Prayer Summary for December 12


In You, we stand!
Thank You for the blood of Jesus today
We apply it everywhere—the North, South, East, and West
Pleading the blood over every ministry and each spiritual leader
We will continue to stand in a fixed place under Your anointing
Holy Spirit, thank You for Your presence and that You hear our prayers
Let Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven
Lord, we bring this before You and believe for Your direction


The following excerpt is taken from Born for Battle by R. Arthur Mathews:

God’s Scramble Squadron

In pursuit of victory, it sometimes falls to the lot of one particular branch of the armed services to bear the brunt of the enemy’s attack. Then that branch must bleed and blast its way through to victory. The Battle of Britain in World War II is a good example of this. The collapse of France had cleared the way for Hitler to move ahead with Operation Se Lion, his code name for the invasion of Britain.

As the massive formations of his bombers and fighter escorts stormed into the skies over England, it soon became apparent that the survival of Britain was hanging by a very slender thread. It lay in the hands of the vastly outnumbered fighter pilots of the Royal Air Force.

As soon as the personnel in operations control spotted the enemy planes on their radar screens, they would telephone the command, “Scramble!” to the RAF defense squadrons stationed along the line of enemy attack. When the order to scramble reached the pilots on the ground, it meant a desperate, mad scramble to win for themselves a position of advantage above the attacking planes. The race they must first win if they were to shoot the enemy out of the skies was altitude. They gave it all they had as they clawed their way upwards.

There was no such thing as instant altitude for the fighter pilots of the RAF. Not so for God’s scramble squadron. The believer has been granted the privilege of instant altitude by faith for any and every situation. If we are to grapple, not with flesh-and-blood adversaries, but with principalities and powers in the heavenlies, we need to come to grips with one basic truth of God’s Word. When God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and set him in the seat of authority “far above all,” he made us co-sharers with him in every stage of the mighty finished work. Then he seated us with him.

From only one position is it safe to approach and resist Satan. That is from this position in Christ in the highest heavenlies. From this position Satan and his hosts are completely vulnerable.

So for us also, altitude is a vital factor. Victory depends on it. Understandably, therefore, Satan’s craft is dedicated to luring us away from this place of advantage and causing us to forget his vulnerability. The significance of being made powerful in the Lord is directly connected to the faith that maintains its position “far above all” in all circumstances. It puts on with prayer Jesus Christ as the only adequate armor of God.

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The following prophecy was given by Kenneth Hagin in 1981:

“And many, many, many have asked, asked the question, asked the question, ‘What of the days, what of the days in which we live? What time is it? Dost the coming of the Lord draw near? What does the future hold? What does the future hold? What does the future hold for me? What does the future hold for us? What does the future hold for the Church? What does the future hold for our land, for our country?’ And many, even Christians, stand back and watch and say, ‘Well, I’ll watch and see.’

“Don’t be a watcher, be a doer. Yea, seek My face,” saith the Lord. “Call upon Me and I’ll turn things around in your own individual life. And where there’s darkness, there’ll be light. And where there was destruction, there will be good. And where there was sickness, there will be health. And where the enemy dominated you and poverty seemed to rule, there will be plenty because, you see, I’ll turn everything around and cause it to work for your good.

“And then if you’ll make intercession. Don’t just sit to one side and say, ‘Well, now we’ll watch; we’ll see what happens in the nation and in the economic scene.’ Yea,” saith the Lord of Hosts, “there are forces, there are powers, there are spirits at work which you cannot see. But if you’ll give yourself unto prayer, if you’ll wait on Me. Occasionally I’ll pull back the curtains and let you look into the realm of spirits, and you’ll see them and you’ll say, ‘You foul spirit. Ah, you foul ugly spirit, I see you. No! No! You will not do what you intended to do because I forbid it. Now, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you stop right now in your maneuvers, in your operations. Ha, ha, ha. Yeah, you know it and I know it and God knows it. Yes! Now you have to go. You have to leave.’

