Say it out loud.

We know. We know. You can say this throughout the day. Just look at somebody and say, We know

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