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And the more that the Church and believers will give themselves unto prayer and to intercession and especially in the Spirit as the Spirit gives utterance they will turn things around. The next five months in your nation and country are critical. Now, don’t sit still and say, ‘I can’t do anything,’ Because you can pray. Don’t sit back and say, ‘Well, we’ll see what Mr. Reagan can do.’ Because, you see, there are powers at work that are greater than Mr. Reagan. There are forces of evil and there are evil men with evil minds and evil intent even in high places. And they are servants of the enemy through whom he can work. But the Spirit of God desires to work through servants of God. Yes! And you will turn things around. Because you will give yourself unto prayer. You will give yourself unto intercession. You will do what the Scriptures ask you to do in praying for those that are in authority and the will of God will be wrought. The hand of the enemy will be stayed. And the message of life and light shall not only be shed abroad even more and more in your own country, but it shall spread to other countries.

“For you see, it’s the will of God that the truth, that the Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached unto all nations. And that every man shall hear. So pray ye, go ye, run ye and tell the story. For there’s work to be done. There’s victories to be won. Become a prayer warrior. Yea, enlist in the army of the Lord to pray so He’ll use you and you’ll be able to stand in the forefront of the army. Yea, yea. Even the front ranks to go forward. For it is not a natural battle; it is a spiritual battle.

“So quit looking with your physical eye. Quit trying to figure out with your natural mind. Quit trying to understand with human reasoning. Yea! Yea! Get into the spirit and pray in the spirit. And you’ll come to know things in the spirit. And you’ll come even to see things in the spirit. And you’ll see the enemy put to flight. Yea, he’ll run. He’ll run. He’ll run. Yea, you’ll pull down his strongholds. And, yea, that which he has prepared as a trap even for you, ha, ha, oh, no, no, you’ll not be caught in that trap. Because, you see you were in the presence of God. And the Spirit of God will show you things to come. And so you’ll see it and you’ll not go that direction. You’ll go this way. And this way it’s all smooth and all blessed. And Satan will be left over there by himself shaking his head. Ah, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Ohhh, don’t try to understand with your natural mind. You’ll never be able to fathom the depth of it. But just know the Spirit of God and learn to yield to Him. And enlist in the army of the Lord as a pray-er. And very humbly and sincerely come and say, “Lord, teach me to pray.” And give yourself over to the Spirit and He’ll lead you into prayer conquests that your mind cannot fathom and your imagination would have never even imagined. But you’ll be glad you did for your life will be a light. And even your ministry will be enhanced and increased a hundredfold.”

Continued Praying…

Father, we are so grateful that these are truths that must operate in the Church today
To never draw back, but to step into that seat of authority
Father, there must be greater acceleration and manifestation of Your power and authority through the Church
Applying the blood over the body of Christ—seated and operating in her seat of authority
We link our shields together in faith that more will join us in prayer
Thank You that You gave us Your authority and the Holy Spirit who gives us directions every day
You have said that we are more than conquerors!
We ask for more understanding and revelation about the days to come
Never drawing back or weakening in our position, but continually moving forward
There are places that You have called us to go to
Declaring this nation is blood bought!
Applying the blood over the borders of the Unites States of America
No plan or scheme of the enemy can come against her
Calling for a boldness and courage to come upon the Church
No longer being intimidated of what the world would say
Going behind the seen and operating in the unseen
Operating in the Pentagon and advancing ahead
Binding twisted words and calling for exposure of that
The hidden will be uncovered
Calling back those who have walked away from their posts
Pulling out all of the stops
Giving ourselves unto prayer and intercession even in the night
Calling things that are not as though they are!
Seeing change
Angels and ministering spirits, we call upon your assistance
This is the time for the Church to be mobilized and take her place!
New promotion!
Putting on a new set of clothes!
Higher praises must be born on the earth
Ministers that were oppressed are rising up and taking their places
These are like the days in Acts!
Taking authority over the sabotage
Applying the blood against that and calling that to be removed!
Declaring you will not rise up, foul spirit, for the blood is against you!
Calling you to dissipate and shrink to nothing
Atmospheres to be cleared by the Spirit!
By the Spirit knowing which way to go and what to say
We hold fast to what You have declared!
Obedience of and by Your Spirit
No longer living with regrets, but walking fearlessly in full assurance of faith in You!
Accuracy and true revelation by Your Spirit
Seeing the keys and knowing which door to open and go through
We must have high praises!
Releasing our faith for some spiritual authority to get into their right place for the rest to be able to move forward
Applying the blood over the transition!
Lord, we humble ourselves before You and say yes to Your move!
We are so thankful for the power of Your precious Spirit, Lord!
We need more of You every day!
You alone get all the glory
We overcome because of the blood

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